9  STR  11  DEX 10  CON 9  BODY 13  INT
14  EGO 13  PRE 14  COM 2  PD   2  ED
2  SPD  4  REC  20  END 19  STUN

Powers and Skills Swimming: +1" (3" Total), Perk: Doctor's License, AK: Maryland 8-, Climbing 8-, Concealment 8-, Conversation 8-, Deduction 8-, English (native), Forensics 12-, KS: General Practitioner 12-, KS: Medicine 11-, KS: Music (Jazz) 8-, KS: Skindiving 8-Paramedic 12-, PS: Doctor 12-, PS: Play Saxaphone 8-, Shadowing 8-, SL: +2 with Foresnsics, Paramedic, KS: Medicine, SS: Bio-Chemistry 12-, SS: Biology 12-, SS: Chemistry 12-, SS: Pharmacology 12-, SS: Preternatural Biology 12-, Stealth 8-, TF: Automobile, SCUBA, WF: Pistol, Scientist

25 + Disadvantages: Phys Lim: Bad Eyesight (wears glasses) (Inf, Great), Psych Lim: Committed to her research (C, S), Psych Lim: Sense of Responsibility to her Patients (C, M), Watched: The Phenomena Department (MoPow, NCI) 8-

Total Character Cost: 60

Background: Doctor Akagi's introduction to the Phenomena Department came when a small group of bloody and battered men and women arrived in the hospital where she worked. Among them was a tall, long-haired man who was near death, with terrible wounds all along his left leg. Working throughout the night, she saved the wounded man from dying, and eventually managed to get a story as to what had happened from the rest the group.

It seemed that the team had been investigating a series of disappearances in northern Baltimore County, only to be surprised by pack of ghouls. Within moments three agents had been brought down, while the rest escaped as best they could. Trent's wounds were the result of stepping on a grave, which harbored a ghoul just under the surface.

Fascinated by their story, Dr. Akagi decided that any such group of people who regularly faced such horrors would need proper medical support. Contacting the Phenomena Department directly, she offered her services, and was brought aboard as in-house doctor. Since then, her duties have expanded to include into research in the field of preternatural biology and biochemistry.

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