created by Dany St-Pierre

The history of the Trillium Company is truly very strange. Originally it was an agency created by the Quebec government to put a end to the smuggling of tobacco. Composed of most retired policemen, the agency seemed totally ineffective in stopping Mohawk smugglers. In truth, the goal of the agency was not to put an end to smuggling but to make the taxpayers of Quebec believe that the government had taken action against smugglers.

When secession was declared a great number of governmental companies were privatized. To the surprise of the new government a company from Beauce (a new province in independent Quebec) bought this white elephant for a huge price. The new proprietors intended not to create a new private security agency however, but instead intend to work with the various cells of the Mohawk smuggling rings to flood the UNA black market with firearms of all sorts. Agents of Trillium Arms established contacts with members of the Mohawk, selling them weapons on commission, which the Mohawk then resell of immense profits

At this point, Trillium Arms is an perfectly legal enterprise that floods the American market with its numerous products.


PRIMARY OPERATIONS: Weapons manufacturer.
PRIMARY COMPETITORS: Colt, Remington and WooChan Arms.
WORTH: $100 million+
PRESIDENT: Marc Tremblay
HUNTED/WATCHED: 15 PTS (MoPow, Lim Geo 11-)/ 8 PTS (MoPow, Lim Geo 11-)


Interested parties should contact:
5416 Dorchester Blvd. Montreal, Quebec.
Call (514) 631-3572 or Fax (514) 631-1220
or just email Trillium at: TRILLIUM@TRILLIUMARMS.COM

Available only for law enforcement or corporate officers who provide the necessary documentation from their departments.

Carcajou .44 Automag: The first big hit of the Trillium company of Quebec. This pistol is much more than a automatic .44 magnum, the caseless rounds are made using a .44 caliber bullet and a cut-down 7.7mm military rifle charge. The power is incredible; the handgun can do as much damage as many rifles. However, it requires a strong firer. To aid in targeting, it has an integral laser sight.
Power: 2d6 RKA
Modifiers: +1 Stun (+1/2), 12 Shots (-1/4) STR Minimum (-1/4), OAF (-1)
Active Cost: 45
Real Cost: 18

Carcajou II (.30 carbine): The Carcajou II is a hefty succeeder to the innovative Carcajou .44 Magnum series developed in 2029. Distinctively styled in a stainless steel finish, the Carcajou II is the first polymer handgun to pack the exciting caseless M1.30 carbineround. This new pistol is a solid choice for the shooter who wishes to step up to a more powerful, all-around self-defence handgun.
Power: 1 1/2d6 RKA
Modifiers: +1 OCV (+5 pts), 1 Shots (-0) STR Minimum (-1/4), OAF (-1)
Active Cost: 30
Real Cost: 13

Carcajou III (10mm): Enthusiasm for the 10mm cartridge has spurred Trillium to adapt its popular Carcajou series to this hot, high pressure caliber. (170 grain bullet: 731 ft. lbs. muzzle energy, 1400 ft./sec. muzzle velocity) round. Millet adjustable sights, longer sighting plane and better balance combine to improve accuracy.
Power: 1 1/2d6 RKA
Modifiers: +1 RMod (+3 pts), 15 Shots (-0) STR Minimum (-1/4), OAF (-1)
Active Cost: 28
Real Cost: 12

New Police Positive: Hoping to win the contract for supplying handguns to the Hong Kong police, Trillium conceived a new revolver using a disposable cylinder of 12 shots, loaded with caseless ammunition. This weapon is also capable of firing a 3 round burst. According to specialists these bursts allow the shooter to fire on automatic with greater precision. The revolver functions by using a gas operated relaoding mechanism. The pressure of gases created by the firing of a caseless round rotates the now empty cylinder to one that is that is loaded. Currently the Trillium New Police Positive are test fielded by the HK PD in one of the most dangerous districts of Hong Kong: Mon Kok. Only the future can tell if Trillium has a chance to win its bid again Woo Chan Arms in the Asian market.
Power: 1 1/2d6 RKA
Modifiers: +1 OCV (+5 pts), -1 RMod (-3 pts), Autofire: 3 (+1/4), 12 Shots (-1/4)
STR Minimum (-1/4), OAF (-1)
Active Cost: 34
Real Cost: 13

12.7 Hold-out Pistol—This weapon is the ultimate in personal defense "hold out" guns. Created and distributed by Trillium Arms for the individual who wants to be able to take down a single person with one shot, the 12.7 Hold-out has a single 12.7mm shell set inside a plastic casing. Once fired, the casing does has a chance of melting inside the barrel, thus jamming the weapon. If the casing does not melt, the weapon can be easily reloaded.
3d6 RKA
Modifiers: +1 Stun (+1/2), -1 OCV (-5 Pts), -1 RMod (-3 Pts), 1 Shot (-2),
Jam 11- (-1), STR Minimum (-1/4), OAF (-1)
Active Cost: 67
Real Cost: 11

Leviathan (20 mm): The Trillium companies manufactures this 20mm rifle in a bullpup configuration. It is designed for use against light vehicles, heavily armored troops, rogue boomers and rampaging cyborgs. The gun is lightweight, with manageable recoil, and fires a variety of ammunition, including fleechettes, he rounds and standard ammo.
Power: 3d6+1 RKA
Modifiers: +1 OCV (+5 pts), +1 RMod (+3 pts), +1 Stun (+1/2),
Armor Piercing (+1/2), Cannot move in Phase gun is fired (-1/4),
5 Shots (-3/4), STR Minimum (-1/4), OAF (-1)
Active Cost: 108
Real Cost: 33
HE Round: EB: 10d6, One Hex AoE (+1/2)
Flechette Round: RKA: 3d6, AoE: Cone (+1), Reduced by Range (-1/4),
Reduced Penetration (-1/4)

Trident Mini-Gun (7.62mm): The Trillium Trident is a man-portable three-barreled automatic weapon using caseless 7.62mm ammo. The weapons feeds through two cylinders on the back, each with a capacity of 50 rounds. The Trident is designed to be fired either from the hip, from a bipod, tripod, or from a fixed mount. There no sight on the gun, except for a built-in laser sight.
Power: 2d6+1 RKA
Modifiers: +1 Stun (+1/2), Autofire: 10 (+3/4), Cannot move in Phase gun is
fired (-1/4), 100 Shots (+3/4), STR Minimum (-1/4), OAF (-1)
Active Cost: 105
Real Cost: 42

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