written by Michael Surbrook

Edited Transcript of Conversation With Ken Tachi, October 5, 2030. Raymond Tomita questioner.

(note: Ken Tachi was picked up by one Katherine Ramis, a professional bounty hunter known to work the Mega-Tokyo area. Ms. Ramis is a Class Three cybergraft upgrade. During this incident, Mr. Tachi suffered a broken arm.)

KT: Uh, well it's like this, see. I was leaving my place when I saw this woman dressed like a cop, right? So, I tried to skip out, but she sees me and yells 'freeze', ya know? So, I make for the roof, since I figure I can lose her up there.

KT: Why did I run? Man, I gotta rap sheet as long as my arm. The cops is always hasslin' me. And it's not like I ever did anything bad, ya know?

KT: Okay, so I makes it to the roof, right? And I figure that the easiest way to ditch this babe to to cut out down the next building over. So, I'm tearing off across the roof when I see that this woman is right behind me. But, I figure that ain't gonna last, 'cause theres, like, a eight foot gap between this roof and the next. So, I go all out and hit the edge just right and make my jump.

KT: What? No, that's not when my arm got broke. So, anyway, I land, but kinda, almost fall flat on my face, since I sorta tripped over myself landing. That's when I sorta twisted my ankle, a little. Anyway, I get up and take off and when I look over my shoulder this woman's getting ready to jump, only she's not running, and I figure she's gotta be real stupid to try and broad jump the gap and I figure that she's gonna kiss the far wall trying that. So I turn back around and start making tracks for the far side of the building when I hear this HUGE crash behind me, and when I look this woman's standing IN the roof.


Yeah, just what I said, IN the roof. The rooftop all broken and pushed up and she's sorta crouched down in this mess of busted stuff. Well, I'm like surprised ya know, and since I'm lookin' over my shoulder, that's when I go down again. Uh... that's how I messed up my knee.

KT: Hunh? No, she didn't have a gun out that I could see. She didn't really threaten me either, she just yelled 'freeze', ya know. So, I'm laying there lookin' at this woman busting up the roof, when I say something real intelligent like "What kinda cop are you?". Well, she sorta laughs and shows this little license thing and says she's not a cop, she's a bounty hunter. So, then I'm feeling a little worried, 'cause bounty hunters like to bust yer chops a little if you're a tough grab, and the cops usually don't care 'cause they think yer all scumbags anyway, ya know?

KT: Oh, yeah, uh... so, she stands up and takes a step and like, falls through the roof! Really! Her leg goes right through! And, I figure, here's my chance to get away and I head for the edge of the roof.

KT: Me? I knew where I was goin', but she sure didn't. I remember her yelling something about us being six stories up when I went over.

KT: A fire escape, what else? You think I can jump off a six story building? So, I'm on the fire escape and I'm getting ready to go down, ya know, when WHAM!, this woman comes crashin' down on the escape right above me! She's got this gun, and she's lookin' real pissed and she gives me this look and calls me an idiot and man, I didn't know what to do then.

KT: Yeah, well, I'm gettin' to that. Okay, so she's standing there, and she's got this gun pointed at me, and she's looks she's gettin' ready to bust my ass, when there's this CRACK! noise. It sounded like something breaking, ya know? Well, there's this second CRACK! and we both look over, and the BOLTS are coming outta the WALL! I mean, not only did this stupid woman break the roof, but she's making the fire escape fall off the building!

KT: It musta been her fault! You think I made the bolts break? Come on! Get real!.

KT: What did I do? Well... uh... I was uh... well... scared, ya know, I mean, here we are six stories up and the escape is goin' over and I'm holding on the the rail for dear life. I mean, whaddya want me to do? Jump?

KT: Oh yeah, her. Well, I've got like this death grip on the rail when she comes jumpin' down and grabs me! Just picks me right up! Next thing I know, she's jumpin' Yeah, jumpin' I mean, she leaps from the fire escape to the next building over! It must have been fifty, sixty feet easy, and she does it like she was jumpin' off a step, ya know?

KT: Hunh? Oh, yeah, that's when I broke my arm. It musta happened when she pulled me offa the rail. And lemme tell ya, having a broken arm is better than splatterin' all over the street. I mean, that fire escape came down and it sounded like the end of the world! Damn! It was loud!

KT: Hey, what was with that skip-tracer anyway?

KT: Really? She's a cyborg? Damn!

KT: So, can we get her for assault?

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