by David Kuijt

Kazei 5 Internal Memo
From: Takeda Johnson
Cc: Avatar
Subject: Shion, Genom

Over the past month or so I have been having some disturbing dreams. I will describe the content of these dreams later; suffice it to say at this point that these dreams were not like normal dreams, and had strong recurring elements. They involved Shion being dead or unconscious, in an environment of menace. Other elements included Shion's sister, Marta Nys, and the strong feeling that Genom was involved. A brief report is in Appendix A, attached to this file.

For those agents that were not present the last time that we met Shion, please familiarize yourselves with that mission report. Key words are Sonnet, Ran, Genom, Shion.

After some time, and several recurrences, I decided to initiate contact with Shion. Shion did not respond to any messages in a week, so I attempted to contact Marta Nys also, and had Temple run some searches through the tabloids that follow famous PKs and news services like MercZine, attempting to locate one or both of them. As a direct result of this investigation, I have discovered the following.

Approximately one hour after Shion left 93 Underground the night we killed Sonnet, she appeared bloody and nearly unconscious on Marta Nys' doorstep.

About 48 hours after Shion trashed 93 Underground, a covert ops strike team attacked Marta Nys' apartment. Chiffon Kennedy, Marta's lover, was badly hurt and spent a month in hospital. Marta Nys was incapacitated in the attack. She left California Free State for Australia about two weeks after the attack. Shion Nys was apparently the objective of the snatch, which seems to have been successful.

Shion has not appeared since. Temple's searches on the `shadowtalk boards' on the matrix have found some speculation that Shion is not currently under contract, and that certain corporate inquiries have gone unanswered, which is not usual.

I've gotten in touch with Ms. Kennedy. She could not describe the strike, but she said that Shion was incoherent, blood all over, physically a wreck, and very shaken up about something. She has not been in touch with either of the Nys sisters since; she is rather upset at Marta being out of touch.

At this point I became rather concerned, so I contacted Nabiki Tendo, asking her to find Shion or Marta Nys. Ms. Tendo failed to find any sign of Shion since Marta Nys' apartment was destroyed. Marta Nys has been very active along the Pacific Rim, seemingly trying to raise a significant amount of cash. She is currently in Hong Kong. Ms Tendo managed to track Marta down and I have had a brief communication with her. She confirms that Shion was snatched, and that she has reason to suspect Genom. In communication she was belligerent, apparently blaming me for Shion's current plight and questioning my motivation in offering help; however, at the same time she implied that she would eventually come to Neo York and force me (or us? It wasn't clear) to help. She appeared to have her own timetable, and would not be shifted by my comment that Genom might kill or break her sister while she delayed. Marta Nys has not responded to any further communications.

I have asked Ms. Tendo to track Marta's movements, at least to the extent of checking on her surreptitiously and watching the airports. If she takes a scramjet for NY, we should have a couple of hours warning.

Since discovering that Shion has been snatched by Genom, I have tried to track down the singular building in my dreams. Vid pictures from the matrix have been little help; after looking at thousands of Genom facility pictures, I have some structures that could be the one, but no certainty.

At this time my dreams changed; two new faces began to appear. One side note: I have never had this sort of prescient dream before, in any circumstance. One of the new faces was a female PK police officer.

I have had Temple attempt to match the face to active police in Tokyo, or more generally in Japan, without success. Temple was unable to connect successfully with any ESWAT files.

I have kept Avatar apprised of the situation from the point where it seemed likely that Shion had been snatched by Genom.


Avatar has decided that we must determine if Shion is being held by Genom, and if so, attempt to free her. I concurr. If Genom succeeds in brainwashing Shion or otherwise controlling her, they will have an extremely powerful weapon.

However, I seem to have exhausted the available paths to follow. Do any of you have any suggestions?



Marta Nys, Shion's sister. We met once, I think, at 93 Underground when I told Shion that the next time she tried to take me back, I'd kill her. She is a beautiful black haired woman. She seems agitated and angry, but I am not certain at what.

A tall structure. I know this is a Genom facility, even though it is unmarked and I am positive I have never been there. The view is from some distance, like looking at a photo or from very far away. I find this structure disturbing.

Shion. She is in nearly every dream. She is always nude, lying down, and seems to be asleep... or dead. I am not certain. Connected with seeing her is the feeling of cold; I feel very cold whenever I see her in my dreams. She also seems 'blue'—the whole vision is blue, as if through a filter. I want her to wake up, but it never seems to happen. Getting her to wake up is very important, but I am not sure why.

A LOT of machines. All sorts of strange, half seen stuff that blinks and hums just out of sight and definition.

An airplane. Actually it's a big scramjet. There is a problem and I feel that the jet is going to explode. These images often wake me up, leaving me with lingering thoughts of fire, explosions, and people screaming.

Recently, within the last week, two new elements have appeared in my dreams.

The first is a woman. She is a police officer, not Katsumi Liqueur, but another police officer. She is stern and very formal in her mannerisms; she reminds me in many ways of Jagger. She is a powerful PK.

The other is a large, shadowy, humanoid shape. It is formless, perhaps back-lit, which prevents it from having any distinguishing features, with the exception of two red dots where the eyes should be. I consistently see this figure in relation with sequences involving the machines and trying to wake up Shion. There is a feeling of great danger associated with this figure, although it is not me in danger.

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