(Ying and Yang)

Noriko and Mojo took there seats at the small corner table. So far Noriko was at least impressed with the restaurant Mojo had invited her to. The Getsu Mon was known as one of the best restaurants in Mega-Tokyo and not at all easy to get a table for. Mostly high ranking officials and people of considerable wealth dined here.

She straightened the strap of her evening gown as she wondered if this was the same Mojo whose file she had read. As far as she knew he was a corporate mercenary who did everything from kidnapping of employees to outright terrorism. His profile labeled him as cold and calculating, and he usually worked alone or with only one or two associates. Now he was working with seven people, and by all accounts, for the government.

She was brought out of her contemplation by his deep voice.

<So Ms. Kobayashi, I assume it's Ms, I would gather you have done a complete background check on me and my associates.>

She nodded. <I would be remiss in my duties if I did not do so.>

<And do you wonder why some of us would be doing this, including you and your agency, of course ?>

She sat quiet for a moment before answering. <It is not of consequence,> she answered matter-of-factly.

<No? You will be going into a very dangerous situation with only our group as >support, I would guess that thought could be discomforting.>

She stared directly into his eyes as she answered, <Discomfort or not, it is my job.>

<Truthfully, I asked you to join me for dinner this evening for reasons not related to this job. I have more...> Mojo paused as if trying to find the right words < ... or should I say larger matters to ask you about. How long have you been in ESWAT Ms. Kobayashi? >

She raised an eyebrow at the question. She paused in her answer as the waiter returned to refresh their water. As he walked off she picked up her glass. <Four years.> She took a sip of water as she waited for Mojo to get to his point.

<Ah, and were you in law enforcement before that?>

A nod was his answer.

<You see, as much as it may surprise you, you and I have much in common. We are both 'career men' as it were. The difference is, you are still in your chosen profession, and I am not...> Mojo smiled slightly at his dining companion and then took a slow drink and waited for any response.

She returned his smile with an upturn at the corner of her mouth. Raising her glass to her lips she took another sip. <So...I assume you plan to tell me what that chosen profession was?>

Mojo laughed. <I think we both know what my chosen profession was, but I no longer work for any of the corporations, Ms. Kobayashi, I now work for a more public organization, though in a very private section of it. I am now in a profession much more on the line of yours, Noriko, and I find myself unsure on how to pursue this new career. Do you have any insight to offer me, madam?>

Noriko set her glass down on the table. She shifted slightly in her chair, unsure of how to answer his question. <Mojo-san, what exactly are you asking?>

<I'm not sure,> he said with that all too honest smile on his face. <Part of my problem is not knowing what questions to ask. I am fully aware that you would have a great deal of information on my past dealing on the Pacific Rim. You should have enough to even bring me in, if only for 'questioning', so I will trust you with some information. Last week, I had the opportunity to eliminate an informant with too much information on this operation. I have doubts as to whether she would use this information to our detriment, but in the past that hardly mattered. This time, however, I balked.>

An expression of confusion seemed to quickly cross his face...

<And the other day during the meeting, when Marta presented herself as a threat to my ... teammates... I again balked at retaliation. I am attempting to make an honest go of this new profession, but how?>

Slowly, the uniquely Cajun smile crept back across his lips.

Noriko stared at Mojo in mild disbelief. <You asked me here to engage in a discussion of morals?> She finished the question with a breaking smile. Her posture seemed to relax slightly as she continued, <Mojo-san, as to your past on this side of the globe...> She thought for a moment before finishing, <It is of no consequence to me. I just want to get this mission out of the way and see you and your teammates home.>

<As to your dilemma,> she continued <I have only one piece of advice.>

<I would appreciate you insight on this matter.>

<Follow the true path of nature... man is meant to kill only when confronted by something he cannot outthink.> Quietly she observed his reaction.

<The true path of nature... I will try. I still have one important question for you. Do you dance, Noriko?>

She shook her head, <Rarely. Why?>

<Because I am in the mood for some good dancing, and such a beautiful woman as you would make a excellent partner.>

Mojo got up from his seat and extended his hand to Noriko.

Blushing slightly, she accepted his hand. Standing she followed him out onto the dance floor...

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