Vehicles in Dragon Ball are a very odd lot. We see normal ground cars, hover cars, land speeders, rocket bikes, propeller aircraft, jet aircraft, antigravity craft, spaceships, and time machines. Simply put, the vehicles seen in the manga follow no set design or technology level. Toriyama draws whatever he thinks is interesting and goes from there. What this means for a potential Game Master is that he's free to hand out what ever he wants as transport to his PCs and NPCs alike, without worrying if the vehicle "fits" into the setting.

Because of the great diversity of vehicles, there are not real set and fast rules for the game universe in regard to what fits and what doesn't. Game Masters should borrow whatever write-ups they like from any source and use those. About the only basic rule is that none of the vehicles, regardless of "technology," seem to use beam weapons. Machine-guns, rockets, and bombs all look to be the typical armament for even the most advanced designs.

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