Unlike most RPG settings, there aren't a whole lot of different character types or "classes" in Dragon Ball Z. In most cases, the biggest difference between characters is whether or not someone is an alien (or part alien), and thus, what powers they might have. Aside from that, everyone in the Dragon Ball manga is a martial artist, and virtually all martial artists have the same general set of powers and abilities.

There only expection to this rule are cyborgs. The first cyborg to appear was Tao-pie-pie, who had himself rebuilt mechanically in time for the 23rd Tenkaichi Budokai. His implants included an energy cannon, eye lenses, an extendible sword, and mechanical limbs. The second cyborg was Freezer, who had himself rebuilt after loosing to Goku and getting blown up along with the planet Nameck. His implants looked to only serve to keep his body together. The next batch of cyborgs were created by Dr. Gero as part of his artificial human series he was making for the Red Ribbon Army. These cyborgs were far more powerful than anyone the Z fighters had ever faced before, and in Trunks's world were able to kill nearly everyone on the planet!

Cyborgs 17 and 18

Building a Dragon Ball Z Cyborg

Trunks is very specific about the powers of a cyborg. They are tireless and able to fight all day; they are also nearly invulnerable and virtually impossible to harm. If building a Dragon Ball Z cyborg, the character's STR and all powers (including Running, Flight, and Energy Blasts) should be bought with Reduced Endurance (0 END; +1/2). They also should have Damage Reduction at the 3/4 level, although this is STUN Only (a -1/2 Limitation). Their defenses should be very high (30 DEF or better) and at least half of this should be resistant. Other powers are possible, including various Enhanced Senses and targeting systems.

Power Absorber cyborgs are a special case. They can absorb incoming chi attacks as well as drain chi from someone directly. This can be bought several ways, using such powers as Absorption, Dispel, and Suppress. The best way would be a Dispel versus All Chi Powers, with a linked Aid to END. The Aid would feed the cyborg as much END as they Dispelled. The cyborg also has a direct Transfer power, allowing the cyborg to drain another's END and add it to their own. Power Absorber cyborgs should sell back all their END and buy and END Reserve and use that to feed all their powers. Contrary to almost all other cyborgs, Power Absorber cyborgs should pay END for most of their attacks, as well as STR and movement.

Due to their origins, cyborgs could have such Powers as "Does Not Bleed" as well as such Disadvantages as Physical Limiation "Does Not Heal BODY Damage". As a side note, #18 contains sufficient organic parts to give birth to a daughter sometime between the destruction of Buu and the Tenkaichi Budokai presented in Volume 42.

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