"And you are certain this is the symbol placed upon the Skaven's armor." The seneschal drones on.

"Yes. Although I have never known Skaven to wear uniforms such as that. More than likely they are trying to frame -" Patris tries to explain.

"Yes, yes." The seneschal cuts him off. "I believe that wraps just about everything up. Was there anything else?"

Patris pauses for a moment, and the man goes back to his book keeping. "Actually yes," Patris resigns. "I was hoping to take a leave of absence to visit my family. My brother is getting married, and it's a fairly important affair for everyone involved."

"I see." The man murmurs. He flips through his books, makes a note of a few things, and then turns back to Patris. "Well, I don't see anything in the immediate future requiring you or your men's... special attention." He makes a few more notes in his books. "I don't see why not. I dare-say you earned it, perhaps a month? Would that do? Your family is in Whiteland, yes?"

"Yes, a month's time would be just about enough." Patris breathes a sigh of relief.

At that moment, Lucia Vorloi bursts into the Seneschal's office with several harried attendants in tow.

"PATRIS! WHERE ARE—oh, there you are! I've been looking all over the nine hells for you! This is it!" Lucia exclaims as he stuffs a parchment into Patris' bewildered hands.

"Young man!" The seneschal exasperates, finally recovering from Lucia's entrance. "You cannot go about shouting all over this place!"

"Yes, yes! I know! But this is different. This is it, Patris! This is our chance!"

"Yes, but what is it?" Patris exclaims as he begins to read the parchment.

"Why, it's a chance for a glorious battle against foul beasts! A chance to test ourselves in battle against the worst that vermin horde can field. A chance to-"

"Squire Lucia! Report!" Patris' command voice cuts through the young man's energy like a knife. Lucia snaps to attention and reflexively salutes. He blinks, then begins talking a more normal tone.

"Sir Patris. Grimnar has reported the location of a skaven Clan Moulder breeding pit in the north-eastern Kamanjeio Hills. While he might be able to maneuver sufficient forces into position, he seeks a show of good faith from Northpoint and invites us to neutralize the position.

"Investigations supported the intelligence and report immense hybrid cave-troll and rat-ogre monstrosities, capable of seriously damaging any field fortifications we have—and perhaps the gates of Northpoint itself." He's speaking faster now, his excitement rising once again. "Father was looking into how to take them out, and I saw our chance. I persuaded him that a surgical strike against the noxious pit could eliminate the breeding stock, and your actions in the under-city convinced him! We can go!

Youthful exuberance at its best bubbles out of him as he continues, "Just think! The diviners have forecast a break in the weather in four days, a week of clear and cold for us to reach our destination, we can smite our enemies with righteous steel and then a blizzard will cover our retreat!

"And I can go but it's your mission! The great Sir Patris, savior of the city from a vile skaven attempt to poison us, once again takes arms against the terrifying forces of blasphemous mutant evil, giant, uh rat-ogres! Yeah!

"Isn't it great!"

This was almost too much for Patris to take in. Fendel is maneuvering to permanently push me out of my father's inheritance... And now this? Why now? Do the fates really hate me?~

"Sir Patris?" Patris' musing are cut off as the Seneschal's voice chimes in. "I can ask that someone else handle this mission, if you'd rather-"

"No." Patris states. "No, the city of Northpoint needs me and as a knight I am honor-bound to serve and protect her." Patris takes one last look at the parchment Lucia had handed him. Down at the bottom was Patros Vorloi's signature and seal. Already people are praising my name in the streets. This is too important of a quest to pass up. Think of it! If I can keep single-handedly save this city from the entire skaven army... He folds the parchment and places it in his coat.

"Alright Lucia, lets go get prepared for this mission. We'll show that Torenescu brat who's the better knight!"

"YES!" Lucia exclaims. "I'll get the preparations underway immediately!" He turns to leave, nearly knocking over one of his attendants. "Out! Out! There's work to do! Don't just stand about!" He shouts as he ushers his attendants out of the office.

Both Patris and the Seneschal enjoy a moment of quiet after the tornado that is Lucia Vorloi has left. In the wake, a paper flutters off the Seneschal's desk, and Patris catches it before it hits the ground.

"I'm ah... I think I'm going to need an advance in pay," Patris says as he hands the paper back to the Seneschal.

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