"It has been a long time since I last thought of myself as a human being, my humanity taken away from me so long ago by an act of mercy by a creature of legends. A creature I would soon learn to love and to hate, a creature... no, a woman I would soon fall in love with, and for whom I would endure endless quests, always searching for my lost humanity, and for her redemption."

"I have seen more pain and sorrow through these eyes of mine than I would deem possible for any living creature to endure and still keep its sanity. But I have also seen love, hope and happiness, and now, as an outside observer, I find myself able to better understand the miracle of life."

"For now I dwell in the ways of the undead, fulfilling my duties as a Wu, the immortal guardian of one of the last of an ancient and powerful race of magicians, the Sanjiyan Unkara. And so shall I do until the day when I will earn back my right of final rest, either along with my beloved Pai's right of being human, or with our souls' final transmigration."

3x3 Eyes (spoken Sazan Eyes) tells us the story of a young Japanese student, Yakumo, and a young Sanjiyan Unkara, a lovely girl called Pai, and their quest to turn back into human beings. Its occult setting, based on many different Eastern legends and religions, describes an Earth where demons and other magical creatures dwell among the humans disguised as ordinary people, their existence unknown to the general public.

This setting is very appropriate for role-playing gaming, and is very flexible, allowing for both low power level and high power level campaigns. The 3x3 Eyes world is perfect for regular adventure gaming with an occult overtone, or more intense soul-searching role-playing. It works well with both magical beings as PCs, "regular" human parties, or any mix of the two.

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