Note: I've done my best to portray Yuzo Takada's characters. Please keep in mind the lack of direct input from Yuzo Takada, and the small amount of manga translated to English when reading the following sheets. Corrections to the character data below, as long as they are based on canon information, are most welcome (please remember to explain why and where you got the information).

Copyright disclaimer: The characters Pai/Parvati, Fujii Yakumo, Li Ling-Ling, Huang Song Lii/Shunkai, Hong-Nyang/Lang-Pao-Pao, and the monsters Fei-Oh and Takuhi are copyrighted by Yuzo Takada.

Most characters change alot during the manga. The character sheets belong to the following time frames: Fujii Yakumo—just after his 4 year search for Pai (beginning of manga volume 3 and OAV series 2); Pai/Parvati IV, Li Ling-Ling, and Mrs. Song Lii—after the first incidents at Mrs. Huang's estate (manga Volume 1, after the "Labyrinth of Kaiyanwang" story).

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