Before you start to read through the material located on this webpage, allow me to make one thing very clear. I did not write the material located here. What I did do was translate (or 'port') the material over from Henrique de Moraes Holschuh's original documents. The translation was done with his express, written permission.

I have tried to present as much of the material as possible in its original format. The only major changes are in spelling (converting to American English), grammar (Henrique will be the first to admit that English is not his first language and gaming terminology. Thus, any sections of text written (in say) the first person were almost certainly written by Henrique, while anything relating to the HERO System was written by me.

Because this material is meant to be used with the HERO System, I have removed almost all GURPS references, replacing them (where possible) with similar notes for HERO gaming. As a final conversion note, not all the objects (or powers) described here are given complete HERO Mechanics write-ups. The possible power scale of the material in this supplement is staggering, and in many cases ease of play won out over heavy number crunching.

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