The most important modification to the original 3x3 Eyes setting is the concept of "Mana". In 3x3 Eyes there exists a kind of magic energy which is used by magicians to power their spells, and is part of the metabolism of creatures such as the Sanjiyan Unkara, the Wu, and probably most demons. Completely draining the magic energy from a magical being will kill it, and there are magic-energy vampires. Normal humans, animals, and plants do not have any expressive amount of magic energy, and do not need it to survive.

The original 3x3 Eyes RPG, written for GURPS, used the standard GURPS rules for Mana. Since the HERO System doesn't use any form of standardized magic system, I am presenting my own take upon the "Mana" concept. The GURPS Mana system is obviously inspired by Larry Niven's use of mana in his stories set in the universe of the Warlock (presented in the books The Magic Goes Away and The Magic May Return, among others). Mana can be considered the magical "background count" of the world. Certain objects, places, and people can possess great amounts of mana, allowing others to draw this energy forth and cast spells. Mana levels can vary, though, depending upon the local area and events that may have occurred there in the past.

Depending upon the mana in the area, magicians may find that their spells are stronger or weaker, or may fail all together. The chart is as follows:

Mana Level	Power Level
Non		0
Low		50%
Normal		100%
High		150%
Very High	200%

Using this chart, a 60 active point Energy Blast would be 12d6 in a Normal Mana area, 6d6 in a Low Mana area and a devastating 24d6 in a Very High Mana area.

Other side effects of mana levels include modifications to any spell with the limitation of "Requires a Skill Roll." Obviously the spell will not work in a No Mana area, while a Low Mana area gives a -1 per 5 Active Points in the power (as opposed to the normal -1 per 10). In a High Mana area, the roll is -1 per 20 points, and in a Very High area, there is no roll required.

To maintain balance and danger in spell casting, any spells with Side Effects should work as follows: In a Low Mana area, any failed spell will affect the caster at full strength, i.e. spell Side Effects are not affected by a lowered mana level. On the other hand, spell Side Effects are affected by an increased mana level, so a spell failed in a High Mana area will have its Side Effects increased by 150%. To be fair, and to represent the extreme magical energy present in a Very High Mana area, all spells that normaly require a Skill Roll should still fail if the caster rolls an 18, at which point any Side Effects will activate at 200% normal strength (the idea being the caster is simply unable to handle so much magical eneergy at once).

Creatures in varying mana areas will be affected by the altered magical energy. The exact affects are up to the individual GM, but obviously magical abilities (such as flight, the ability to breath fire, or a Wu's regenerative powers) should be affected. More natural (or Inherent) powers, like claws or an armored hide, should remain unaffected, unless the creature has some sort of magical invulnerability. In Low or No mana areas, all magical creatures (as opposed to magicians) will suffer a Body Drain. In a Low Mana area, this drain might be as slow as 1d6 every Hour, while in a No Mana area, it might be 1d6 every Segment. The exact speed of the Drain should depend on the desires of the GM and the plot. The most important thing to remember about such a drain is that it cannot be healed by any means until the afflicted character has left the reduced mana area. In addition, such damage can only be healed by actual rest, not magical spells or regenerative powers.

To make things interesting (and dramatic) for the players, most areas should have Normal or Low mana. Deserts are always good places for lowered mana, as are the middle of very large cities (like New York and Tokyo). High Mana places could be natural wilderness, hot springs and volcanoes. Very High mana sites could be the Arizona meteor crater or Crater Lake in Oregon. Ayer's Rock is another good site for a High or Very High mana area.

For the GURPS 3x3 Heroes RPG, no limitation was been given for mana effects as it is presumed to be part of the game world. If GMs wish to add the limitation of variable mana level to HERO System spells, the recommended a limitation would be "Affected By Local Mana Level" (-1/4).

Henrique Writes:
No and Low Mana areas in 3x3 Eyes should be considered areas where the magic energy is being drained from everything within their boundaries, either by natural or artificial phenomena. These areas are harmful to almost every magical being in 3x3 Eyes. Among the beings who suffer from lack of magic energy in No mana areas, only Wu might survive imprisonment inside one, although they would be kept in a nonexistant state after their death. High and Very High Mana areas should be seen as areas where magic energy is being fed to anything inside their boundaries.

There are no other significant modifications to the 3x3 Eyes setting, at least none intentional. If you are aware of such an error in this book, please report it to the RPG's author for correction.

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