Pointers to some 3x3 Eyes related sources on the internet

3x3 Eyes Manga translation index (David Park): http://www.sazan.net/digest/trans/

Pai's Homepage (Fred Gallagher): http://fmg.simplenet.com/anime/3x3.html

3x3 Eyes Digest (David Park): http://www.sazan.net/digest/

3x3 Eyes Magic & Names Guide (from 3x3 Eyes Digest): http://www.sazan.net/digest/sazguide.shtml

3x3 Eyes Mailing List (archives and info): http://www.best.com/~chaean/Anime/3x3EyesML/. Direct link to information file.

3x3 Eyes GURPS RPG page

3x3 Eyes Hero

The Great RPG Archive (links directory): http://www.dragonsclaw.net/demiplane/archive/

a.k.a.ne's Anime RPG Page (reviews and links): http://www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/Arena/2448/about.html

Archives of Aldarean (net.books archive): http://come.to/aldarean

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