Demons are quite common creatures in the 3x3 Eyes universe, but they do not follow the stereotype of evil creatures. Almost any magical creature (including Sanjiyan and Wu) is either called "demon" or "monster," the difference being quite subtle.

Demons make interesting characters, be they PCs or NPCs. They are also the most troublesome foes in 3x3 Eyes. The average "Gesu" (low life, weak demon, cannon fodder) could be a very deadly foe for a human party, and a troublesome annoyance to a Sanjiyan or Wu, and the plans of a single high-level demon could be the base of a campaign's entire plot.

Every 3x3 Eyes demon is capable of some spell casting. Some have intrinsic spells; others have standard magical abilities, ranging from almost harmless to very powerful deadly. Beast magic is also common among demons, but it is extremely rare to find a demon using more than one type of magic.

While low-class (weak or stupid) demons are usually treated by others as nothing but cannon fodder or tools, and are difficult to find simply wandering about unless they're under orders of some other demon, high-class demons can be found in the most interesting places, including among humans.

Most high-class demons either are humanoid or disguise themselves to look human, and quite a few of them try to live their lives in a comfortable way among us. Of course if some magic knowledge and spell casting abilities can help them accomplish their goals, so much the better. Most demons won't consider sacrificing human lives as an obstacle at all, quite the same way most of them will not show much loyalty to their minions. There are those who think otherwise, and are pretty decent people. Unfortunately, the "good demons" are usually too busy minding their own business and taking care of their own lives. Encounters with their evil colleagues are therefore much easier to notice.

The demonic society is almost completely based on power. The more powerful, the more respect a demon gets. Due to that characteristic, it is common for a high-class demon to have a number of minions, such as monsters, lower demons or even humans. Minions have variable degrees of loyalty, and their masters often show little respect for them. Not all demons are ruthless with their minions (e.g.: Shunkai treats hers quite well) and those can expect more loyalty.

It is not uncommon for Sanjiyan and Wu to have some high-level demons under their command, since they are very high in the power pyramid. Actually, being turned into Wu is something most demons would move mountains to accomplish, since very few of them are immortal. In the 3x3 Eyes manga story line, almost every existent demon is under direct or indirect command of Benares. Some obey him because they are afraid of Benares' and Kaiyanwang's powers, others because they believe Kaiyanwang will grant them immortality if they aid Benares in his mission to awaken the Demon-Eyes King.

Loyalty is always an issue when dealing with demons. The weaker the demon, the more loyal it will be to its master, be it a demon, mage, Sanjiyan, or Wu. High-class demons have plans and objectives of their own, and may betray their masters if it would help them accomplish their goals. But betrayal is not always the rule, and demons can be good allies... it is just very difficult to be sure whether one particular demon should be trusted or not, and for how long.

Players and GMs should also keep in mind that most demons consider humans to be lower life forms, except for those very few who have proven themselves to be worth the respect. This is very much akin to the way most Sanjiyan think, as well. This behavior also applies to the weaker demons, and the degree of ruthlessness high-classed demon often show towards their minions comes from this attitude.


Most demons in 3x3 Eyes are able to speak, or at the very least understand, Sanskrit. All high-level demons and most low-level ones can speak or understand the local language. Literacy is the rule for high-level demons, both Devanagari (for Sanskrit) and the local script, but the low-level ones might dismiss such knowledge as useless and go for raw power or combat skills instead.

Certain powers and skills, such as Magic Skill at INT+3 or better, High Society (both demonic and local), some kind of intrinsic powers or a number of powerful spells, Psychological Limitations like "Bloodlust," and/or "Overconfidence," and occasionally "Sadism" are all highly advised for "evil" high-level demon characters. A high-level demon will not try to overcome every foe it comes across by sheer power. They will think it out, ally with other beings, plot and betray. Many of the high-level demons would be personifications of the "perfect" CEO—merciless and cold.

Demons are used to being the puppet masters, and this usually is their biggest weakness. High-level demons are prone to react poorly to being ordered around by anyone, and most of them will underestimate an apparently powerless foe every so often. While almost every high-level demon would not repeat such a mistake, one opportunity is all one needs to neutralize a demon, as long as it is very thoroughly planned.

High-level demons usually have some status and wealth, as most of them are quite fond of that kind of power, especially the ones who deal with humans or live among us. All high-level demons must buy some form of Perk to represent their high status. This Perk should cost 3-5 points at minimum. At minimum, a high-level needs to buy the Money Perk at the 5-point level.

"Evil" low-level demons are quite worse, from a human point of view. They could care less for who and how many they kill. "Overconfidence," "Bloodlust," and "Sadism" are recommended Psychological Limitations. The Physical Limitation of "Doesn't Understand Modern Culture/Technology" is common as well, and all of these Disadvantages are usually present at once. In 3x3 Eyes, low-level demons also have at least one intrinsic power, and in fact are very powerful beings. The real reason they are treated as cannon fodder is that they simply do not have enough tact or patience to overcome either intelligent foes nor difficult problems. Low-level demons are not suitable to be played as PCs by anybody but the most deranged players and are not recommened for most 3x3 Eyes games..

The "good" demons may fit anywhere between the two categories above. With the exception of whatever magical abilities, powers, or body features which make them non-human, they are common characters without any recommended advantages or disadvantages. High-level demons of the more altruistic sort are rare, but they do exist. Low-level demons of the "good" or neutral sort are usually classified as monsters, or "magical creatures" by the West, and want little more other than to be left alone living their own lives.

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