The Digital Man has two possible origins. Pick the one that best suits your needs, setting, and/or sense of humor.

Blu-Ray was once a normal human, until the fateful night he downloaded the wrong file from a shady website: instructions for 'weaponizing' his DVD player! Little did he realize the innocuous-looking machine he chose to experiment with had been infected by a sentient virus from the pirated copy of Tron: Legacy he had watched the previous evening! The now-sentient and very righteously pissed-off DVD player feigned innocence until he gave it the means to attack, at which point it lashed out at him. However, something went seriously wrong and the bizarre beam emanating from the crazed movie machine didn't kill him: it transformed him into Blu-Ray! Blu-Ray has the power to emit a short-range but deadly laser attack, and also mind-control large numbers of people, forcing them to over-spend on consumer electronics. No one knows what he looks like in his secret ID, aside from a strange predilection for slacks and navy polo shirts.


The Living Energy Drone (LED) was originally developed in the late 1970s by West Tech Ltd, and was intended for sale to the military. Almost indestructible by conventional means and able to pass through any barrier that permitted the passage of light, as well as able to burn with its touch, the LED's military applications seemed endless. Unfortunately, an attack on West Tech's Miskatonic University research facilities destroyed the laboratory in which the drone was being developed and resulted in the death of Doctor Adam Spectra, the project's lead scientist. The prototype somehow survived, and further displayed what appeared to be free will and human level intellect. Since that time the LED has involved itself intermittently in Paranormal activities throughout the United States, often as a defender of civilians but occasionally in what appear to be attempted thefts of Mad Scientific equipment. Mute and apparently deaf or mad, the LED has never successfully established communications with law enforcement or civilian Masked Adventurers.

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