The Lion of Buddha claims to be a shishi, a divine being charged with guarding Buddhist shrines, temples, and holy places. Hailing from China, he has abandoned the mainland to travel the Pacific Rim (as can be seen here, where his is attending a meeting of Asian metahumans in Japan), defending the weak and defenseless from evil in all shapes and forms. Supernaturally strong, the Lion is skilled in hand-to-hand combat, and a headbutt with his (blunted) horn has been known to dent steel. The Lion's roar will send ghosts fleeing, and he can breathe fire, lightning, and even vast clouds of lotus petals—the latter putting people to sleep instead of harming them. The Lion has also been seen to produce a huge golden lotus blossom from time to time—this blossom can deflect attacks of all kinds, and was once seen to stop dead a powerbolt from Doctor Destroyer.

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