Hana no Manamusume (a.k.a. Hanamasume), also known as "Flower's Favorite Daughter" heads a VIPER nest near Tokyo, Japan. Although she looks like a 12 year-old girl, she's in fact well over 300 years old, and claims to be immortal. Mystics say her magical aura backs up this claim, and most agree that when she says she's the living spirit of a flower, she's not lying. Aside from her great age, she's demonstrated extensive magical powers, many of which related to various natural effects. Heroes who have fought her before agree that keeping her in the streets and away from any parkland is the best way to deal with her. Otherwise, she tends to vanish instantly, apparently disappearing into any local flowering plants. Needless to say, as a VIPER nest leader, she is utterly ruthless in her methods, while her great age allows her to take the long view when planning her operations.

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