Kayli is a member of the Nehkojin, a race of feline humanoids found near the Malva system. Known throughout hte galaxy as powerful and capable warriors, the Nehkojin are feared for their fighting prowess, and rightly so, as just a single Nehkojin is often a match for several squads of soldiers. Kayli herself is a mercenary, hiring herself out to anyone who will give her the one things she craves: combat. As with all Nehkojin, she is skilled in all forms of combat, and possesses innate energy manipulation powers, granting her a wide variety of abilities, including increased strength, flight, and devastating energy blasts.

To see Kayli's character sheet, please see pages 137-139 of Ninja Hero from HERO Games. A more powerful full-scale 1,000+ point Galactic Champions version of Kayli appeared in Digital Hero issue 35.

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