Mirjana is one of the mysterious "Celestial Rangers," a group of individuals recruited from the various races of the galaxy and charged with defending the vast reaches of space from xenomorphs, Xenovores, the Nibu Gemani, and other strange and malign beings that live out in the dark. The Celestial Rangers are loyal only to their own, and tend to remain neutral in most interstellar affairs, often working as peacekeepers to help settle disputes.

To carry out their missions, Celestial Rangers are equipped with some of the finest battlesuits the galaxy has ever seen. Each is custom made for its owner, and although certain features (such as enhanced strength, defensive capabilities, and sensory systems) are standard, the rest of the systems are totally up to the individual Ranger. In Mirjana's case, she has opted for a flight back shaped like a set of bird's wings. She also carries a Star Glaive and a phase-blaster, a tunable energy weapon capable of various output settings.

Exactly who created and/or backs the Celestial Rangers is unknown and subject to widely varying rumor. Possible candidates include: a secret faction of the Galactic Federation, Defender of the Champions 3000, a renegade Malvan, the Mandaarians (supported by the fact the Rangers often seek out enclaves of the Nibu Gemani), or a separate faction of the Star*Guard.

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