Many stories have been told of ninja who possessed skills bordering on the mystical. In Tsukikage's case, the rumors might actually be true. Known only from myths and legends from the early Tokugawa era, Tsukikage (lit. moonbeam, moonlight or moonshadow), was rumored to control the night itself. Said to be superhumanly strong and quick, she was a master of both armed and unarmed combat, and was utterly at home in the dark of night. Supposedly a spy for the Shogun, she was said to be able to become one with the night and shadows, and could strike unseen at any target, no matter how well guarded or hidden. Even today, she's a popular figure in anime and manga, although one can only presume these modern representations are highly stylized versions of the real thing.

To see Tsukikage's character sheet, please see pages 103-105 of Ninja Hero from HERO Games.

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