Simone d'Aiguillon

Born into the noble House d'Aiguillon, Simone grew up feeling trapped by the expectations presumed of someone of her sex and social standing. So, she decided to rebel. Sneaking out when she could, Simone found a new life in the Lower City, among the stage actors, musicians, fortunetellers, gamblers, hedge wizards, and the rest. There she learned how to play at cards, act upon the stage, and otherwise enjoy life. But more importantly, she was discovered to have an innate talent for magic, and eventually learned to become quite the competent sorceress. Now she divides her time between the aristocratic circles of the Noble Houses (where she's developed a reputation for shocking and undignified behavior) and the Lower City, where her assorted skills on the stage, at the gaming tables, and with spells are in great demand.

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