A long time ago (like sometime in the 1990s) I felt that the HERO System really needed a good collection of international heros and villains. I was given a tentative okay by Bruce Harlick, and started my project by looking at various characters from Enemies: The International File. My intent was to revise and rewrite certain characters from Enemies: The International File, then create a number of original characters of my own design. As you can guess, this project never actually went anywhere and I abandoned what work I did a long time ago. Recently, I found said files on my hard drive and decided to update them from 4th Edition to 6th Edition. An email to Steve Long netted me the okay to post them, so I offer the results here.

Much like my work on European Enemies, developing the characters from Enemies: The International File made realize that the original characters suffered a great deal from poor design and editing errors. So, the first thing I did with each character was correct the most basic problems, which was usually the name of the individual's costumed and secret identity. Then I started to translate the character from 3rd Edition up to 6th Edition, and made numerous edits, changes, and corrections as I went. I also added, removed, and expanded powers, and in most cases revised and rewrote the character's origin and personality, sometimes significantly. I present the end result here. There's only a handful of characters as I didn't really feel inspired to rewrite all of the characters in Enemies: The International File, as many of them are fairly mundane in terms of concept and powers. As with European Enemies, I include notes detailing most of the major changes I made to each character.

Each revised character also gets a full background, but as I'm trying to make them fairly generic in content, this is presented in broad strokes and open to a great deal of GM modification and expansion.

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