Val	CHA	Cost	Roll	Notes
8	STR	-2	11-	Lift 75.8 kg; 1 ½d6 HTH Damage [1]
36	DEX	52	16-
18	CON	8	13-
10	INT	0	11-	PER Roll 11-
10	EGO	0	11-	
15	PRE	5	12-	PRE Attack:  3d6

12	OCV	45	
12	DCV	45	
3	OMCV	0	
3	DMCV	0	
6	SPD	40		Phases:  2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12

4+31	PD	2		Total:  4/35 PD (0/31 rPD)
4+21	ED	2		Total:  4/25 ED (0/21 rED)
6	REC	2
40	END	4
8	BODY	-2
20	STUN	0		Total Characteristics Cost:  201

Movement:	Running:	12m/24m 
		Flight:		70m/280m
		Leaping:	4m/8m
		Swimming:	4m/8m

Cost	Powers & Skills
	Mastery Of The Air, all slots Does Not Work Underwater, In A Vacuum, Or In Enclosed Spaces (-½), 
	Unified Power (-¼)
68	1)  Riding The Winds:  Flight 70m, x4 Noncombat, Position Shift, No Turn Mode (+¼), Reduced Endurance 
	(½ END; +¼); Does Not Work Underwater, In A Vacuum, Or In Enclosed Spaces (-½), Unified Power (-¼), END 5
34	2)  Air Blast:  Blast 8d6, Double Knockback (+½); Does Not Work Underwater, In A Vacuum, Or In Enclosed
	Spaces (-½), Unified Power (-¼), END 6
35	3)  Wind Gust:  Blast 8d6, Double Knockback (+½), Area Of Effect (14m Cone; +½); No Range (-½), Does Not Work
	Underwater, In A Vacuum, Or In Enclosed Spaces (-½), Unified Power (-¼), END 8
32	4)  Sudden Suffocation:  Blast 5d6, Area Of Effect (16m Radius Explosion; +¼), NND (defense is Life Support
	[Self-Contained Breathing]; +1); Does Not Work Underwater, In A Vacuum, Or In Enclosed 
	Spaces (-½), Unified Power (-¼), END 6
27	5)  Wind Control:  Telekinesis (35 STR), Area Of Effect (14m Cone; +½); Only To Push Objects Away (-1),
	No Range (-½), Affects Whole Object (-¼), Unified Power (-¼), END 8
31	6)  Air Shield:  Resistant Protection (25 PD/15 ED) (Protect Carried Items); Costs Endurance (-½), Does Not
	Work Underwater, In A Vacuum, Or In Enclosed Spaces (-½), Unified Power (-¼), END 7

10	Armored Costume:  Resistant Protection (6 PD/6 ED); OIF (-½), Requires A Roll (14- roll; -¼)
6	Communicator:  HRRP (Radio Group); OIF (-½), Sense Affected As Hearing And Radio Sense Group (-½)

3	Fringe Benefit:  Federal/National Police Powers
6	Positive Reputation:  national hero of South Korea (people of South Korea) 14-, +3/+3d6

3	Ambidexterity (no Off Hand penalty)
4	Double Jointed
6	+2/+2d6 Striking Appearance (vs. all characters)

10	+2 with Mastery Of The Air

3	Acrobatics 16-
3	Charm 12-
3	Contortionist 16-
2	High Society 10-
2	KS: Traditional Korean Dances 11-
1	Language:  English (basic conversation)
1	Language:  Japanese (basic conversation)
0	Language:  Korean (idiomatic; literate)
1	Language:  Mandarin (basic conversation)
2	Navigation (Air) 11-
3	Power:  Air Powers 11-
3	PS: Dancer 16-

Total Powers & Skill Cost:  299
Total Cost:  500

400+	Matching Complications (75)
5	Distinctive Features:  Mutant (Not Concealable; Noticed and Recognizable; Detectable Only By Mutant Sensors
	And The Like)
20	Hunted:  Agents of the North Korean government, Infrequently (Mo Pow; PC has a Public ID or is otherwise very
	easy to find; Harshly Punish)
10	Hunted:  South Korean Government, Infrequently (Mo Pow; NCI; Watching)
15	Psychological Complication:  Code Versus Killing (Common; Strong)
15	Psychological Complication:  Idealistic, wishes to use her powers to make the world a better place
	(Common; Strong)
10	Social Complication:  Public ID (Frequently, Minor)

Total Complications Points:  75
Experience Points:  100

Background/History: As a young girl, Soon-Bok Li was able to command the winds with ease. Initially she could only call up minor breezes, but as she grew older and her power and mastery grew, she became capable of generating destructive gusts of wind, not to mention picking herself up and flying freely about. Such displays couldn’t go unnoticed forever, and eventually the Republic of Korea’s government stepped in, asking Soon-Bok Li’s parents to let them train her in how to control and use her abilities. Their aim, aside from keeping tabs on a young woman capable of generating localized windstorms, was to eventually mold Soon-Bok Li into a national hero and symbol, as well as a possible deterrent to attacks by North Korean superhumans. Thus, her current code name, Tepoong (meaning “typhoon”) is meant to emphasize the destructive possibilities of her powers, as a way of intimidating potential attackers.

Personality/Motivation: Although brought up to be a national symbol, Tepoong tries to be her own person. She strongly believes a better world, and hopes to use her powers to make it possible. She doesn’t like combat, and tries to avoid fighting if she can, but if forced to fight, will do so to the best of her ability—which includes avoiding permanent injury and/or death. In truth, she prefers rescue missions, as well as the times she’s called upon to deliver aid or assistance for humanitarian efforts.

Quote: “Please, surrender and do not try and fight me. I’m called Typhoon for a reason.”

Powers/Tactics: As a mutant, Tepoong exhibits phenomenal speed and agility, even when compared to other superhumans. Her reaction time is among the best in the world, and there are very few people faster than her. She’s also capable of immense flight speed when carried by the wind, reaching nearly 315 miles per hour. Even more amazing is the degree of control she expresses while flying, including being able to turn on the proverbial dime. Offensively, Tepoong can generate powerful gusts of wind, which are capable of blasting targets for great distances. In addition, she can draw the air out of an area, causing almost instant unconsciousness.

In combat, Tepoong prefers to erect her Air Shield first and foremost, and then use her powers as the situation warrants. Her Wind Control is often to clear an area of debris or to push away or disperse hazardous materials. Her Air Blast is her most common attack, while the Wind Gust is reserved for close-in or numerous attackers.

Appearance: A young Korean woman in her early 20s, Tepoong stands 5’4” with a slender, albeit athletic and very photogenic build. She wears her black hair long, well down her back, and dresses in a government-designed and supplied costume. It consists of an armored white bodystocking with a diaphanous blue over-tunic that extends to her elbows and knees. A sash secures her over-tunic, while a headband keeps her long hair out of her eyes. Both of these have long trailing ends, with matching ties at elbow and knee, all of which stream dramatically when she’s in the air.

Designer’s Notes: Tepoong started out as the character of Divine Wind, found on page 11 of Enemies: The International File. While I liked the idea of a young air-controlling mutant, Divine Wind reached European Enemies levels of inaccuracies. For starters, despite being listed as a South Korean character, she was born in Japan and has the last name of “Latsu” which isn’t even remotely Japanese. Divine Wind also destroyed a battleship of the Imperial Fleet, which is frankly impossible, since it hasn’t been the Imperial Japanese Navy since 1947, and the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force doesn’t have any battleships (their largest ships are helicopter carriers).

Scrapping her whole origin (and her age, which is a mere 12) I started over, keeping some of her core Characteristics (although I dropped her DEX from 38 to 36) and making her a South Korean national. I also liked the idea of her being a hero, and went with a national icon and government operative (of sorts). I decided her extremely high DEX and SPD meant she was also very agile, hence her Talents. I also filled out her Skills and the like, and completely re-wrote her Complications, since the original had a hodgepodge wreck totaling 258 points. At 500 points she’s fairly powerful, but can easily be downgraded by reducing her DEX, OCV, DCV, SPD and Unified Powers (making them into a Multipower might work). She also makes a good addition to any sort of international super team, where her Flight power makes her an excellent scout.

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