Some time ago I "debugged" European Enemies. That meant I did my best to fix all the errors inherent in the character sheets and presented them for public consumption. Recently, Steve Long gave the okay for me to update all of the character sheets from 4th Edition to 5th Edition. So, now I present the revised, 5th Edition, character sheets for the characters from European Enemies.

Before we start, let me state that European Enemies still seems to hold the title of "Worst HERO System Sourcebook Ever." The errors and mistakes are almost legendary, and even the errata sheet (which I now have) doesn't do much to help the situation. Although it does correct some errors in regards to the cost of some characteristics and powers, it doesn't address some of the utterly illogical and/or illegal powers.

In debugging European Enemies for first 4th and now 5th Edition, there was a set of guidelines I adhered too. They are:

1) The printed values are not to be altered. No matter how illogical the stats or powers, what is written stays as written.

2) The errata sheet can and will override rule 1. Corrections given in the errata will be made to the character sheet before the final revision is made.

3) Illegal or impossible powers are to be removed. For example, a 5d6 EB with a +1 Increased STUN Modifier will be eliminated (or altered to be legal. As will inexplicable powers that don't make any sense).

4) Powers that logically and legally belong in a framework will placed in one. Conversely, illogical, or illegal frameworks will be broken apart.

5) If the figured value is higher than the original, printed value, use the figured value. This goes for figured characteristics and skills. Conversely, if the skill roll is higher than the points allow, the points are increased to permit the higher value.

6) Disadvantages will be edited so that they conform to the rules and logic (Hunteds for example) with a maximum of 50 points in any one category. All characters will be built on a base of 200 points and are not assumed to have Normal Characteristic Maxima (unless listed as a Disadvantage).

7) Point-by-point documentation all changes. Final assessment as the last point. Please note—due to the differences between 4th and 5th Editions, I will not give a blow-by-blow listing of all point changes (of which there are often several per character sheet, trust me), or even of all power revisions. I will only list major and/or important changes to the character sheet, or the correction of grievous errors in characteristics or powers.

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