(Because I was bored and the one I saw for Bleach was frickin' hilarious. Also, Jeff helped.)

An anime "meme" that I've seen on 4chan off and on is the "bust-line chart," known in Japan as chichikurabe (roughly "breast contest"). Basically, it shows several female characters from a particular anime or manga, shown in profile, and ranked by the presumed size of their bust. In a fit of bizarre boredom as well an oddball ICQ discussion I had with Jeff Skagen, I produced this. Characters are ranked from biggest to smallest chest size. Rankings based on best guess, in-game descriptions, and player/writer input. Ties are listed alphabetically.

120 cm

Shion-hime (A)

110 cm

Rinn-Fa (B)

104 cm

Shoko (C)

Anna & Uni Puma (D)

Average Puma (E)

101 cm

Shion Nys (F)

96 cm

Ling Ling Li (G)

Shina Arakawa (H)

94 cm

Average Genetic Upgrade (I)

Average Lynx (J)

Raven Clark

Zenshou Shinju (K)

92 cm

Sandra Blackmore (L)

Theresa Morraine (M)

91 cm


Sarah J Ferrari (N)

90 cm

Hiroko O'Hara


Katherine "Kitten" Ramis (O)

Lora Doubet (O)

Marta Nys (P)

Vic Hagen

88 cm

Ilsa Regent


Azumi Kiribayashi


Korey Winters (Q)

84 cm

Vivian Lau

82 cm

Aoi (Q)

A: 6'6" and built accordingly.

B: 44 DD and about 5'7".

C: 6'4" and built accordingly.

D: Slightly bigger than the average Puma.

E: 6'1"-6'3" and built accordingly—there is, however, a lot of variation here.

F: 40 C/D (probably D).

G: Based on Petra Verkaik, who is roughly a 38 DD.

H: A tie with Ling Ling, see the art of Koyori in the gallery.

I: It has been stated one side effect of a genetic upgrade is a larger bust for women.

J: 5'8"-5'10" and built accordingly—there is, however, a lot of variation here.

K: Said to have curves in all the right places.

L: Said to look a lot like Seras Victoria from the neck down.

M: Described as "curvaceous"

N: Same general build as Marta—see her gallery art.

O: However, as a cyborg she can have most any figure she wants.

P: Even with all the fitness training she does, is still stacked.

Q: Post-surgery.

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