By Mathieu Roy and Jeff Skagen

Raven: Hey Vivian, guess what? I've got a new mission.

Vivian: Cool! Tell me about it.

Raven: Well, it requires me to pose as a stripper.

Vivian: Um...and your going to do it?

Raven: Sure. I don't mind. I've been a hooker already.

Vivian: (gasps) Really? You posed as a hooker? Um, you didn't... well, you know....

Raven: Nah. That's where I draw the line.

Vivian: (sighs with relief) Good! I don't think I could've set my "match Raven's confidence" bar that high.

Raven: You'll get there, don't worry.

Vivian: I dunno. Puberty's only got another year or two to work it's magic on me. If my boobs don't do some serious blossoming soon, I doubt I'll ever manage to be as confident as you, Raven.

Raven: Boobs aren't everything.

Vivian: They are when you're my age!

Raven: My boobs aren't exactly entirely natural y'know.

Vivian: That genetic tinkering you got only put you back to the way you should have been born, remember? And even if they did enhance you a bit, so what? Either way, you're still stacked and I'm not.

Raven: You've got normal proportions, that's all.

Vivian: So, when I was at that meeting with you, Shion, and Azumi, I was the only normal one there? It's amazing how almost every woman I meet seems to be "abnormally proportioned", then.

Raven: Well we're written by a bunch of guys.

Vivian: That's right! So why'd my bastard author make me the only flat-chested one?

Raven: Ask him.

Vivian: I've tried. He just spouts a bunch of bullshit about his last character being big-boobed, and not wanting to be mistaken for being only a fan service author or some such crap.

Raven: Well, my author isn't shy. But your author's old character was a sexpot replicant.

Vivian: *sigh* Our authors are perv's, aren't they?

Raven: Yep. I think mine wouldn't mind playing a pleasure replicant either.

Vivian: I know damn well mine thought about it!

Raven: So did mine. But he decided to stick with me. Should I be grateful?

Vivian: Well, you're a big-boobed super-powered uber-babe, and you're still around. What's not to be grateful for? Besides, you should listen to my author's last character bitch about being abandoned by him. I swear, it's pathetic. She's dead now, and she needs to get over it.

Raven: Yeah, I guess I should be grateful. I think my author is looking for a game to play that synth in though.

Vivian: Uh oh. Are you afraid he's getting bored with you?

Raven: Nah. Just that he likes the concept.

Vivian: Like I said, our author's are perv's.

Raven: That they are.

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