[Note: this conversation absolutely, positively did NOT happen during Veteran of the Psychic Wars. Got it?]

Shion: Did you know I'm 37 now, and I hardly look my age? Too bad Marta can't say the same.

Azumi: That seems to be the case for all us powerful espers. I'm nearly 50 years old, myself, but I still look 25.

Vivian: I thought you were all only a few years older than me!

Shion: I've been doing this for over 20 years.

Vivian: That's longer than I've been alive.... Oh great. Is that why I look even younger than I am? How long am I gonna be stuck looking like I'm a young teenager?

Allen: Some men like that look.

Vivian: Yes. They're called pedophiles.

Allen: I was just sayin', that's all.

Vivian: So, you like that look? 'Cause, y'know, maybe pedophile was too strong a word...

Allen: Me? Oh, hell, no. After this meeting I'll be tapping Shion's sweet ass.

Shion: Oh great, blab to everyone why don't you.

Vivian: Oh...well, um...good for you. I guess. *glances at Shion* bitch (under her breath) So much for her rep as a frigid ice queen...

Raven: Just don't wreck everything once you orgasm... okay? We all remember last time.

Azumi: I had to clear at least six downed trees.

Vivian: Now that's a problem that never occurred to me!

Raven: You haven't had sex yet.... have you?

Shion: Why is my sex life always a topic of discussion?

Allen: Because your sister gets more in one story then you do in an entire year.

Azumi: Don't worry Vivian, miko have to remain virgins, and I'm fairly sure I haven't missed anything.

Raven & Shion: Bets?

Mike: *Mike is not here anymore, he's officially lost it*

Jeff: ...

Shoko: Way to go, oh great GM, you've killed my writer.

Mike: So? You're dead by 2039 anyway.

Shoko: I hate you both.

Vivian: Um...who's the Puma?

Shion: I have no idea. Raven?

Raven: Just ignore her. She's dead anyway. No offense, Shoko.

Shoko: Oh, none taken. *glances at Raven* bitch

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