Gunkoku University, Neo York Campus, she could not believe that she was here. A few weeks ago she was in a building lobby fighting a Jinsei esper. Next thing she knew she was looking at schools and trying to decide which one to apply for. Jinsei was right out, unless she wanted to get involved with Jun again. So she decided to try for exactly the opposite, Jinsei's biggest competitor Gunkoku heavy industries. It was still better than the kind of trouble she could get into with DF Productions, and their "Real Sorority Girls" vids.

She aced the entrance exam, and getting admitted would have been no problem, had she not run away to the zone shortly after entering High School. All prospective students who were formerly in the zone had to interview with the counseling. She ran through dozens of possibilities in her head, and eventually came to the conclusion that her best bet was to say as little as possible about Kami, her Yakuza connections, and especially the recent incident with the esper. Be as sweet as possible, and hope her short skirt would make a good first impression.

"Hello, I'm Eve." Kami beamed at the girl behind the desk. She was much younger than the old women in the admissions office, probably a student working her way through school. Kami thought to herself, "If the skirt makes the right impression I could be in trouble, I already have a girlfriend." The girl had beautiful red hair and blue eyes, an topping it off she had a perfect complexion.

The girl took one look at Eve and realized she was an upgrade. Her area of study was genetic psychology, frequently referred to as Espers, Synthetics and Upgrades. And The girl standing in front of her was obviously either an upgrade or an espers, and she would have sensed an esper. She stood up, "I'm Jessica, pleased to meet you." This Eve certainly wasn't what she expected, this girl was anything but zone. Even though she spent more than 4 years there.

"Dr. Gray." She said.

Her terminal picked up the inflection in her voice, and notified the Doctor.

"Yes Jessica."

The voice at the other end was definitely masculine, and had no discernible accent.

"Your interview is here."

"Very good, please bring her in."

"Yes Doctor." Jessica then turned to Evelyn, "Please follow me."

Eve nodded.

Jessica commented to Eve, "Your timing is incredible, the doctor is very busy and usually doesn't have time for appointments on such short notice."

"Lucky me." Eve replied. She lied, she was actually hoping that she would have time to research the doctor's publications and get a little more insight into who she was going to be dealing with.

The doctor greeted the two girls at the door. "Welcome, welcome he smiled, I'm Doctor Brian Grey."

"Nice to meet you, I'm Evelyn." He didn't look like a Brian. He had dark almost Indian complexion, black hair, but blue eyes.

"I'm sorry I don't have much time, to talk, Jessica here is my top research assistant, she's actually going to be conducting an interview I've put together, I have complete faith in her." The Doctor then handed Jessica a tablet.

"Thank you doctor." She then turned to Eve, "Shall we?"

"You're going to be conducting the interview?" Eve looked a little surprised, and disappointed, she thought that her skirt would have a better effect on the doctor than on Jessica.

"That's right." Jessica smirked to herself. This girl was certainly not giving herself enough credit. While her skirt wasn't getting the right kind of attention, her legs certainly were. This girl also wasn't giving Jessica adequate credit either, she had ways of getting what she wanted. She was an esper. While she couldn't really read or control people's minds, she could push people, get them to decide to do or say pretty much what she wanted them to do. And the target never realized what was going on, it wasn't exactly invisible to other espers.

They entered the interview room. It was a nice classical psychologists office, soft leather couch, and a nice chair for the interviewer. Eve was having some thoughts about tempting the couch looked and delicious her interviewer looked. She then shoved those thoughts to the back of her mind. She wondered what kind of an effect continuing to repress these tendencies would have. How much frustration could she deal with.

"Have a seat and make yourself comfortable." Jessica motioned to the couch.

Eve had a seat on the couch, leaning back and making herself comfortable. All while trying to maintain her modesty.

Jessica had a seat, feigning modesty. She had long since figured out where her subject's tendencies were. She decided to make use of them, make friends, relax the subject, and get answers to some intrusive questions.

She then glanced over the survey. What a joke, this was nothing. No questions about why she went into the zone, no questions about what she did when she was in the zone, it was just questions about stuff. The doctor could make up anything about the results he wanted to.

Back in the Doctor's office Jessica had to ask the doctor a few question. "Are you certain that was the right questionnaire?" She had worked with the doctor on the last version, and this on was definitely not even close.

"Yes, and I've decided I want her admitted." He smiled.

Jessica gave him a sideways glance. She wasn't sure she trusted his motives, but she certainly knew what she wanted to do with this girl. "Okay." Jessica mused.

"But I want her admission to be conditional on her coming in for weekly interviews."

Jessica could see that he was planning something. "I see." She knew that he didn't even look at the answers to the interview questions.

"This girl is too smart and cunning to for a single interview. I want you to make friends with her."

"Friends?" Jessica questioned. The doctor was well aware that she had an appreciation for girls, especially after starting here.

"Friends, lovers, what ever your comfortable with." He answered, "just make sure that she gets to know you, and likes you". His intonation then changed, "Just make sure that you don't push her. I need her to come of her own free will."

"You want to recruit her don't you?" Jessica got a little defensive, she'd seduced recruits before, but they were all espers, and she was fairly sure Eve wasn't.

"Lets just say that I think she would be an asset to the organization."

"Alright." She wasn't sure what the doctor had in mind, but she decided to play along.

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