By Max Fauth and Rob Rutherford

Note: This takes place the day after "Having a Nice Lunch."

In Jeremy's absence, Kami had taken it upon herself to keep tabs on the second target. This one was Jun Hino, the daughter of Jinsei chairman Quincy's personal Assistant. Checking over the files, Kami learnt that her parents were divorced, and she lived with her American mother.

As for the girl, she had a rather predictable daytime routine. At 19 years of age, she was taking a year off between high school and university. Her days were spent wandering the city, often seemingly at random, whereas her nights were all occupied by a single nightclub; the Smoke and Mirrors.

The club itself seemed to be an odd choice for a girl like her. It was an expensive affair, all glass, steel and mirrors. A quick survey of prices told Kami that it definitely catered to the upper end of the social spectrum.

Dressed in a halter top and micro skirt, Vivian made her way into the nightclub. The bouncers were muscular, but didn't seem to have any problems with her. On the other hand, a number of less stylish would-be-patrons were left outside.

Inside, the music was a fast-paced techno beat. The patrons crowded the dance floor, all beautiful looking, but not all as young as she was. She could make out a number of waiting staff weaving their way through the crowds. Apart from their trays, they were indistinguishable from the customers.

Vivian grabbed a waitress as she passed. She dropped a hundred dollar bill onto the girl's tray and looked her in the eye. "A bottle of Dom. And I like to be pleased."

The waitress yelled "Alright" over the noise of the club, and returned to the bar for her bottle.

Looking around, Kami will noticed that she wasn't the only westerner in here. In fact, only half the clientele seemed to be Japanese. Even some of the staff looked European. Smirking, she found herself a seat at the edge of the club and waited.

Soon enough, a different waitress returned, wearing a shimmering blue mini-dress with her bottle and two glasses. Vivian aloofly leaned back in her chair and smiled at her. She nodded, waiting for the girl to pour her a drink.

The girl opened the bottle with a loud 'pop' and poured Kami a glass. Kami smiled as she reached out, took the glass and had a sip. "What else can I get you?" she asked.

"Where are the interesting people?" Vivian said with a arrogant smile.

"We've got private rooms out the back, if that's what you're asking for," She replied with a frown.

Kami nodded, "I like to be taken care of". She reached out and gently touched the girl's cheek.

She smiled. "I think I can arrange it," she replied.

"That would be nice." Vivian tucked a hundred into the girl's top. The girl gave a cocky smile and vanished into the crowd. Vivian downed two thirds of her flute and hit the dance floor, leaving the glass and bottle on the table.

Within minutes the girl had found her again. She pressed a small plastic tag into Vivian's hand and said "Room 14 on the second level."

Kami gave the girl a peck on the cheek. She finished her routine then casually left the dance floor.

Upstairs were several small yet comfortable looking rooms. The wall and door to the club was transparent glass for some, yet on others it was opaque. Within, the walls were all mirrored. Each featured a soft, round blue couch wrapped around a low circular glass table.

Out of the corner of her eye she spotted a flash of red. Craning, she spied Jun in room number three, fawning over an executive who had to be at least twice her age. Vivian smiled and made her way into her own room.

Within a minute, the same waitress returned with a fresh bottle. Vivian motioned her to pour both glasses. She did, and left the bottle on the table, before stepping up to the glass wall. "On or off?" she asked.

Vivian hesitated, she wanted to say off, and seduce her waitress right there. "Leave it on for now, I'm wanting some appropriate company."

"No problem," she said and returned to the table, the wall still showing the club behind her. Vivian picked up one of the flutes and motioned the waitress to the other one. "Like to show off, huh?" She asked, taking a sip from her flute.

Vivian smiled. "Perhaps."

She stepped closer to the couch. "What are you here for? Business or pleasure?"

"Pleasure." She leaned back on the couch with drink.

"Not from Japan?" She asked, taking a seat next to Vivian.

Vivian was almost shocked at the question. She was possibly Swedish, or Dutch, but definitely not Japanese. "Is my Japanese really that good?" She may have been playing an arrogant role, but this part was very well mannered.

"People around here look like all sorts. The boss is half-American, after all." She smiled and added "And your Japanese is perfect."

"Why thank you." Vivian replied. "Actually I'm from Neo York, and I'm just here on a little pleasure trip."

"Staying for long?"

"I'm going to be here for a few weeks." Vivian smiled.

"Like it so far?" She said, toying with the strap on Vivian's top.

"What's not to like?" Vivian replied. "But from your expression earlier I didn't thing you were into girls."

"Who said anything about that?" She asked.

"The frown I saw when I asked about the lounges."

"More of the thought of being regarded as boring," she replied. "You asked for interesting people." She continued to twirl the strap around her finger.

"I wasn't referring to you, I was referring to them." Vivian gestured at the window overlooking the rest of the club.

"Interesting in their own way," she replied. "You here alone?"

"Here yes." Vivian continued, "But I'm here in Japan with my rather boring brother".

"But no-one to get in the way tonight, eh?"

Vivian smiled, "Not the way you're thinking."

She slowly pulled her finger out from under the strap and pulled her body away from Vivian. "How do you know what I'm thinking?"

"Well you're obviously thinking I'm interested in some one on one time with you right now aren't you?"

She leaned over again, brushing her chest against Vivian's arm. "Glad we understand each other," she breathed in her ear.

Vivian shuttered a little, she knew she wanted have her way with this girl there, but she knew she also had to take care of Kami's relationship with Aoi. "Mmmm, I see I do understand you. Perhaps we can work something out."

"Work something out?" She repeated, clearly amused.

"Well I'm interested in getting to know some other people who hang out in the VIP lounges, you know the snobby elite party crowd."

She turned her head to give Kami a curious look, then smiled. "I see..." She said, then drained her glass of champagne.

"Don't misunderstand me, I do like you." Vivian had to admit to that this girl reminded her in many ways of Silver.

"But... You want more, don't you?"

"What do you think?" Vivian gazed into her eyes.

She stood and walked to the door, hips swaying as she went. "Who do you want me to get?" she asked, looking over her shoulder.

Vivian downed her drink and walked over to her new friend and put her hands on the girl's hips. "I wasn't wanting you to actually go out and get anybody right now. I was just wanting to meet more people before the evening was over."

She nodded. "Well, the room's still yours, and the night is young. Bring back whoever you like."

"Very good, so do you stay with the room?"

"If you want," she replied.

"Even better." Vivian replied, she breathed gently on the girl's neck.

Vivian whispered in her ear "I'll be back in a few minutes, just make sure the champagne doesn't get flat."

"I'll get some more," she replied.

"Wonderful." Vivian patted her on the rear as they left the room. The girl jumped at her touch, then headed down into the crowd. To her right, Vivian saw Jun emerge from one of the rooms, straightening her backless red top as she went.

Vivian sighed silently to herself as she left. She nearly nailed the girl. She would have felt really bad about cheating on Aoi. Vivian hesitated just long enough to watch Jun. Her target approached the stairs, right in front of Vivian's room. She looked up at Vivian and nodded.

Vivian nodded back, her door still open. She paused long enough to see if the girl was interested in joining her, but Jun simply brushed past and headed downstairs.

Vivian closed her door and headed down stairs to the dance floor. She watched Jun carefully through the crowd as she quickly picked another client - again, a middle-aged businessman - and took him up to her room after a quick stop behind the bar.

Interesting Vivian thought, little rich girl turning tricks, I wonder if her mummy isn't giving her much allowance, Vivian thought to herself.

Vivian decided to count the number of dances before Jun came back down for another trick. It took a fair time, but soon enough she saw the man wobbling down the stairs, rather drunkenly. A few minutes later Jun emerged, straightening her red top.

Watching Jun, Vivian made her way to the bar and ordered a drink. Soon after she reached the bar, Jun arrived and headed behind the bar. She briefly ducked into a small back room, emerging a minute later.

Vivian relaxed at bar to catch her breath and nurse her drink. She had positioned herself conveniently where she could discretely observe Jun's antics, noting her expression and how she picked her chioce.

Jun walked slowly up the bar, watching the customers with a shrewd expression. Finding none to her liking, she made her way to the front door, keeping in amongst the crowd, while watching the patrons entering.

As Vivian finished her drink she began moving to the music, not overtly dancing, just a gently and as if being seduced by the music. Her mind was else where though. She knew what her objective was there at the door, apparently prostituting herself rather than simply hanging out with friends like the file said. Her plan had to change, though she was beginning to think that making it with the girl upstairs was going to be the only way she could get close to Jun. Something she didn't want to do.

"Still down here?" Someone asked Vivian. Turning around, she could see the waitress from before, her blue minidress sparkling in the light of the club. She held a tray with several empty bottles, which she set down on the counter next to Vivian.

"Just deciding if I was ready do go back up."

"No luck finding anyone else, then?"

"Not yet, Though I am a little curious about somebody."

"Oh?" She nodded to one of the bartenders who removed the tray. "Who's that?"

"The girl in the red halter top and leather pants, does she work here?"

The waitress looked around, then spotted Jun by the door. She seemed to be frustrated by a lack of suitable clients. She nodded slowly and replied. "Yeah. She's here almost every night."

She looked at the waitress, "I noticed that she had her personal room. Is the one I'm in yours?"

"Not quite... Most of us just take whatever room's available at the time. She grabs a room and keeps it for the night."

"I see, how could I be so naive. For some reason I was thinking they were private party rooms in a slightly more traditional sense."

"Well, we've got more staff than rooms. It's first come, first serve."

"So all the staff here?" She had a rather wicked smile.

"Not quite," she replied, returning the smile. "I can introduce you if you like," she said, nodding towards Jun.

"Sure, for some reason the staff here seem more interesting that the patrons. Or am I just shooting in the dark."

"I'd say you've gotten lucky with the staff," she replied. "Wait right there."

As the waitress headed over to Jun, Vivian tagged her for a moment, "Before you go over there, I have a question."

"Yeah? What is it?"

"Does she like girls?"

She stopped for a second, looking out at Jun. "You know, I really don't know. She doesn't seem to mind taking female clients to her room."

"Interesting, it was just the only clients I noticed were business men."

"Well, she doesn't do it that often."

"Have you ever been with her?"

She shook her head. "Do you want me to ask her over now?"

"Sure." Vivian said with a cocky smile.

She made her way through the crowd to approach Jun. Vivian watched the pair of them talk briefly, as the waitress pointed Vivian out. Jun glanced over to her, then whispered something in the other girl's ear. Then she made her way to the bar.

Kami thought to herself. In addition to not hurting Aoi, neither Kami nor Silver would consider sex with prostitutes. While Vivian should be a bit too arrogant to even consider as much. But more importantly Vivian was also a spoiled rich brat who was in a habit of doing whatever suited her. Vivian would most certainly do whoever suited her at the time, money non-withstanding.

Vivian still had her arrogant little smile as the two girls approached. Jun took a seat at the bar next to her, as the other waitress slipped into the crowd.

"Why don't we go back up where my drink is?" She asked, turning to Jun.

"You're fast," Jun replied. She called for a drink from the bar.

"Not really, it's just someplace where I don't have yell to be heard."

She nodded as the barman handed her a beer. "C'mon then."

"Unless you want to dance some first."

She stretched, casually adding "I don't feel like it."

"I guess I'm not the only one who works fast." Vivian added as she headed upstairs.

Once they'd reached the room, Vivian found fresh champagne waiting, along with three glasses.

"Ahh here we go." Vivian casually walked over and had a seat on the couch. Jun dropped herself down next to Vivian and took a swig from her beer. "Would you like some?" Vivian reached over to the bottle. She shook her own bottle slightly, then took another swig. "Not really interested in girls are you?"

"Depends," she said simply. "If they're interesting enough."

"Good, because I'm interested in interesting company more than just sex. Sex I can get anywhere, interesting company is hard to come by." Vivian picked up the bottle and popped the cork it with effortless precision.

Jun slid towards her on the couch. "That's what we're here for," she said, and gently slipped the bottle out of Vivian's hands to pour.

Vivian let Jun do the pouring. "Very good." Vivian acknowledged.

Jun knocked her own glass against Vivian's and drained it straight away.

Vivian took a long drag of her glass as well. "So I take it this is the best nightlife Tokyo has to offer?"

"I like to think so," she said, smiling broadly.

Vivian noted her smile. She thought about asking her what she thought of working here, but she decided that Jun might be on her guard here and the room wired. She smiled and nodded "I like the rooms here, public or private."

"Don't mind everyone seeing us?" Jun asked as she inched closer to Vivian.

"It's fun to show off on occasion." Vivian smiled.

Jun leaned forwards, smiling at Vivian. "But you didn't drag me up here just for small talk."

Vivian was kinda hoping the girl who apparently preferred men would back down a little not wanting to show this side in front of an audience. "Of course I have other reasons." Vivian had a knowing grin.

"Not really surprising," Jun said. She ran her hand over Vivian's skirt, playing around with the hemline. "Of course, there's one other small matter..."

"I imagine there are a few other matters." Vivian smiled, "But I want you to know there's something more I'm looking for."

"Me too," she replied. In a flash, she whisked Vivian's wallet from her. She casually opened it up and held up a hundred. "Get us another bottle," she said over her shoulder to the earlier waitress who had just returned.

Vivian picked up her wallet again, she had a few ideas as to why Jun picked up her wallet. "Want to know what the other bit is before we go much further?"

The other girl took the hundred and scurried out of the room. Jun turned back to her and said "Go ahead."

"Well I just got in to Tokyo and I want to have an interesting friend to show me around during the day."

"Aaahh..." Jun smiled, and resumed playing with her skirt. "That can be arranged."

Vivian nodded, hoping Jun wasn't planning on putting one of the other girls up to it. "Still game?"

"Maybe," she said shortly. She held her glass up to Vivian's lips and asked "Are you?"

Inside Vivian sweated, she knew she should back off and let Jun go. For now. But Vivian would never do such a thing. She drank from the glass, "What do you think?"

"Clearly," she replied, sipping from the glass as she gazed into Vivian's eyes.

Vivian was silent as her amber eyes met Jun's, but inside she was thinking of Aoi.

"Your move," she said.

Vivian took Jun's hand and put it on her breast. "You like?"

"Maybe," she replied, nonchalantly.

"Well if you're not really interested we can invite the other girl back in and just arrange to meet someplace tomorrow." Vivian knew Kami was screwed.

Jun pulled her hand back and held Vivian's hand over her breast. "What matters is if you like it," she said.

"Of course I like it." Vivian replied.

"Then..." Jun trailed off, releasing Vivian's hand inches away from her breast.

Vivian moved her hand slowly toward Jun. She knew what she wanted. She also didn't want to betray her lover. Instead she chose to move slowly, procrastinating. Trying not to let her anxiety show. "Are we still on for lunch tomorrow?"

Jun chuckled to herself, then burst out laughing. "Make it worth my while," she said, holding her outstretched palm in front of Kami.

Vivian came to her senses and sat back, "So you work 24/7?"

"I work when I want to work," she said. She stood, then stepped over Vivian, straddling her waist. "Make me want to work," she added with a cocky grin.

"I tell you what, I'll make it well worth it for you to work tonight." Vivian placed her hands gently on Vivian's thighs. "But tomorrow we're just friends?"

Jun gently prised Vivian's hands off her. "No touching. Not until I say so."

"All right we'll play." Vivian was beginning to refocus and start playing, dropping fully into character. She looked up at Jun and grinned.

"I figure you know the rules here," she said, running her hands down Vivian's side. "I can touch whatever I like, but you don't get to unless you convince me to let you."

"Well, now that sounds interesting." Vivian leaned back "Of course now you're going to have to a bit of persuading yourself."

"I can be very persuasive," she said, bringing her hands up to Vivian's chest. Behind her, the door quietly swung open and her other waitress returned with a fresh bottle.

"I suspect you can be." Vivian inhaled deeply at Jun's touch.

She moved in close, kissing Vivian on the lips. Vivian heard the other waitress approaching, and felt her on the couch next to them.

Vivian returned Jun's kiss gently biting her on the lip as she broke away. She then leaned her head back on the couch and put her arm across the back of the couch.

The other waitress leaned in against Vivian's arm, and brushed her lips against Vivian's ear. Jun leaned back again and sent her hands down, playing with Vivian's skirt.

Vivian gave a gentle growl and looked over at the waitress. She dived in, kissing Vivian's face. Vivian felt Jun grab her wallet again, and whisk it away. Vivian wrapped her legs around Jun and sat up careful to not hurt the waitress.

Jun pulled another hundred dollar bill from Vivian's wallet, and dumped the wallet back on the couch. "Fetch," she said, and stuffed the note down her front.

Vivian leaned back and gave a smile. She reached up with her free hand and tugged at the string holding Jun's halter top.

"Good girl," she replied. She leaned back, and let Vivian go to work.

Vivian brought the other girl forward with her to share Jun. She nodded, and reached up to take hold of the other string. The two girls work together to release Jun's halter top exposing her breasts.

She snatched up the hundred as it floated from between her breasts, and quickly tucked it into the waistline of her pants. Vivian giggled a little, it certainly wasn't going to stay there for long.

The other waitress backed off, saying "This one's your job." She popped the new bottle, and poured out three glasses.

Vivian leaned forward and breathed heavily on each of Jun's breasts, gently brushing them with her lips. She then leaned back at little and smiled.

Jun wagged a finger at her. "Too close."

Vivian leaned back. "Alright, your turn."

Jun slid forwards along her body, pressing Vivian back into the couch. "Of course, I could be convinced to let you touch me," she said.

Inside Kami's gut wrenched. As Silver she played with boys for money, but there was always the understanding that nothing would happen. She wouldn't even play with Keiko, now she way playing the part of a John just to get close to this girl. She pushed those thoughts back. Vivian would have no problem with this, and that's who she was.

"Oh really?" Vivian leaned her head forward a little bringing her lips sensuously close to Jun's.

"Of course, how you do it is up to you," she said, tracing her finger over Vivian's breast. The she reached back and took a glass of champagne from the other girl, sipped from it, then held it to Vivian's lips.

Vivian took a sip from the glass, then leaned forward to kiss Jun on the lips.

She blocked her lips with a finger. "No," she said simply, then took another pull from the glass.

Vivian smirked to herself. She took a bill out of her wallet and tucked it underneath her top.

"Fetch?" Jun asked, smiling.

"Without using your hands." Vivian smiled.

Jun stretched her arms back and leaned forwards, tugging at the strings of Vivian's top with her teeth.

"There you go." Vivian grinned. She stretched her hand out to the waitress motioning for her glass.

As the girl handed her the glass, Jun pulled back on the string. Vivian's top fell open, letting her breasts hang loose. Jun released the string and bent forwards, nuzzling her breasts to retrieve the note.

Vivian waited for Jun to retrieve the bill, and spilled a little bit down her front as she went to have a drink. "Oops," She squealed innocently.

Jun smiled as she tucked the bill into her waist. "Not a problem," she said, and bent forwards again, licking the champagne up from Vivian's front.

"Oooh" Vivian moaned as Jun worked her way up. She then proceeded to spill at little more, this time on her breasts.

Jun spared her an amused look as she moved her attention to Vivian's breasts. At the same time, Vivian could feel the other waitress moving on the floor, licking her thighs.

"Ohh yes." Vivian hissed as she spread her legs allowing the waitress better access. She moved in for the kill as Jun pressed Vivian back into the couch, kissing her face repeatedly.

"Yes!" Vivian began crying as the waitress went to work. It had been a long time since she indulged herself like this. The rest of the world was totally lost to her.

All too soon it was over. Jun looked down into Vivian's eyes, smiling. Vivian looked up at Jun and grinned blissfully from ear to ear. "So," she said, stepping off Vivian. "Shall we say around eleven tomorrow at the Jinsei mall?"

"Certainly." Vivian moaned she really didn't want to move, but she felt she had to.

"See you then," she said, replacing her top, before she turned and departed.

"Most definately." Vivian replied as she slowly got dressed.

She stepped outside, smoothed out her top and descended into the mass downstairs.

Inside Vivian, or Kami's gut wrenched. Kami wanted to leave now. She didn't do this sort of stuff. Vivian on the other hand reveled in it. And Vivian was in charge.

Vivian glanced over to the waitress. She stood up from the floor and sidled onto the couch next to Vivian. Vivian slowly began getting dressed. "By the way, I didn't catch your name?"

She wagged a finger at Vivian. "That's a rule here. No names."

"I see." Vivian acknowledged as she slowly dressed.

The girl shrugged. "Makes it more business-like."

"So are you here for more business or fun?"

She giggled and leaned in closer to Vivian. "What do you think?" Vivian rolled her eyes, it sounded like something Silver would have said. "But my shift is over soon..." She trailed off, running a finger over Vivian's stomach.

"Sounds interesting." Vivian replied. She might be able to find out a little more about went on around the scenes here. Then again it might just be an excuse, a little voice said.

"It's a slow night anyway," she said. "Shall we?"

"Sure." Vivian finished getting dressed.

"Okay!" She said, smiling broadly. "I'll tell the boss I'm off."

"Alright," Vivian replied. Hell, this is Tokyo, she thought. There's probably someplace we could go, other than home.

She grabbed up the bottles and glasses, draining one first, then ducked out into the club. Vivian walked slowly back into the club. Inside Kami hoped that somebody would start something so she could vent her anger.

She watched as the waitress headed behind the bar and ducked into the same back room that Jun used. Vivian didn't acknowledge it. She just went to the bar and ordered a shot of cinnamon mouthwash, better known as Gold Schlagger.

The bartender whisked up her drink and placed it in front of her. "Having fun?" he asked.

"Best night I've had since I got here." Vivian smiled.

Before he could respond, the waitress tapped her on the shoulder. Vivian down the shot and turned to the waitress. "Ready?"

"Am I ever," she replied, grinning.

"Lets go!" Vivian replied. Kami was hoping for an opportunity to take over, although it looked like she would have to keep hidden behind Vivian's facade.

The Jinsei Mall was a huge shopping plaza, literally built into the base of the massive Jinsei tower that dominated MegaTokyo. It was spacious, comfortable, and from the looks of the directory, contained pretty much everything.

Vivian glanced around as she entered, straightening the one-piece leather outfit she wore. Soon enough she spotted Jun, wearing the same red top and leather pants as the previous night, who threw her a mock salute

Vivian nodded slightly. Jun strolled up to her, smiling broadly, and gave her a quick peck on the cheek.

"Heya," Vivian said after returning Jun's kiss.

"What's up, lover girl?" She said, smiling.

"Not much, and you sexy girl?" Vivian smiled back. The girl's overt friendliness almost had her off guard.

"Feelin' great," she said out loud, stretching her arms back. "C'mon, where first?"

Vivian looked around "How about where you got those pants?"

"You're sharp," she said, pointing a finger at Vivian. "C'mon, it's on the lower level."

"And you have taste." VIvian smiled.

"I should hope so," she squealed in mock indignation, and slapped Vivian's rump.

Vivian mocked a squeak. "Let's go!" She wrapped herself around Jun.

As they found their way to the lower level, Jun asked "So are you in Japan alone?"

"Sort of, I'm here with my brother." She seemed a little down.

"But he's a dick, right?" Jun said, reading her expression.

"More like boring wimp," Vivian mutterd back.

Jun chuckled to herself. "Drag him to Smoke & Mirrors. We'll loosen him up."

Vivian snickered, "He could use it."

Jun smiled eagerly. "Then bring him along tonight! We're celebrating!"

"I'll try," Vivian snickered. "What's happening?"

"Alright then! Here we are!"

The store itself was small, tucked into a corner of the lower ground floor. It was crammed with racks of leather pants, jackets and longcoats, as well as a few biker accessories such as gloves, boots and helmets.

"What's happening?" She looked up at the ceiling and smiled. "The boss is in an arbitrary good mood, so we're celebrating tonight."

"Sounds like fun."

"Oh yeah!" Jun replied. "We're closing up the private rooms and dragging everything out onto the floor. There's going to be free drinks all round, party food... Whole change of atmosphere. Of course," she added, smiling. "There'll be a door fee."

"Mmmm, kinky." Vivian growled. "By the way, I didn't get your name earlier." She whispered in her ear.

Jun blinked in surprise and stared at her. Then she burst out laughing. "Ahah, of course! Sorry, but the boss has a weird policy. We're not meant to give clients our names while we're working. But anyway, I'm Jun."

"Then this means I'm not a client, right now." Vivian smiled, "And in case I didn't tell you earlier, I'm Vivian."

"There you go, we're even." Jun smiled. "Y'know, Yumi told me what you did last night."

"What do you mean?"

"How you dumped her?" Jun said with an amused smile.

"Let's see how good you feel after that much champagne?" Vivian teased back.

"Touche. I just figured you could handle it."

"Normally I can, I guess I just didn't have enough food with it. Talk about embarrassing."

Jun sniggered to herself. "It happens. All better?"

"Of course I just popped a couple of Morning Afters." Vivian lead Jun into the store.

Jun nodded sagely and wandered her fingers across the racks. "Here we go..." She pulled down a pair of leather pants, identical to her own. "You'll love them forever, I promise."

Vivian felt the supple material. "Nice." She then held out her arm for Jun to drape them over

"What else were you after?" Jun asked her, gazing around the store.

"Well lets look around and see what else is here." Inside Kami was hoping they wouldn't find anything more interesting.

"Biker gear, mostly. Pants, jackets, boots, gloves and helmets. Take your pick."

"A matching top, something like a bustier, or a pair of gloves." Vivian muttered.

"Not here, then. There's a good few fashion stores on the first floor that would cater to those needs."

Vivian nodded, "Well I'll try these on first." Vivian headed for the dressing room.

Jun waited outside for a minute, until she heard Vivian call out to her. "Jun dear? Would you mind having a look at these?"

Jun stepped into the change room to find Vivian topless, her left arm covering her breasts. She burst out laughing and said "Now just what am I meant to be looking at here?"

"The pants of course," Vivian replied. "Besides what fun is shopping if you can't model the clothing?" With that Vivian dropped her arm.

Jun laughed even harder, almost doubling over in the confined space. "Frankly, I'm having a hard time looking at them."

"Oh really?" Vivian teased.

"Just so much else on display," she said.

Vivian smoothed out her pants and smiled at Jun, "I think I'll take them."

"Going to get changed first?" She asked, smirking.

"I was thinking about just running around the mall like this." Vivian prodded.

Jun looked at her incredulously, then simply burst out laughing again.

"Yes I'm going to change." With that Vivian began slowly unzipping her pants.

Jun did her best to hold in her laughter. Unable to speak, she simply waved a hand at Vivian.

"What's so funny?" Vivian finally asked.

"I'll tell you in a minute," Jun finally gasped out.

"Let me guess, video camera's in the dressing rooms?"

Jun only nodded and pointed up. Above her head, staring straight down at Vivian was a plain, obvious and no doubt attentive video camera.

Vivian waved to the camera, "Want to give them a real show?" She moved closer to Jun.

"I'll be outside," Jun said simply and stepped out, leaving the door wide open as she went.

"Feh." Vivian closed the door behind Jun, stuck her tongue out at the camera, and proceeded to get changed.

When she stepped out, Jun was waiting patiently for her, an amused smile on her face. All around the store, customers were watching the pair, pointing and chatting in hushed tones.

Vivian cocked her attitude, "Am I supposed to be embarrassed about this? After what I did last night?"

Jun shook her head, an amused smile playing across her face. "I just wanted to play along."

"So that touch of modesty I'm detecting is fake?" Vivian jabbed back. As she put pants down on the counter. Inside Kami noted some similarities to Gem.

"Modest? Me?" Jun said, laughing.

With that Vivian leaned into Jun, almost nose to nose, "Perhaps." Kami didn't know why she was doing this, only that Vivian had a point to make, if not prove.

"So you want to look for halter tops now?" Jun asked as she lead Vivian from the store.

"Do they have more interesting stuff there?" Vivian asked as she slung her bag.

Jun looked curiously at her and said "Define 'interesting.'"

"Lets go!" Vivian straightened herself.

"No, really. Define 'interesting' for me, and I'll tell you if they do or not."

Vivian rolled her eyes, "Stuff that your parents wouldn't want you to wear outside qualifies."

She pointed casually to the other side of the lower ground floor, to a small shop tucked away between two fashion outlets.

"Was that where you were suggesting?" Vivian prodded.

She shook her head. "I thought you were after something more conventional."

Vivian sighed, "I like shopping for toys, but I actually need some conventional stuff."

"Conventional is on the floor above."

"But since we're down here lets make the best of things."

Jun laughed again, loud and easily. "I just *knew* you'd say that."

"I have to have my priorities." Vivian cocked her head in an almost Rachel-like fashion. Kami secretly blanched when she realised what she had just done.

"I like the way you think," Jun replied, smiling broadly. "C'mon, let's go while I'm feeling it!"

"Shall we?" With that Vivian headed to the store, taking Jun by the hand.

"Let's see what you can come up with," Jun said, watching Vivian closely.

Vivian wondered a little about what could be interesting here while Kami wished she were here with Aoi. "Sure." Vivian boldly entered what first impressed her as a boutique and glanced around for something interesting.

Jun waited outside, watching her newfound partner with interest.

Vivian walked into the store, and glanced around. There was plenty of good stuff for Vivian. Also good stuff for the others; gloves suitable for Kami, skirt suitable for Silver.

At first Vivian hesitated, who to shop for first? But they at least had compatible taste in most of this stuff. Even though Silver could got absolutely nuts here.

"Okay Viv time for a break, Kami's in charge here." Kami new she was here on business, and had to get some stuff. The pants were fine, but Kami always wore a pair of leather gloves, so those were first. She picked out a pair of tight black leather ones that came up almost to her elbow.

"Okay Viv, I have my stuff taken care of, now you can get your top." She thought to herself.

Vivian perused the store casually. She wasn't going to be rushed by anybody, let alone Silver. She found a soft leather bustier trimmed with metal studs. The inside was lined for comfort and it exposed and amplified her cleavage. Silver would definitely approve, even though metal studs were definitely not her style.

A sheer teddy caught her attention "Enough of this wimp fest, time to party." Silver felt rather repressed; first Kami basically took over, then Vivian. Silver only got to really come out with she and Aoi were alone. Black really didn't suit her much, but there were times when it would be appropriate.

She started with the shortest skirt they had. And she wasn't disappointed with it either, it even laced up the sides. Then just to match she grabbed a pair of black leather thigh high boots to match. Ironically the were by same designer as the pair of white ones she picked up on one for her excursions out of the zone.

Next thing she picked up was the sheer teddy, they had it in both white and black. The other girls would like the black. Then she grabbed silver bra and matching g-string, she was in luck here again, most of that stuff was ment to be worn for a very short length of time. This one was actually very soft and comfortable with the seams in all the right places.

Lastly she grabbed a white once piece minidress. This one was very similar to one Keiko wore back at the 93U the night of the brawl, probably the same designer again. It's curtouts were strategically placed to ensure that either her underwear showed, or she didn't wear any.

As she paid her bill she kinda wondered whether or not Jun had ditched her. Then she thought about it, Vivian didn't care. If Jun ditched her, it was Jun's loss. With that she resumed Vivian's arrogand smile and left the store.

She found Jun seated nearby, sipping a juice contentedly. Jun watched as Vivian emerged then stood, abandoning her juice and leaving a note on the table.

"Jun love," Vivian walked over to Jun and gave her a big hug.

"Hey. Took your time."

"There's were just so many cute things, you should have come." Inside, she wished Aoi was there.

"I had to pick up something else," she said, grinning broadly.

"Oh really?" She gave Jun a knowing look.

"Not what you think," she replied. She produced a small velvet box and casually passed it to Vivian. "Take a look."

Vivian carefully opened the box. She wondered what a girl who she only met last night could be getting her. Inside was a thin silver ring with a trio of diamonds set at the top. Vivian nixed the idea of it being for her; she may have been conceited, but the idea of this being for her was silly. "It's pretty, who's it for?" Vivian smiled.

Jun smiled and wagged a finger at her. "Not telling. It's meant to be a secret."

"Ahh, I see." Vivian eyed her. "Well I don't think what I picked up can really compare."

"I'd love to see, though," Jun replied, slapping her on the rump again.

"You will, but I'm thinking about making you wait." Vivian gently touched Jun's nose.

"Do I have to?" Jun whined, imitating a child.

"Then convince me." Vivian replied.

Jun let out a great roar of laughter. "C'mon, let's get lunch," she said, dropping the topic.

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