28 January 2034

First off, we have an update on the Zone invasion. Jinsei's troops have been bogged down in Barter Town by unexpected resistance. Intelligence believes that parties unknown are organising the various gangs and crime groups into an impromptu resistance force. It's impossible to know precisely what's going on in there, although many groups are paying handsomely for up to date information.

Supply Lines: A corporation is offering top dollar to any agent or group of agents who are able to open up a semi-permanent supply line in to and out of the zone. The mission involves sneaking in, getting past Jinsei's troops and contacting a group of their agents on a long-term mission in the zone.

Headman: An employer is paying handsomely for anyone able to definitely identify the leaders of the Zone resistance, and their contacts outside the Zero Zone. A secondary contract is available to anyone who takes on this one; contact Spycorp for further details.

Scavenger Hunt: An Jinsei aerodyne has gone down somewhere in the wastes. Sources say that it was carrying some sort of "Special Delivery" to the Jinsei troops when it was shot down. Its exact position is unknown, but there are several parties who are interested in recovering the contents, including Jinsei themselves.

Battle Plans: Spycorp is hiring on this one. We want brave and capable agents to break in to the Jinsei headquarters in the Zone, either physically or electronically, and discover their plans for the Zone. Desirable information includes short and long term deployments, troop numbers, main targets, etc. As this is a team job, Spycorp will be arranging the team from all applicants.

Tour Guide: One from the other side. Jinsei is looking to hire agents with extensive knowledge of the Zero Zone, it's layout and inhabitants, to work with and guide their troops during their campaign. This looks to be a long term employment offer, so consider carefully before applying.

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