By Max Fauth, Rob Rutherford and Bernardo Sanguinetti

Note: This takes place days after Poison Words 2

"Reiko Takahashi. Seventeen years old. She is pretty and what else?" Jeremy picked some papers that were by his side. "Everything here... I need to get some rest, this research is kiling me." He turned off his laptop and picked his cel phone to call Kami.

"Hello?" came the voice on the other end.

"Kami, this is Jerry. Meet me in my office tomorrow, we are
going to travel."

"Sure. Do you have an itinerary?"

"Yeah, everything is planned, meet me at 10 tomorrow. See you".


Kami arrived at the office promptly at 9:45. She had her briefcase, but she wasn't dressed in her normal suit. She was wearing a black trenchcoat, covering her black jumpsuit with indigo highlights, and more importantly her matched pistols and sword. She walked up the the secretary, who was looking like a scared rabbit at the zone seasoned street sam. She gave the poor girl a smile, "Good morning, I have a 10:00 appointment."

The secretary had orders to allow her inside the office and opened the door for her with an always present smile. Inside, Kami could see Jeremy on his chair checking his computer dressed in a business suit and his glasses.

"Good morning Kami," he said as he stood up to receive her.

"Good morning" she replied with a smile as she approached and extended a black gloved hand to shake his. He took her hand and offered her a seat and something to drink.

Kami accepted the drink, removed her sword and took a seat. Jeremy sat down after her and handed her a travel ticket. "I already told you that we are going to travel. We are heading for Tokyo in two days"

"Okay." Kami sat back in her seat. "I hope you realize that I don't have a passport or a Japanese weapons permit."

Jeremy smiled. "We can solve this problem easily. I will get you a new identity and a weapons permit; also a passport. What name would you want for your new identity?"

"Interesting," Kami murmered. "Shion Nys?"

Jeremy chuckled. "Please, a different name. I don't want to die"

Kami cracked a smile. "Yes, that would be bad, especially since I'm your bodyguard."

"Exactly," Answered Jeremy with a smile and started to type few things on his computer. "We still need a name."

"Hrmm, need to come up with something with lots of Rs and Ls in it." Kami snickered to herself.

"Any Ideas?"

"How about Vivian? No 'r's but the japanese can't pronounce a 'v' either"

"Nice name." He typed the name on the computer. "Will you dye your hair?"

"Err, why do I need to dye my hair?"

"To look different obviously. I don't there to be any possibility of being recognized."

"Oh that? Not a problem. I'll probably go for some contacts as well." Kami mused.

"I will edit your picture when you have everything done then. We are traveling tomorrow night, ok?"

"There aren't many people running around with amber eyes." She added as she made eye contact.

"Yeah, 'specialy those... Arrive at my mansion at 1800. No need to bring many clothes, we will buy them there."

"Sure. Not sure what color I'm gonna do, but that's no big deal. I'm unusual because my hair and eyes are natural."

"Yeah. It would be nice if you look like my sister, so blond hair would be nice."

"I was thinking a deep red, or something with interesting highlights."

"Okay, it is totally up to you." He smiled, adding "You are the professional here."

"The point is to not look like a professional, which is easy. Just ask: what would the average 20 year old mall rat wear? And there we go."

"Sure, you know what to do" He smiled as he stood up.

"How about wardrobe and clothing? Will I need casual, formal, street, or all the above?" Kami asked.

"Just pack the essentials; we will buy stuff there."

Kami just sighed; she should have known better than to as a guy what essentials to bring.

Jeremy just chuckled. "Do you need anything special?"

"I need to know about weapons licenses and transport details to and from Japan. I need to know about the transportation and accommodations when we're there."

"Sure, here are the details." He handed her a folder.

"Thank you." Kami seemed much more relaxed now that she had something concrete in her hands. She also realized that this was a rather specific reason why she was hired.

He just smiled, and watched her glance at the folder. Inside were details about the car they would be driving; pictures and details of two girls and their parents; details concerning the security of the hotel they would be staying at; a copy of Jeremy's false ID; the University he would be doing some projects and everything else that she would have to read.

Kami gave him an interesting look, "And what were your plans for the girls?"

"I'm going to conquer the first one." He smiled and added, "If it fails, the second is the B plan."

"I admit they're cute, but that can't be your only reason." Kami was beginning to wonder if she had just hooked up with a major league sleazeball.

"No, that is far from being the reason." He smiled, "I want to get some codes, their parents have them."

"Now things are getting more interesting. I assume that there is more to do after you get the codes."

"Yeah, geting some projects, working on the stock market... But I assume it is not your area." He smiled.

"I might not be as naive about the way business works outside the zone as people would think."

"I didn't say you are naive, I just said you don't do this kind of business."

"I understand." Kami continued glancing through the file.

"Any more questions?"

"I think that's it. How lond do you need me here, and what are my duties for today?"

"No, you can relax today"

Kami laughed. "Relax? Actually I'm going to be packing and taking care of business at home."

"Well, if that is relaxing for you..." He chuckled and sat down again

"Well if that's all I'm be seeing you promptly tomorrow." Kami stood up.

"Yeah, that is all. Have a nice day Kami."

Kami laughed, "You too". She was rather anxious about what was going to happen.

He walked towards the door to open it for Kami and watched her walk away.

That evening he dyed his hair jet black and double-checked their false IDs. It was important that they weren't unmasked during their operation. He also checked the projects at Jinsei University, where he would be 'working' while undercover.

Arriving home, Kami walked into the kitchen where Aoi was fixing a drink. "Hiya." She called out. As she looked up, the first thing Aoi noticed about Kami was her hair was no longer her beautiful platinum. It was light blue with silver highlights.

"Hey... What have you done?" Aoi said, looking up at her hair.

"I got my hair dyed." Kami replied quietly.

"What for?" Aoi said, narrowing her eyes.

"I'm going on a business trip." Kami looked a little down. Aoi nodded and looked over to her, waiting for her to continue. "It's probably gonna be a long one too."

"Ah..." Aoi muttered. "How long do you think?"

"Probably a month or so." She looked a bit peeved.

"And you're not happy about it, huh?"

"Well the trip itself sounds like it has the potential for a lot of fun. But I don't want to leave you for a month either." Kami looked into Aoi's eyes.

"Do you really *have* to go?"

"I do if I want to keep my job."

"Ah..." Aoi sighed. "When do you have to leave?" She asked eventually.

Kami paused and took a deep breath. "Day after tomorrow."

Aoi sighed and glanced around the apartment. A whole month? They hadn't been separated for that long since they first met. April and Keiko were a handful with both of them, but with Kami gone, how could she handle them? Another nagging thought crept into her head. Could she trust Kami for a whole month? She shook her head to clear the thought.

Kami paused looking into Aoi's eyes. "I know it sucks."

"So I guess..." Aoi began, but trailed off, looking into Kami's eyes.

"But there is a bright side to it, I may be able to arrange for you to fly out and join me." Kami moved closer to Aoi.

"You think so?" She said, inching towards Kami. "Does your boss know? I mean, about us?"

"Well he knows my preferences. But he doesn't know that my girlfriend was Shion's date. To the party." Kami put her hands on Aoi's hips.

Aoi bit her lip and looked away. "What's wrong?" Kami asked.

"You had to bring that up, didn't you?"

"It's okay." Kami said in a hushed voice.

Aoi nodded and turned back to Kami. "You think he'll mind?"

"Well, I think he has his best interest in mind, and if I can arrange for you to come over it will be in his best interest." Kami snickered.

"Good luck convincing him," Aoi replied, smiling.

"It shouldn't be a great problem. I don't have the details yet, but some of them sound like a certain job you and Korey pulled off awhile ago."

"Now that scares me," Aoi said, her grin betraying her words. Kami snickered as she nuzzled closer to Aoi. "I guess we'd better make the most of it before you go then."

Kami leaned into Aoi and kissed her.

Kami arrived at the airport. She glanced over her shoulder wishing Aoi was there to see her off, and hoped that it wouldn't be that long before seeing her again. She was packed light anticipating shopping in Tokyo. Her hair was freshly done, something interesting bright blue with silver highlights. She was dressed very comfortably for the flight, in white Capri pants with a black silky sleeveless shirt.

Walking at her side, Jeremy wondered what Kami was looking for or thinking. He was also dressed comfortably for the flight and was carrying few things. Just the essentials, he was more interested in his mission than carrying his equipment or clothes.

She hesitated as she approached the security check. It had been several years since she boarded an airplane. Now she had a new identity and new employer, she smiled as she walked through the security scanners.

"Medium level cyberware," the guard mumbled, "Looks like a speed or reflex boost of some sort, organ sheathing, no weaponry though." He looked up at the lithe girl. "Go on."

Jeremy also with his new identity passed through the scanners and nothing was found. He was clear and could just open a smile as he glanced around expecting the security guards to say something, but they didn't.

'Vivian' nodded as she continued on into the airport to meet Jeremy.

"Brian, darling, how are you doing?" Vivian called with a no small amount of sarcasm, and a little bit of warmth.

"Excellent, what about you?" He laughed a bit too trying to get the spirit of the situation he and Kami would see for few weeks.

She gave a conceited little chuckle. "So we're off to Tokyo for a little business and a lot of shopping."

Brian sighed to himself. He had to admit the bodyguard certainly played the part of spoiled rich little sister very well. "Lets go Sis, first class is getting ready to board." It seemed strange to call a girl he only just hired and still barely knew sis, but it was best to start the habit now.

"Good afternoon passengers. I'm turning off the fasten seat-belts sign. You are now free to move about the cabin. The flight attendants will begin serving drinks and snacks."

"Whatever. Bring on the cute Japanese stewardesses with the liquor," Vivian muttered to herself. Brian simply laughed at the comment.

"May I get you anything?" The stewardess asked as she reached their seat.

"Yes please, a split of dry champagne." Vivian answered from her plush leather seat. She looked at the petite Japanese stewardess. JAL was known for having some of the best service, which was why Jeremy - er, 'Brian' - chose it. Vivian has additional reasons to appreciate it. Though looking at the stewardess she was happy the girl didn't have short hair like Aoi. Though she wondered how long she could resist.

The stewardess looked over to Brian, "Would you like anything sir?"

Brian nodded his head and smiled, "I'll have a champagne as well."

The stewardess lowered their trays and brought them the two small bottles and champagne flutes. "Here you go."

"Arrigato," Vivian replied.

"Arrigato," Brian also replied.

<You understand Japanese?> The stewardess asked.

<Yes, I understand,> Brian replied.

<Very good sir,> The stewardess replied, and moved on.

Brian thought this would be a good time to get to know his new sister a little better. He turned to Vivian, seeing her warm smile penetrating her arrogant exterior. "Vivian, I have a question, if you don't mind?"

Vivian looked over at her employer/brother, "First we should make a toast."

"Sure." Brian replied.

"To success!" Vivian cheered.

"To success," Brian replied in like as they tipped their glasses and sipped.

"What was it you were wanting to know?" Vivian asked.

"I was wondering if the girl you were with was your girlfriend?"

"We had a relationship at one time, but not anymore." Vivian watched the bubbles rising in her flute.

Brian nodded, here was something that he really didn't understand; why girls liked girls. It just wasn't natural to him.

"And In case you're wondering I do have a girlfriend."

Brian smirked, she was beautiful, dangerous, but not interested in boys. "So why is it that you're interested in girls and not boys?"

Vivian looked at him, then eyed the stewardess, then with a wicked grin "Probably for similar reasons you prefer girls to boys."

Brian sighed, "But that's not natural."

"Neither is cyberware or genetic upgrades." Vivian retorted.

"Sorry that doesn't match girls and girls." Brian answered.

"Perhaps, girls are more fun." Vivian smirked.

"If that's the way you like it." Brian replied. He decided to change the subject. "So what made you decide to become a Street Samurai?"

Vivian knew he was asking for it now, "After a long idiotic story I ended up in trouble in the zone. Anyway I looked the guy in the eyes and shot him, without even raising my heart-rate."

"I see." Brian replied. He had the feeling he hired the perfect killer. He also decided he had enough information for now.

Jeremy, with his new identity of Brian, planned to act as aa university student that would be here in Tokyo to work on his science project together with some scientists here. This was probably going to help him in his true mission and as an excuse to get some money, he was going to replace the mathematics teacher of the school where Reiko Takahashi, the daughter of the Head of Jinsei's Japan offices studied.

"I'm sorry but the current teacher will have some problems with his bank account and will have to miss school," he said to himself as he finished this easy task. Now he only had to prepare himself to act as a teacher and spend the rest of the day shopping and sight seeing with Kami.

With his perfect Japanese, he walked into the classroom, carrying his folder full of hard mathematic problems. "Good morning class, I am Brian O'Niel the replacement teacher and I don't know for how long I will teach you."

He glanced around the room looking for the reason of his trip, Reiko Takahashi. He caught sight of her to one side of the class. She was certainly cute, with her straight black hair hanging almost to her shoulders. After calling the roll, he addressed the class. "Okay, since I am not aware of what you guys are studying now, I am going to give you a list of exercises." He gave a bright smile as he walked around the class handing each student papers with the exercises, with the eyes of most of the girls focusing on him.

The exercises were very hard, and that was his intention; he wanted to at least have fun while correcting them but something surprised him. The first girl to handle the block of papers to him were Reiko and, more surprisingly, all of them were correct. "Wow," he muttered as he glanced at Reiko. She was definitely beautiful; very beautiful and clever.

He sat on his chair and waited for everybody to give him the exercises still looking at the ones Reiko solved, and they were perfect, not even a simple mistake. "Miss Takahashi, could you please come here"

She gave him a sad look as she slowly approached his desk. "Sir?" She muttered quietly.

He couldn't contain his laugh. "Would you please wait after the class, I want to talk to you"

"Yes sir," she said still in a shy manner and turned around with a sad expression, wondering what she had done.

And finally the class was finished to Jeremy's relief. He just found out he couldn't be a teacher; he didn't have the patience to deal with stupid people. Reiko stood up and started to pack her bag while watching her classmates walking out of the classroom with an envious expression.

Brian quickly packed his stuff and walked towards her slowly with a smile on his face, "Miss Takahashi why are you so nervous?"

She finished packing and turned to face him directly with her bag in hand. "I just wonder why you asked me to stay back, sir" she said softly.

"I was surprised with your intelligence, you were the only one who solved all this problems. You should be proud". He smiled brightly, trying to encourage her to smile.

"Thank you sir, they were very challenging. I doubt I would be able to solve them if I hadn't read ahead".

"But you solved them, that is what matter. Can I ask you, what are you going to study in university?"

"My father wants me to take up Business studies. He wants me to work with him at Jinsei".

"Interesting, he must be really proud of you," He smiled. "And that is what you want?"

She blinked for a second, then replied. "I want to make my parents proud".

He smiled, and had the idea that it wasn't what she wanted to do but there was nothing he could do. "Since you like Maths, you might like physics too, don't you?"

She nodded in agreement. "I am more interested in the theory side of physics than the practical work".

"Interesting, I was going to invite you to see a physics project I am leading, which I'll present theory first".

She blinked in surprise, then replied. "Sorry sir, I'm due home very soon". She gave a short bow.

"But I'm sure your father would allow you. Aren't you interested?"

"I am sir. It is not that my parents wouldn't allow me. I have some duties at home to take care of".

"Okay, I understand" he gave a sad expression. "I'm sorry then".

"Thank you for the offer sir".

"I won't come to this school anymore, I'm just the replacement teacher. I'll be here in the university working on this project. If you ever need anything, just call me okay?" And before she could answer he continued. "The speech will happen this Sunday, just in case you have the opportunity to show up".

"Thank you sir, I will." She bowed. "If that is all?"

"Oh, I'm sorry for taking your time. Good bye."

"Good bye," she said and walked away.

Sunday morning had come by and Jeremy was quite sad. He wasn't sure if Reiko would show up and he was quite bored working on a project he had already done, but destiny would probably smile on him. He'd heard that a girl was walking around physics department asking for his lab. Soon enough, he heard someone calling out for him. He turned to see Reiko peering in through the door's window.

He saw her and smiled in satisfaction then turned to the students that were working with him. "Excuse," he muttered and he went straight out the door. "What a surprise!" He said to Reiko.

"I managed to get a bit of time to come to see the demonstration".

"Great. Me and the guys involved in this project are moving
to the auditorium soon to start the demonstration".

"May I join you?"

"Of course, lemme pick my tux and I will be right back". He went inside, and quickly returned. "Shall we?"

She nodded and walked behind him. He found it quite strange, so he stopped and gestured for her to walk on his side. With a nod, she stepped up to join his side.

"What you usually do on weekends?" He asked, showing some interest for her life.

"Saturday is for school sport and tutoring. Sunday... We usually spend it together as a family, but today father and mother had to work".

"Ohh, sorry to hear that." He sighed and continued. "What kind of sport you practice?"

"I'm technically in the soccer team, but they never select me for their matches."

"But you don't seem to care for this, do you?"

She blinked in surprise of his question, then answered. "It is all part of my schooling."

"I understand... Well, we are almost there," He said, opening the door of the auditorium for her. "I'm sorry but I'll have to go now. Please take a seat. We will talk after the demonstration okay?" He asked her with a nice smile.

She noded. "Certainly, and thank you".

"No need to thank me; I thank you for coming". He turned around and went backstage to make his final preparations for the demonstration.

The speech went nicely and once he finished he received the applause, thanked everybody for coming and watched them leave. Again he went backstage to say good bye to the scientists there and walked back to the auditorium looking for Reiko.

She looked up expectantly at him. "Quite interesting, thank you," she said.

"Unfortunately it is no math demonstration, I bet you would like more," he said as he slowly walked away with her.

She once again started to walk behind him. "There is no way you can show mathematical theory to an auditorium".

"Well, unfortunately" he said and once again motioned for her to walk on his side. She cringed with embarrassment and once again stepped up beside him.

"Tell me, do you like ice cream?" he asked promptly.

"Ice cream?" she asked incredulously. "Well... Yes."

"Good, I just found a place near here that has very good ice cream. Let's go there."

She stood still for a second, fumbling with her words before spluttering out. "Thank you."

"Do you have brothers or sisters?" He asked, starting out again.

"A younger brother," She replied. "Why do you ask?"

"I'm just curious." He smiled. "Is he as clever as you?"

She smiled and shook her head. "He is lazy. I think Dad's given up on him".

"I see. Don't you give him advice or something?"

"I spend some time tutoring him. That's why I had to run off from class."

"Ohh, and do you think you have talent as a teacher?"

She thought for a second, then replied "I think so. If I can get someone to listen to me."

"And what you like to teach? maths?"

"You know me very well already," She commented, looking at him with an amused smile.

"Well, we have to know the person we are talking too" he said as he opened the door or the ice cream shop for her and pulled a chair for her to sit.

She took her seat and looked over at him. "Then you have the advantage over me."

"Well, what do you want to know about me?" he asked with a smile

"Mostly why you're interested in me."

One of his hands moved to the back of his head and rubbed it showing his embarrassment. "Well, which ice cream would you like?"

"I see," she said, frowning. "Thank you for the offer, but I must leave now."

"Now?" He asked, quite surprised. "But let me at least pay an ice cream for you."

"You can be honest, sir," she said. "I know I'm not as cute or popular as the other girls. So why have you taken an interest in me?"

"Huh? Who said you aren't cute?"

"Sir, please." She sighed. "I want to know."

"Please, stop calling me sir" he looked a bit embarrassed,, "I'm interested in you cause you are extremely beautiful and clever, and I've never seen a girl like this before."

She looked away from him, trying to hide the tears in her eyes. "Sir, there's no need to lie to me..."

"I'm not lying!" he almost shouted

She quickly stood up, turned back to him and bowed sharply, then turned to leave.

He ran after her and held her arm. "Please don't go!"

"You're too kind to me, sir. But I really should leave," she said, without turning to face him.

He touched her chin gently. "Please, don't go" He turned her head to face him.

"Then tell me why?" she said. "I'm not smart, I'm not cute, I'm just..." She trailed off, looking away from him.

He smiled. "Reiko, you are perfect. You are cute, you are a genius in maths... I swear for everything that is sacred in this world."

She slowly turned back to him, tears welling in her eyes. "You really do mean that?" She said quietly.

"Hell yeah!" he gently cleaned her tears

"Everyone just keeps telling me I'm a disappointment..." She muttered.

"Why do they tell you that? I doubt they say it."

"My parents do," she said quietly.

"They are wrong but I know why they tell you this," he said smiling and picking a chair for her to sit. She sat quietly, looking straight at him. "Well, you have great potential and that is the reason your parents say you are a disappointment. They want you to get even better. Do they tell this to your brother?"

"All the time," She muttered. A faint smile crept across her face.

"See?" He laughed a bit. "And you study a lot to make them stop telling you this don't you?"

"But I do, sir. I work hard, I do everything they say... But they're never happy." She looked up at him, her face heavy with sadness. "Why?"

"That is what they want. You should be happy that they are never satisfied. They always know you can give more cause you are brilliant."

She shook her head. "It's not like that. They're never encouraging; they just look down on me."

"I bet they love you, otherwise I'd say they are blind!"

"It's nice of you to say that, sir." She looked down again. "But you haven't met them."

"Well, if they don't say you are smart or beautiful, I say it better. I guarantee."

"You're very kind, sir."

"Why you call me sir? I am not even 2 years older than you."

"It's still important to respect one's elders."

He laughed a bit. "No need for it" he smiled and looked at the ice cream options, "So, have you chosen already?"

She smiled slighty and replied "A simple vanilla, sir."

"Okay." He turned to the guy in charge of and said, "Two simple vanillas." She could help but giggle at his order. He turned to her with a smile, "What is the problem?"

"Just the way you said it, sir."

"Ohh, well." He smiled. "Have you ever had a boyfriend, Reiko?"

"M- me? No!" She replied, almost shocked by his question.

"Why the surprise?" He asked trying to make her once again feel comfortable.

She shook her head. "It's just an odd sort of question."

"Ahhh, I'm trying to get through the barrier that exists around you."

"Barrier?" she repeated, clearly confused.

"Hmmm, it's not easy to approach you." He smiled gently. "All the geniuses have this problem."

"I wouldn't call myself a genius," She replied, blushing.

"I would, with no doubt"

"You are too kind, sir."

"I just tell the truth, and you proved that to me"

"Those problems? Anyone could have completed them if they applied themselves."

"No way" he smiled

"I'm sure of it."

"Okey, I'm going to prove it for you then, what you think?"

"I was thinking the same thing," she replied. "I'll take a copy to my brother, and if he can complete them all..." She trailed off, seemingly lost in thought.

"Reiko?" He tried to catch her attention back. "I have something for you to solve then. Few guys around the world solved it. It's pure logic."

"What is it, sir?"

"I will have to print it, it is not here with me," he said, bluffing for time.

"Well then..." She thought for a second. "Let's meet again, say... After school tomorrow. I'll tell you how my brother went, and you can show me the logic puzzle."

"Well, okay. I will be there waiting for you." He smiled. "What you usually do to entertain yourself?"

"Um..." She thought for a second, then replied, "I usually don't get much time to myself."

"Well, and since today you have time, would you like to go to a theme park?"

She shook her head. "I'm afraid I have to return home soon."

"Ohh, not even if you phone your parents?"

"Thank you, sir. But I must get home."

"Would you go if you were able?" She nodded. "Well, lets at least finish our ice cream" he smiled

"That at least," she replied, smiling.

"Did you ever travel abroad?"

She shook her head. "My parents do on business sometimes, but they insist I stay here and keep working."

"Where would you like to go?"

"America," she said immediately. "I've always wanted to see the Smithsonian institute."

"Oh. Have you ever told your parents about it?"

"They say we'll go when I graduate, if my scores are good enough."

He laughed a bit,, "If you have anything below 10 they won't let you"

"Something like that," she replied in a completely deadpan tone.

"Well, if you ever go to America, please don't forget me"

"Of course," she replied.

He finished his ice cream and waited patiently for her. "And after

"I haven't thought that far," she replied.

"You should" he smiled, "Do you read newspaper often?"

Before she could reply, they were interrupted by a shrill beeping noise. She checked her watch and pressed a button, cancelling the alarm. "I'm sorry about that, sir. I have to be going now."

"Oh, want me to take you home?" he said standding up and walking after her.

She smiled warmly. "I would love that, sir."

"Great" he almost shouted, "I have a car, rented one in the park area of the university." He started to slowly walk towards that area gesturing with his arm for her to walk at his side.

They found their way to the car park and set out. Brian drove slowly and carefully, giving them plenty of time to chat. "Do you know how to drive?" He asked.

She nodded. "I've had lessons, but I'm still only on my learner's permit."

"Oh, interesting. What kind of car you like?"

"I couldn't say," she replied.

"But you have at least a style. I like small and fast cars in dark colors"

She shook her head. "My father has his sports cars, but I'm not too fond of them."

"I see. Well if your father wanted to give you a car, what would it be?"

"Hmm..." She stared out the window for a minute, seemingly lost in thought, before replying "A small car. Cozy. Not a fast one, but safe." She turned back to him and added "My sort of car."

"Hmmm, it's a nice kind" He smiled. "And radical sports, do you like them?"

"No, not at all." She turned back to the window. "My brother watches them sometimes, and it scares me."

"My sister loves them" he laughed a bit, "What will you do tonight?"

"I've got to go over some of my brother's lessons with him. We'll have dinner together, then I've got some of my own study to do."

"Would you like to go to a mall with me?"

"I can't, sir."

"Will you be able to go out any day with me?"

"I'm not sure... I'm in my final year, and I need to study a lot."

"I felt some doubt in your words." He smiled

"Well, I can get out every now and then. Like today."

"I see. Are you satisfied with your life? I mean, if you could change something what would you change?"

She looked out the window for a while, before simply saying "Here we are, sir."

He slowly parked the car. "You didn't answer," He smiled

"No," she said, and stepped out.

"Hey, I'm sorry then." He smiled

She shook her head. "Nothing to apologise for, sir. I had a good day, thank you." She bowed to him, and turned to leave.

"Reiko!" He called to her. "It was nice to see you too"

"Thank you, sir," She replied, and walked to her house.

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