"Max says the first Jinsei forces to arrive will be a small number of regular troopers. But once we defeat them, they next group would be several cyberdroids."

CK: We're dead.

Shoko: Not if we run away!

Ryder: I could show up!

Shoko: Yeah... you cover the rear and delay them while the rest of us flee.

CK: Look! There's the cyberdroid!

Shoko: What? Behind the rabbit?

CK: No! The cyberdroid is the rabbit!

Ayane: You're a loony.

Shoko: Unfortunately, we have no holy hand grenades. I wonder if the regular kind will do?

Bell: Oh just go cut its head off. I can add it to tonight's dinner.

Shoko: I'm not eating cyber-rabbit.

Ayane: Why not? You eat Pumas.

Shoko: No, I just lick and taste Pumas.

CK: *nosebleed* Ugh! *thud*

Bell: CK has gone bye-bye, Ken... what've you got left?

Shoko: Yes Ken, show us all what you have...

Ken: Sorry, Bell, I'm terrified beyond the capacity for rational thought.

Dawn: *starts setting up her guitar*

Shoko: Good idea. Let's forget this nonsense, and listen to music for awhile.

Dawn: I may not have the Holy Hand Grenade, but I do have... ***LOUD NOISE*** The Holy Power Cord of Hendrix.

*rabbit falls over and explodes*

Shoko: That reminds me of those old THX movie theater promos. "The audience is now deaf..."

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