[SCENE: Run-down Zone apartment, with clothes, guns, laptop, ammo, backpacks, and so on, scattered around the floor. Sandra is searching through the garbage, muttering as she goes. David enters.]

David Lam: Sandra, what are you doing?

Sandra Blackmore: I'm fossicking.

David: Foss.... what? That's not a real word. What are you really doing?

Sandra: *Points to entry for "fossicking" in the dictionary.* See? It's a noncommercial, recreational activity involving searching for and collecting rocks, minerals and crystals by digging by hand or using hand held implements, to a depth of up to one meter. I'm digging around the apartment by hand up to a depth of one meter.

David: *Looking around at the apartment.* Yeah, I can see how that would apply here. Find any rocks or minerals yet?

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