The following omake section of the Ling Ling meeting scene bears NO resemblance to anything which could really happen. It is COMPLETELY false, fictional, and without merit. Well, except perhaps as a bit of funny fluff. You have been warned.

Oh, and... This is NOT a lemon, although it IS a lime, and Rei is NOT a lesbian! This was written in fun, nothing more.

[Hong Kong :: A restaurant somewhere in Kowloon (the next day)]

As they neared the place where Kenichi had arranged the meeting with the fixer, Rei checked her appearance one last time to make sure that everything was in order. She was dressed in one of the two formal outfits that she had brought with her, a fancy white shirt with long sleeves that ended in flared, ruffled cuffs, a dusty grey sleeveless bodysuit cut to just under her breasts in the front, dusty grey gloves, and short dusty grey boots. In contrast, Kenichi and Mariko were wearing somewhat standard his and hers corporate business suits.

Kenichi lead them to the fixer's "office," which was actually just a semi-private booth in a reasonably nice restaurant.

Rei wasn't sure what she should have expected to see, but she guessed that had she known it wouldn't have matched the scene before her. As they approached the booth, she saw a beautiful oriental woman, who was seated, and an equally attractive western-looking woman, who was standing near the booth. The oriental was dressed in a white long-sleeved jacket, white loose fitting trousers, and a sea-foam green cheong san with silver trim and sash. The westerner was dressed in a simple black bodysuit and an ankle-length black coat. As the trio approached, the oriental produced a cigarette and lit it with the polished motion of long practice.

Ignoring the westerner, Kenichi addressed the oriental seated in the booth. "Ms. Li Ling Ling?" he began, sketching her a small bow. "These are my companions, my wife Mariko and my sister-in-law Rei."

"Good evening, Mr. Shimazu." Ling Ling nodded to Kenichi, Mariko, and Rei, before indicating the westerner standing next to her. "This is my associate, Ms. Marta Nys."

Although, Kenichi and Mariko seemed oblivious to the name, Rei's eyes flicked towards Marta in recognition. While not nearly as well known, in general, as her infamous telekinetic sister, Marta Nys was still a name that you likely knew, if you happened to travel in the "right" circles. //Hmm, I would have thought that she'd be more imposing. Then again, who am I to talk, I think I'm shorter than she is,// mulled Rei. //Hmm. I wonder how fast she really is... Be interesting to spar with her I'd bet. No, best not to think of things like that, I mean how do ask a complete stranger that you've just met and is the bodyguard of the fixer you need help from something like that,// she pondered. //I can just see it now, in my best sing-song voice, "Hi, my name's Rei! When these three are done talking business, you want to go someplace and spar? You know, kick the shit out of each other for fun. Wouldn't that be cool!" Oh yeah, that would go over *real* well. Rei no baka,// she thought, chuckling softly to herself. She stopped chuckling almost immediately, however, as she realized two things. Firstly, Marta had turned her head towards her and was now staring at her with a hard glint in her eyes. Secondly, the other three were now also looking at her with expressions that ranged from puzzlement to annoyance.

"Sorry, I was, um... What I mean to say is, that I, uh..." fumbled Rei, looking extremely abashed. At a loss for words, she dropped into a deep bow. Focusing her thoughts, Rei banished her embarrassment to the back of mind and continued. "Gomen! Gomennasai!" she said, quietly yet forcefully. "I meant no offense nor insult. I was merely struck by a passing thought and did not think to contain my amusement. It was directed wholly at myself Nys-san, not you. Please accept my humble apologies for my thoughtlessness and the misunderstanding," Rei finished, holding her shame induced bow.

Everyone else had turned their attention to Marta, interested in what she would do.

For her part, Marta slowly relaxed and then motioned to the booth with one hand. "Perhaps it would be best if you were seated. Ms. Li cannot afford to have her time wasted."

"Yes. Perhaps it would be best if you were to be seated..." Mariko said sweetly.

Having heard the implied, "and be *quiet*," in her sister's voice, Rei rose from her bow and gestured for Mariko and Kenichi to be seated while she took up a position next to them. "That's alright, I'll stand."

Rei turned towards Ling Ling. "My apologies, Ms. Li, for wasting some of your obviously valuable time. There will *not* be another incident," she said with all sincerity, sketching a bow.

Ling Ling nodded her head at Rei in acknowledgement. Turning to Mariko and Kenichi, "Now, let's get down to business, shall we. What can I do for you?"

"As you may recall from our conversation, we need new identities. Specifically, we have left the employ of a corporation that is more than likely not happy that we have done so. They will, undoubtedly, be looking for us and we need to avoid them," said Kenichi. "In short, *we* need to die and be reborn, so to speak."

"What you require is certainly possible. It is not, however, inexpensive," Ling Ling replied, taking a draw on her cigarette.

"Yes. About that. Given what you know so far, how much capital do you estimate would be required for such services?"

Ling Ling typed for a few moments on a PDA before passing it over to Kenichi.

"I... see. I feared as much," said Kenichi, reviewing the numbers on the PDA.

Mariko's eyes went wide and Rei barely suppressed a whistle as they looked over at the contents of the PDA's screen.

"Would it be possible to, in lieu of the full monetary amount, provide services of equal value in payment?" queried Kenichi, handing the PDA back to Ling Ling.

"Something could be worked out. What kind of 'services' did you have in mind?"

"We could provide information of a 'sensitive' nature on the corporation that I mentioned before. Such information could, undoubtedly, be brokered to any number of interested parties."

"That is a possibility. The worth of such information is, usually, highly speculative, however. Factors such as accuracy, depth, and relevancy to the buyer can vary the going rate tremendously."

"Ah, yes. That is something that we will have to deal with at that juncture, I suppose."

"Anything else?"

Kenichi could only think of one other thing they had that was worth anything, at the moment. He wasn't about to make that decision without consulting Mariko and Rei, however. He glanced over at Mariko, posing a silent question that he hoped she'd understand.

Mariko, knowing what he was asking, shook her head slightly in the negative.

"Unfortunately, it seems..." began Kenichi, before being interrupted by Rei.

Rei cleared her throat. "There *is* one other thing, that we have to offer." Feeling Mariko's eyes upon her she glanced over at her sister.

Mariko shook her head slowly, silently pleading with Rei not to say what Mariko knew she was planning to.

"Sorry, sis," Rei mouthed quietly.

Taking in the scene unfolding before her, Ling Ling merely sat quietly and smoked her cigarette.

Rei turned back to Ling Ling. "As I was saying, there is one other thing we have to offer that could make you a profit," she finished, waiting for the inevitable question.

Realizing she was being baited, Ling Ling decided to bite. "Really now. That would be what?"

"My services."

Realizing that Rei was intentionally stringing this out, Ling Ling didn't know whether to be amused or annoyed. She finally settled on amused and decided to play Rei's game, for a little longer anyway. "Your, services. What services might those be?"


"Well. They're kind of hard to describe. I'd have to demonstrate."


"Seriously. I'm not joking, please don't think I'm wasting your time."

"Alright. Could you demonstrate here?"

Looking around for a minute Rei spied a broom closet. "Sure, any time your ready. Although, with her permission, I'll need Nys-san to assist me."

Intrigued, Ling Ling glanced over at Marta, who merely shrugged as if to say, "Sure, whatever."

"This isn't something that will cause damages to the premises will it?"

"Oh no! Not at all."

"Alright then, proceed with your demonstration."

"Well, actually. Only Marta will be able to see. She'll have to tell you about it. Is that alright?"

"Yes, yes. I trust her judgement," said Ling Ling, while she added in thought, //usually.//

"Alright, good," said Rei as she walked over to Marta. "Ready?"

Looking at Rei, Marta was wondering what she was about to do and prepared herself to respond to an attack, just in case. "Sure, whenever yo..." Marta began, before she was interrupted by Rei grabbing her head and kissing her soundly.

As Mariko's head hit the table, she could be heard mumbling something about, "told her not to... listen to me, oh no... can't take her anywhere..."

Ling Ling and Kenichi were in shock.

For her part, Marta slowly relaxed and then melted into Rei's embrace.

Rei, sensing her demonstration/audience was ready, swept Marta off her feet and carried her to the broom closet that she had spied earlier. Opening the door, she walked inside with her prey and kicked the door closed.

Fifteen minutes later, after much moaning, groaning, screaming, other noises, and even a phrase or three, the likes of, "Yes! Yes! Yes!". The broom closet became quiet.

A few minutes later, the door opened and out walked a very disheveled Marta carrying a smug looking Rei.

Marta walked over to the boot with her prize, and looked Ling Ling in the eyes. "Ling Ling," Marta asked, "can we keep her?"

Everyone in the booth face-faulted onto the table.


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