3 JANUARY 2034

First, the big news. As you all no-doubt know by now, Jinsei has pretty much invaded the zone. They sent in a large force of troops and equipment two nights ago, and now control all major entrances and exits from the Zone. Furthermore, they haven't let anyone in or out of the Zone since that night. We believe Jinsei is negotiating with some corporations to trade their staff found in the Zone. What for, we don't know as yet. Understandably, all of this report's missions pertain to Zone activity, both for and against Jinsei.

Retrieval: Rather than relying on Jinsei, several corporations have contacted Spycorp with requests to retrieve their own personnel. The targets range from executives to their children, and even several lost "operatives." Contact Spycorp for a full list of targets, employers and fees.

Supply Lines: A corporation is offering top dollar to any agent or group of agents who are able to open up a semi-permanent supply line in to and out of the zone. The mission involves sneaking in, getting past Jinsei's troops and contacting a group of their agents on a long-term mission in the zone.

Battle Plans: Spycorp is hiring on this one. We want brave and capable agents to break in to the Jinsei headquarters in the Zone, either physically or electronically, and discover their plans for the Zone. Desirable information includes short and long term deployments, troop numbers, main targets, etc. As this is a team job, Spycorp will be arranging the team from all applicants.

Tour Guide: One from the other side. Jinsei is looking to hire agents with extensive knowledge of the Zero Zone, it's layout and inhabitants, to work with and guide their troops during their campaign. This looks to be a long term employment offer, so consider carefully before applying.

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