By Max Fauth and Rob Rutherford

Note: This takes place after "Loose Ends 1," and before "Waiting Room."

It had been a very strange and confusing day. Just yesterday, she had faced down her sister, intent on killing her, and almost died for it. Since then, she had been running around the Zone, almost in a daze, sorting out her affairs. Tomorrow she was due to step into surgery, back across the river in Neo York, to have her body changed forever. But for now, still in Rachel's form, Gem relaxed.

She sat on the couch in Kami's apartment, looking down at the pile of clothes on the floor. Her current outfit was virtually worthless, and she needed to be presentable tomorrow morning. Kami stood in the doorway to her bedroom, watching her sift through her meager belongings.

"You know what?" Kami suddenly said, breaking the pair's silence. "There are girls who pay thousands of dollars for a bustline like that!"

Gem glanced down at her chest. She was far better endowed as Rachel, than as Gem. Tomorrow, it would be gone. "Yeah, I did," she replied.

"Shame to see it go to waste," Kami casually said.

Gem snickered, remembering how, as Gem, she had been so sensitive about her appearance. "Then I wouldn't be able to whine about the size," she replied, sniggering.

"Great! You're keeping them," Kami said as she bounced over to the couch.

Gem looked up in surprise, and abruptly replied "No I'm not!

"Then you'll have to stop whining about having a boyish figure!" Kami told her, leaning on the back of the couch.

"I wasn't going to any more," Gem said.

"I'll bet you a boob job that you won't!"

Gem shook her head. She abandoned her wardrobe and turned around, looking up at Kami. "Uh, how does that work?" she cautiously asked.

"Simple, if you ever whine about having a boyish figure, no figure, or no bustline, you go out and get it fixed."

Gem couldn't help but laugh. "And if you whine about it?"

"I never have, have I? I've always told you that you were cute and beautiful."

She's serious, Gem thought, her smile suddenly fading. "If you think I'm cute, why are you trying to talk me into this?"

Kami leaned forwards, smiling. "Because I don't like to see you unhappy dear."

"I'm not gonna be unhappy."

Kami shook her head. "I just know that you were really unhappy and self-conscious before. And I don't want you to feel uncomfortable about wearing something revealing.

"Well that's a different matter entirely," Gem replied.

"Yeah, things like going to a formal or the beach."

Gem shrugged. "I'm fine with that."

"How about wearing a halter top to a night-club?" When Gem shrugged, Kami grinned. "Topless?"

"Not in public!" Gem replied, startled.

"Not even to a 'clothing optional' beach?" Kami asked, leaning closer.

Gem backed away along the couch. "And why might we go there?"

"They're the best kind."

"Best kind for what?" Gem cautiously asked.

"Best kind of beach."

Gem watched as Kami wandered around the front of the couch and sat down next to her. "I'm more worried by what you'll be doing there," she asked.

Kami shrugged. "Vacation, writing, partying, or making a movie perhaps."

"I still want to know why you need to go to a "clothing optional" beach."

Kami smiled as she answered. "Like I said those are the best beaches. The others are full of old people and people who are married with children.

Gem couldn't help but chuckle. "I'm beginning to see the appeal, actually." Kami nodded enthusiastically. "Still, I'll be fine with it," she added.

Kami's smile became a broad grin. "Let's have a little test, shall we?" she said.

"Oh dear..." Gem muttered.


I'm going to regret this, Gem thought. "And what's this test?"

"Simple," Kami said. "We go to the Edge of Night."

"What's that got to do with anything?"

"It's not where we go but what you're wearing," Kami replied.

"Er, what am I wearing?" Gem nervously asked.

"You game?"

"I want to know what it is first," Gem stated.

Kami thought for a second, looking her up and down. "Black net top, miniskirt and stockings."

"You're on," Gem replied without even thinking.

"Great!" Kami said, immediately bouncing up from the couch. She headed for her bedroom, stopping by the door to say "Strip off, I'll get the clothes," before vanishing inside.

Gem ruefully shook her head. Why did she agree to this? If anyone saw her... But then again, no-one would recognise her as Gem. She still looked like Rachel for now. It could actually be fun.

By the time Kami returned, Gem had stripped down to her underwear. She looked up to see Kami standing in the door, holding what looked like a strip of black cloth and a piece of netting.

"Should I ask why you have these in my size?" Gem said with a rueful smile.

"I snagged them from Keiko," Kami replied.

"Figures. So what underwear do you want me to wear?" she asked. Kami held up a tiny black G-string. Gem swallowed, but pressed on. "And the bra?" Kami only shook her head. Gem gave the net another look. That's all she'd be wearing above the waist. "Ah."

Kami chuckled. "What are you worried about, you look like Rachel right now anyway."

"It's the thought that counts. You don't want me to start acting like her, do you?"

Kami shook he head. "Nope, I want you acting like Gem, and showing the self confidence that I know Gem was hiding."

"As long as no-one I know sees me."

Kami tilted her head curiously. "Why are you worried about nobody seeing you?"

"I was joking, you know."

"So much for my rep..." Kami muttered.


"Nothing," Kami replied, smiling. She threw the clothes to Gem, saying "Just hurry up and change."

Gem sighed, then pulled off her bra. "Heck, why not? After all, no-one's going to recognise me as Gem anyway.

Kami grinned as she watched her lover get changed, noting just how short the skirt was. Before she pulled on the top, Kami stopped her. "What is it?" Gem asked.

Without speaking, Kami stepped up to her and kissed her breast, leaving a bright lipstick mark. "Oh god..." Gem muttered, turning bright red.

"Put it on," Kami said, stepping away. "And no wiping that off."

Gem nodded, and squeezed into the top. "It's barely holding in there," she muttered, looking down at her chest pressing through the mesh.

"Hold it a sec," Kami said. Before Gem could react, she had a knife in her hand. She used it to gently split the center of the top, opening it up a lot more

"It's barely holding in there," Gem muttered.

"It'll hold," Kami said, returning her knife to its sheath.

"Hey, it's nothing I haven't worn before," Gem replied. "So are we ready?"

"Just a sec." She handed Gem a pair of leather bracelets, saying "Here, put these on."

"What, more? Why these?"

"They go with the skirt."

"I guess so," Gem said as she slipped them on. She noticed that each had a metal ring attached to it. "I'm beginning to figure out what they're for," she muttered to herself.

"Just for show," Kami said.

Gem looked up at her, grinning. "They'd better be."

"Still, you look a tad under dressed."

Gem laughed out loud. "I'm wearing a thin net on my chest without anything underneath it. They don't come much more underdressed."

"I was referring to decor. How about a belt and a necklace?" Kami asked.

"If you can spare one. Would a chain belt be appropriate?"

Kami laughed, pulling out a chain belt and a leather necklace with a silver ring attached to it. "How's this?"

"Beauty," Gem replied, grinning. "So what are you wearing?" she asked as she did up the belt.

"This," Kami replied, indicating to her fatigues and beret.

"So I'm Kami's date, not Silver's?"

"Well, dressed like that it's not safe to be Silver's date. I'm gonna probably wanna kick a few guy's asses with you dressed like that."

Gem laughed to herself. "Glad to know I'm in good hands."

Kami stepped up and pulled her in close. "I thought you'd feel safer this way."

"I do. Can we go yet?"

"Sure," Kami replied with a smile.

"Good. Where's my coat?"

Kami stepped back into her room, and emerged with a midriff-cut jacket. "Here ya go!" She said, handing it to Gem.

She turned it over, grinning. "Gee, thanks."

Kami shrugged. "Hey, it's heavy ballistic synth."

"Well, so long as they don't shoot my navel, I'm fine," Gem said as she pulled on the jacket.

"The only thing I'm gonna do with your navel is kiss it," Kami said with a lewd grin.


Kami stepped up to Gem, suddenly serious. "If anybody messes with us, I want you to do what April did when she saw trouble."

Gem nodded. "Stick behind you."

Kami nodded, and indicated to the door. They headed out the apartment, but Kami stopped Gem just before they left. "If I catch you acting like Rachel, I'll knock you sillier than she already is," she said.

Gem nodded. "Please do," she replied, deadly serious.

The Edge was having a particularly busy night when the two girls arrived. Kami checked her guns and Gem's jacket at the door. Gem couldn't help but blush as the bouncer ran his eyes up and down her.

"Here we are," Kami stated, escorting Gem into the bar. Gem kept looking around, watching the reactions of the patrons. She couldn't help but smile as she watched the men watching her.

Kami put and arm around her and gave Gem's breast a gentle lift. "So is Kami known to take Girls out?" Gem quietly asked.

"Kami is know to do as she pleases." She said with a smile.

"Good," Gem replied.

Kami pulled Gem in close and kissed her on the neck. Then she whispered, "Besides it's not like anybody here would recognize Kami anyway."

"You never know," Gem replied quietly.

"True but the risk is what makes things even more fun." Gem couldn't help but chuckle. Kami's straight face broke and she snickered as well.

Gem gave Kami a peck on the cheek and broke away. "So what did you have planned first?"

"I was thinking about a little dancing, and minimal drinking."

"Then lead away!" She said, cheering.

Kami escorted Gem to the spacious dance floor, and began dancing seductively. Gem joined in, matching her move for move. "Mmmm," Kami growled, "your hidden talent revealed". She couldn't help but to wonder which one she was dancing with.

Gem smiled in response. "I'm not going to pretend I wasn't her anymore. There's no point."

"I dunno, it was kinda fun teaching you to dance."

"Sorry to disappoint."

"Who knows, perhaps we can have some serious fun here." Kami got closer.

"Well, that is the big advantage of my former life," she replied.

"Looks like I have some serious competition," Kami swooned.

Felicity watched the two girls dancing as she waited impatiently for her drink. While the idea of being bisexual never entered her mind, she did appreciate beautiful girls. Perhaps that was one reason why she was such a bitch at times, she couldn't stand ugly girls. Now here was one of the most beautiful girls she ever met, in a beautiful erotic dance with another girl.

"Here ya go." Steve's words shook Felicity from her daze. Felicity took the cocktail and downed half of it in one swig. "Hot aren't they?" Steve commented.

"They're okay." Felicity felt herself flush, she wasn't sure if it was from embarrassment or from the alcohol.

"Why don't you join them?" he said smugly.

"Right, me with a couple of lezbos, get real." She said, returning to her usual aloof attitude. "You like them so much why don't you pick them up and bring them back here?" She shot back.

"Alright I think I will." Steve said proudly and sauntered up to dance with the two girls.

"Is that who I think that is?" Gem said, nodding towards Steve as he approached.

After a quick glance over her shoulder Kami put her face into Gem's shoulder, "I want to pretend I didn't see that."

"Let's just ignore him," she whispered as she pulled Kami in closer. Kami began nibbling on Gem's neck. Gem glanced up, and whispered "He's coming over here." Kami debated whether or not she had time to leave a cute little mark before she looked up. "Here goes," Gem whispered as Steve came up to them. Kami looked up right after giving Gem a little bite.

While certainly not as graceful as either of the two girls Steve began dancing with them. "Funny, I don't remember inviting anyone," Gem said coldly.

"Don't be so cold, I was just mesmerized by your dancing," Steve said as suavely as he could.

Gem rolled her eyes, and muttered "Please."

"Actually I came over here on behalf of my girlfriend," He added. "She's to shy to come over and introduce herself."

Gem glanced at Kami, raising one eyebrow quizzically. She kept her head hidden behind Gem's, and muttered "What the?" In Gem's ear.

"I think that's Felicity," Gem muttered, peering over the heads of the crowd.

"Felicity?" Kami muttered. Gem could feel her date's muscles flex.

"I'll get rid of him," she whispered.

"You better, I might kill him," Kami whispered back. Steve knew the two girls were discussing how to over and pick Felicity up.

"Oh my god..." Gem muttered as she glanced back over to Felicity. There he was, Devon, one of Gen's students, full-time arsehole and one of Rachel's more persistent lovers. He was dressed in gang leathers, and his cybernetic left arm was decorated to match. Looking nearby, she could see other members of his gang fanning out in the Edge.

Kami felt her lover's reactions change from the annoyed to the serious, she looked up and glanced around. First briefly at Steve, then over to Felicity and the ganger talking to her. She noted others wearing the same colors faning out through the club. "Devon?" She muttered.

"Eve!" Steve sputtered.

Gem sighed, muttering "Oh, boy..."

"Eve what are you doing here?" Steve stammered.

"Wonder how they got in there," Kami muttered, briefly ignoring him. "Steve, In case you haven't noticed our quite little nightclub full of cits pretending to be zoners has just turned into real zone club. And these are real gangers." Kami knew damn well that even the half-tanked wouldn't let this many gangers in through the front door.

"The bouncer," Gem replied. "Probably just a city guy pretending to be tough. I'll bet he's face-down in the gutter by now."

Kami nodded "Or they found out where he lived," Kami added.

"What do we..." She trailed off, noticing Steve was still staring at them. "What the hell do you want?"

Steve glanced around, "You mean those aren't new staff uniforms?"

Gem smacked her head in annoyance. "Okay. That is a zone gang, which means they're tough enough to survive in a warzone. These are mostly well-off cits, which means they're soft and easy pickings. The gang aren't going to be happy with a few drinks and some bad music. Got it?"

"Oh..." Steve paled, unsure what to do about the thug next to his date. He then cracked his knuckles. He then charged Devon.

Gem swore out loud, and turned to Kami. "I suppose we'd better help him," she said.

Kami stepped calmly towards Devon. "How much damage should I inflict?" Kami was ready to disassemble someone.

Steve had actually managed to catch Devon of guard, but was promptly beat down by a couple of his thugs. Although Felicity had taken to opportunity to back off, he'd grabbed her arm and pulled her in close. As Kami approached, his eyes widened in fear. "Oh shit. It's Kami!" he yelled out. In one swift movement, he'd taken cover behind Felicity, popped a set of spurs from his knuckles and was holding them at her throat.

"Great." Kami muttered, glancing over at Gem.

"Devon, What the hell do you think you're doing?" While her voice seemed irritated, her pulse dropped to a slow, steady rhythm. She flexed her gloved hand.

Felicity wanted to scream but her throat went dry.

"Back off," came a cocky voice from behind her. She felt a hand on her shoulder as Gem stepped forwards, face twisted into a lopsided grin, looking him up and down eagerly.

"Rache? Is that you?" Devon called out. Kami's casual stance belied her preparedness to attack as she watched Gem.

"Long time no see," Gem said, stalking forwards. Devon relaxed, and the nearby gangers spread out, revealing Steve lying in a crumpled heap on the floor. "Why don't you give me the girl, huh? We could use her later."

Kami's irritated composure drained away, leaving an icy calm, piercing amber eyes, and an almost satisfied smile.

"What, you and... hey!" Steve smirked, clearly liking the idea. He roughly shoved Felicity over to Gem.

The girl immediately leapt into action. She firmly shoved Felicity to the floor while springing forwards, planting a roundhouse kick firmly into Devon's back. He staggered forwards, straight at Kami.

Kami caught Devon by the wrist of his cyberarm and twisted it into a joint lock. She knew she could kill him anytime she wanted. Rather than do that she put a kick into the arm, breaking it at the elbow. She then looked over at Gem. Using the now limp cyber arm, Kami put Devon's spurs against his own throat. "Back off or he's dead."

All around the pair, gangers had moved through the crowd to surround them. Now they were warily holding their ground, glancing between each other and wondering what to do.

Kami pressed the spurs against Devon's throat until the pierced the skin. "Back off he screamed."

A number of the gangers lowered their weapons and stepped back nervously. A few more glanced between the two girls who had just easily taken out their leader and simply ran away. Finally, one of the older members stepped forward, asking "What do you want for him?"

Kami looked over at Gem then back at the thug. "We go way back, I want to finish some apparently unresolved business with him. Alone."

"What are you doing?" She whispered back to Kami.

"I was thinking about making a point to Devon and letting you finish him if you were interested." Kami whispered back. Kami was neglecting to mention that she was also stalling and hoping the bystanders would take advantage of the situation and run.

"No," she said coldly. "Let him go," she added, somewhat louder for all present to hear.

"Now?" Kami replied.

"As soon as they leave," she replied, nodding to the gangers as if they weren't even there.

"Can I keep his arm?" Kami asked.

"That depends," she replied, focusing on the ganger who spoke, "On how long they wait."

"As to which arm I keep?"

"You don't hurt him, you hear?" the older ganger said as he backed away slowly. He nodded to the others and they grudgingly filed out.

After they filed out, Kami looked down to Devon with a grin. "You really have those losers whipped don't you?"

"Get off me, already!" Devon yelled out.

"Right now the only thing standing between you and death is Rachel. Don't get in her way." Kami's voice was quite relaxed, although her grip never loosened.

"Rache?" he asked, imploringly.

"Get out of here," she replied coldly. "Get out of my sight, and never come back."

Kami twisted Devon around by his cyberarm and gave Gem a look as if asking permission to finish the job she started on it. She shook her head in reply. "Your lucky day, and I needn't remind you that you want to never see me again." with that she gave him a solid shove towards the door. She was almost hoping he would try something.

As soon as Devon had left, Gem let out a huge sigh of relief. She glanced over to Kami, watching for her reaction. Kami was calm. "You know If I ever see him again I'm gonna have to kill him."

"Not if he just runs away."

Kami smiled, "If he runs, I'm going to follow."

"Well that's going to make your next show very interesting." Kami gave a soft chuckle. "You two can get up now," Gem said, tuning to where Steve and Felicity were cowering on the floor.

"The bad guys are all gone." Kami smirked.

Steve paled. Somehow he did not feel reassured.

"You can get off me now." Felicity said flatly.

"Why does this happen whenever we go out?" Gem quietly muttered to Kami.

"Because we live in the Zone?" Kami replied, watching Steve. He slowly stood up, then helped Felicity to her feet, while cautiously glancing over his shoulder.

"Next time, we stay home with the kids," she muttered back.

"That could be really fun." Kami whispered with an evil grin.

Steve noticed Kami's grin and swallowed, he just knew the girls were talking about him. Gem looked at him for a second, then suddenly asked "What are you looking at?"

Felicity looked up at Steve, dusting herself off. "You promised excitement," She stated simply.

"Er, nothing," He said, then turned back to his date, "Yeah, I guess I did." He rubbed the back of his very sore neck.

Gem rubbed the bridge of her nose, as if she was suddenly very tired. "Look, kids," she said to them, "This is the Zone, alright? If it gets exciting, you're dead. Got it?"

Kami nodded, "Steve remember those two assholes you hired to kill me? They're probably still interested in offing you."

Steve swallowed deeply as he nodded to Gem. He'd been to the Edge a couple of times since his first excursion into the Zone and nothing ever happened.

"What? " Felicity was now very interested in this.

"Just some lunatic assassins... Out to kill your boyfriend." Gem smiled at Felicity. "Get the picture?"

"Why the hell are you messing around with assassins in the Zone?" Felicity exclaimed. She paused waiting for Steve to answer, then softly said "Ohhh, never mind."

"Just run on home," Gem said. Kami nodded her agreement.

"Aren't the bad guys still out there?" Steve murmured.

"This is the Zone, the bad guys are everywhere," Kami said.

"Do you want me to go out and check?" Gem said with obvious contempt.

"If you don't mind I'd like to just stay here for a little while and wait for them to get further away."

"Fine," Gem said. "This place has lost its appeal anyway.

"Didn't we come here to play with the cits?" Kami whispered?

"It's just not fun anymore," she replied. Kami said nothing she simply reached a hand out to Gem. "Let's go," she whispered. Kami said nothing, but simply nodded.

The pair finally arrived back at Kami's apartment. Kami pressed her lover against the door and slowly moved in to kiss her. She cautiously returned Kami's kiss, although carefully pulling her body away from her.

Kami slowly broke the kiss, "Is something wrong?"

"Just.. Well, you know." She shrugged.

"If I can accept you as you are now..." Kami put her hands on Gem's hips.

"I can't," she replied, gently lifting Kami's hands.

"I think I understand." She changed her grip and held Gem's hands.

"I made up my mind, though."

"So until you change, what about us?" Kami gazed deeply into Gem's eyes.

She sighed. "I'm going to get the change done tomorrow. I'll be a while in surgery and recuperation, but after that, I'll come straight back to you."

Kami smiled. "That soon?"

She nodded. "I want to get rid of.. Her."

Kami nodded, remembering that she gave some serious thoughts about killing her as well. And only her concern for Gem stayed her hand. "Me too."

Gem nodded, then swept her lover up into a close hug. Kami rested her head on Gem, and returned the embrace. "I'm sorry to have put you through all this," she said softly. Kami simply held her tighter. "Can you wait for me... again?" She asked. Kami nodded. "Thanks..."

"Just come back quickly."

She nodded, and pulled away. "I will."

Kami gently rested her hand on Gem. "So where are you planning on sleeping tonight?"

She blinked, and realised her best answer was a dumbfounded "Er..." Kami giggled. "Sorry..." she said, scratching her head.

Kami looked very amused at Gem's predicament. "You can either sleep on my bed, or the couch if you want."

"Well..." she said, blushing nervously.

"Hrmmm?" Kami purred back.

"I mean... maybe..." She said, looking up at Kami.

"Maybe?" Kami replied.

"Maybe just once, before I change..."

Kami wrapped her arms around Gem's waist. "Sound's delicious."

"I mean, these are going to be gone soon," she said, glancing down.

"You mean these?" Kami reached up and finished opening up the hole in the front of Gem's shirt.

She nodded. "I made up my mind."

"Lets go then." She then reached behind herself, opened the door to the apartment and pulled Gem inside.

Gem grabbed her face and planted a deep kiss on her lips. Without breaking the kiss Kami lifted the shorter girl off the ground and carried her into the apartment. Gem pulled back and squealed in girlish delight. Kami then kicked the door closed with her foot.

"Hey! Would you mind keeping it down over there!" A voice echoed from the couch.

Gem froze in place, her blood running cold. "They're here?" she whispered to Kami.

"The can't work all the time." Kami muttered back.

A topless April sat up on the couch. "Heya," She said. She then noticed Gem's exposed chest. "Who's this?" She asked with a rather interesting grin on her face.

Kami glanced at Gem, not sure how to introduce her. "Er... Er..." Gem looked at April, to Kami, then back at April and finally managed to say "Oh hell."

Keiko's voice echoed from behind the couch. "April, whose there?"

Kami giggled. "Someone new--sortof."

"You can put me down now," Gem whispered to Kami.

"Okay." Kami set Gem down in front of her and kissed her on the back of the neck.

Gem turned to April and Keiko, and giggled. "Well, it's hard to explain."

"I'll bet." April replied. She started out to be a bit jealous of Gem, now she was bringing another new girl into the picture.

"I can't see," Keiko mumbled from the couch. April propped Keiko up to see. Her hands were obviously restrained behind her with some leather straps that wrapped around her torso as well. Gem's mouth sagged open at the sight and April giggled.

Kami rested her forehead briefly of Gem's shoulder and snickered. Gem put her hands over her face, muttering, "This isn't funny."

"Actually you'r reaction was what I thought was funny," Kami said.

Gem couldn't help but giggle, and pulled away her hands. "Well that's fair." April giggled at her reaction. Keiko suddenly seemed rather self conscious of her restrained situation.

"Looks like they're having a little fun doesn't it?" Kami put her arms around Gem and whispered, "Gem or Rachel?" She then gently bit her ear.

"Rachel," she whispered back. "I don't want them to know about Gem."

Kami released Gem's ear. "If you two must know, this is Rachel."

"Hi Rachel, I'm April, and this is Keiko!" She beamed. Keiko's attention was well below Gem's eyes.

"I used to work at the Underground, aaages ago," Gem said.

"Really? I've been there for more than a year, and Keiko just started there."

"I think I saw you two a couple of nights back."

"Really? You should have invited me over, we could have had lots of fun." April caressed the curves of Keiko's smooth flesh.

Gem winced, and held up her hand. "Business. Never mind," she said. Kami just looked at April. From what she saw of Rachel she was rather happy they didn't get together.

"April...." Kami just sighed as she rested her chin on Gem's shoulder.

"We, uh, didn't expect you two to be here," Gem said.

"Actually we're rather surprised to see you, we weren't expecting Kami be be with anybody." April mused.

"Uh-oh," Gem whispered to Kami.

"It's okay," Kami whispered. "Strange things happen," Kami said to April.

"To say the least," Gem added.

"Ahh, I see." April replied. She had a rather amused look expression.

"And just what were you thinking?" Kami teased.

"I think I can take a good guess," Gem replied with an amused, half-smile on her face.

"How would like to join us? I'm willing to share." April squeezed one of Keiko's breasts. Keiko sighed deeply."

"I don't think she is," Gem replied, nodding to Kami.

"We used to do this sort of stuff all the time," April mused.

"Hmm..." Gem stepped back away from the others. "Maybe I should leave you three to it?"

"Well I know who I'm wanting to do tonight," Kami looked at Gem. April looked a bit disappointed.

"And no-one else?" Gem asked, seriously.

"My mind is open, but I know what's important," Kami replied. Gem nodded, smiling. Kami reached her hand out to her.

She took it, and turned to the others. "Excuse us," she said simply. Kami waved to April as she followed Gem into the bedroom.

The next morning, Kami moved cautiously into the bathroom. Her target was certainly a dangerous opponent, and she knew that surprising her could be very bad. "Helloo," she called softly as she made her way into the shower.

Gem spun around in surprise, and started when she saw Kami slipping into the shower. "You started without me," Kami said.

"I didn't want to wake you, that's all."

"It's okay." Kami slid into the shower.

Gem took up the sponge, and motioned for Kami to come closer. "Last time, if I remember, I was afraid to sponge you down."

Kami took a step towards Gem. "I remember," She said with a smile. "And now?"

"Now it's about time I made up for that. Turn around."

Kami moaned as she slowly turned her back to Rachel. Gem gently wiped down Kami's back, humming contentedly to herself. Kami rinsed herself off, turned around, and kissed Gem. "Now for the front."

Gem couldn't help but blush, yet nodded. Kami brushed her wet hair out of her eyes and stretched. "You know, I have to go away again," Gem began. "Probably for a while."

"Do you have any idea for how long?"

She shook her head. "But I'll try not to go mad this time." Kami smiled and gently stroked Gem's cheek. "Can you wait for me? I mean, again?"

Kami smiled. "Of course."

"Thanks..." She replied. She ran the sponge over Kami's belly, and smiled. "I'll at least try to be back for your birthday."

Kami leaned forward and kissed her. "Thanks."

She pressed the sponge against Kami's chest and simply said "Your turn."

"I want to do something first." Kami licked her lips.

"Uh-oh..." she said with mock concern.

Kami began kissing Gem on the neck. She held Kami close, savoring the moment. Kami continuing savoring Gem's flesh and continued kissing her along he gentle curves.

"You know... I really do need to go..." Kami reluctantly released Gem, and looked deeply into her eyes. "And besides... Well," she glanced down at her own body, "It still doesn't feel right."

Kami nodded. "I understand."

"I'm sorry."

Kami began slowly soaping down Gem. "I guess we just have to finish what we started."

"Yeah... Sorry."

"I know." Kami paused and gave her a smile.

"C'mon," she said, nodding towards the shower door.

"Okay." Kami finished rinsing Gem off. "I'm anticipating you're going to be yourself again."

"I will be." She gave Kami a peck on the lips as she left the shower. "Very soon."

Kami followed her out of the shower. She grabbed a towel and started to dry Gem off. "The sooner the better."

Gem couldn't help but smile. "It won't be that soon if you keep tempting me."

Kami raised a hand to Gem's breast, "Well there are some perks about being a bit late on occasion."

Gem held her hand. "I'm beginning to think you don't want me to go," she said with a smile.

"I just want you." Kami replied, her lips very close to Gem's. Gem hesitated, unsure what to do. Kami took advantage of Gem's hesitation and kissed her.

"Stop it," she muttered, but didn't pull away.

Kami broke the kiss, but held Gem nose to nose with her. "Mmmmm."

"Look, I really... I..." she trailed off, looking in Kami's eyes. Kami gazed back into Gem's eyes for a moment, then closed her eyes and leaned forward so that her forehead rested gently on Gem's. "Sorry," she said, holding Kami close.

"It's okay." She whispered. Gem gently sighed and let Kami go, turning for the door.

Kami wrapped her still dripping hair up in the towel. "Let's at least make sure you have an appropriate change of clothing for when you head back."

"Huh? What do you mean?" she asked.

"Some of the stuff you picked up when you were with Angel." Gem couldn't help but blush, remembering just what she had purchased. Kami smiled, "Some of it looks like some serious fun for when you get back."

"Oh god..." Gem chuckled to herself. "You're going to hold me to this, aren't you?"

"Oh yes." Kami replied with a smile.

Gem smiled. She lead the way back into Kami's bedroom, asking "So what does one wear to a surgery?"

"As far as I know, nothing."

"Your specialty," she said, giving Kami a friendly poke.

Kami put her arm around her, "Exactly. Let's have a little fun before you leave."

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