Scene: The Lynx barracks. Matthew is introducing Lora to some of his new charges.

Matthew: Lora, this is Excel and Hyatt.

Lora: Pleas-

Excel: Hello! Hello! Hello! Matthew! Matthew-sama is wonderful! We love Matthew-sama! He's number one! mat-mat-mat-Matthew-SAMA!

Matthew: Excel?

Excel [Now dacing about wildly]: Ya! Ya! Ya! Ya! We're number one! Mitsuuumi and Matthew-saaaaamaaa!

Matthew: That's enough Excel.

Excel [Jumping about like a superball]: Weeeeeee loooooovveeee yooooouuuuu!!!

Matthew: Pardon me for a minute Lora. Excel?

Excel: YESSIR!

Matthew [Produces a large handgun]: *chick-chack* *BLAM*

Excel: *thud*

Lora: *blink*

Matthew: Now, where were we?

Lora: Uhm... you were introducing me Excel and Hyatt?

Matthew: Ahh! Right. And this is Hyatt.

Hyatt: pleased to meeee-----*thud* [Falls.]

Excel [Who now seems much better.]: Ano... is she dead?

Lora: That's it, I'm going home where it's sane.

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