Jamie Jeans and Rob Ruthorford

Korey gave a sigh of relief as she exited the elevator and walked past the reception desk and into the mall. Her reputation with DF Productions Inc was safe, something which she was very glad for and something she considered to be a minor miracle when she thought back to the previous night's events. John Harris' superiors had noted his reckless use of company resources as well as the defiance of his underlings when ordered to quit. That, combined with her rescue of Eve, had earned her a clean slate despite the loss of company equipment.

Now, the only thing left was to look for a new job, something which she could afford with leisure now that she had some money in the bank.

"Excuse me, Miss Winters?"

Turning around, Korey saw one of the receptionist Puma's walk up to her, a note held in one hand. "This message came for you while you were in the meeting." The Puma handed it to her then retreated to her desk.

Unwrapping the note, Korey read it: "Meet me at Mac's Cafˇ in twenty minutes."

At the moment that the twenty minutes was up, Korey arrived at the cafˇ, which was as close to a sidewalk cafˇ as one could get in an arcology, she was immediately waved down by a tall redhead in a blue miniskirt suit. As Korey got closer, she saw that the woman was, even sitting, rather tall and had bright green eyes that stood out in stack contrast with her red hair. Her build was that of an athlete, and she sat with a confident, business like air about her.

"Angel, I presume?" Korey asked.

"Yes. Do you prefer Ms. Winters, or Korey?"

"Well now, that depends on what you called me here for, Miss Angel." Korey waited until she was offered a seat before sitting.

"Angel is fine. Please be seated." She motioned to the chair.

Korey sat down. "You were the one who gave the order that the mission be scrubbed last night, weren't you."

"That's right."

Korey was silent for a moment before speaking. "Tell me, what is it you wish to discuss with me?"

"Well for starters, Korey, let me say that I am most impressed with your abilities."

"Thank you."

"Your welcome." Angel paused. "So what do you think of the two girls?"

Now it was Korey's turn to pause as she reflected on the little time she had spent with the two. "The one named Gem I could honestly not say much about her abilities, especially considering the state she was in when I first meet her. However, she does appear to be determined and very tough. As for Eve... or Silver, or Kami, or however you know her, she is more then she appears. Intelligent, quick, strong... she is someone you would not want for an enemy."

"How would you feel about the possibility of working with her?"

"Depends on what kind of job we would be working together on," Korey replied.

"Of course, I was just wondering if you might be highly opposed to it." Angel seemed to be relaxing more, and Korey relaxed a little as well.

"As I said, it depends on the job... for all of her talent and skills, she does seem rather young, and the young have inexperience in spades."

Angel nodded. "In case Mr. Harris didn't mention it, she's seventeen."

Korey arched an eyebrow. "Seventeen. A genetic upgrade, yes?"

"An upgrade with a speed boost."

"Of course, that would explain the combat skills she showed on the helicopter."

Angel nodded at Korey's assertion. "And I would guess that that is only a sample of what she can do."

"I assume that you were once her trainer or had a relationship along those lines with her some time in the past, correct?"

Angel nodded. "Very good. You also probably noticed that she is lacking in other areas such as restraint."

"She certainly seemed to have plenty enough of it the past night." Korey waved down a passing waitress. "Iced Coffee." The waitress nodded and left. "I would say, in my professional opinion, that with a few more years of experience, she will be a very dangerous woman."

"Oh really?" Angel seemed a little surprise. "I wonder what's going on there?" she mused.

"Of course, however I would hardly classify her now as entirely helpless either. In short, experience will improve upon her like years improve upon a fine wine."

The waitress showed up and, after rolling her eyes at the price of it, Korey pulled her wallet out, only to be stopped by Angel. "I've got it."

And with that, the waitress picked up the check. "I'll put it on your account, ma'am." She placed the iced coffee on the table and left.

"Thank you." Korey sipped on the iced coffee. "So tell me, what is it you wish from me? The note I received said that this was to be a discussion of business."

"You're welcome." Angel picked up and sipped the coffee that had been cooling since before Korey had arrived. "I'm interested in Mr. Harris' contacts, the ones he was going to have the girls over to. I want to find out the extant of their contact with the company."

"Ah, now I see. You are a corporate 'cleaner' of sorts. Yes, I can easily understand why you would be interested in such contacts. Who knows what else Mr. Harris could have been funneling to them?"

"Pretty much, but I'm also interested in any other ties they might have back to the company, and if anybody with the company has tried and gotten away with this kind of stuff. DF Productions does not tolerate these kinds of activities."

"And to find out how far this web of contacts may stretch, you wish to hire my services," Korey added.

"Exactly. I want you to gather information and report back to me." Angel sipped her coffee. "Then we can discuss where to go from there. How does that sound?"

"Pay me half of my fee up front and I would have to say that it sounds good."

"Fine." Angel then slid an envelope across the table to Korey. "Here is the info we have on them, enjoy." Angel seemed rather pleased with the arrangement.

Korey arched an eyebrow as she picked up the envelope and slid it into her jacket. "Rather quick to get started aren't we?" She gave a small smile. "Very well then, I'll contact you once I have something to contact on. Good day." She quickly finished the rest of the iced coffee and stood, one hand extended forward.

"I don't want them to just vanish." With that Angel stood up to her full six foot height. She reached out her hand to shake Korey's. "Its been a pleasure doing business with you."

"Likewise. Good day, Angel."

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