Scene: One of the Puma barracks rec rooms. Matthew Shirow is playing cards with some of his Puma squad. Let's listen in.

Asuka: Gee... Kommandant, how is it you keep losing all the time?

Matthew [Who shows a distinct lack of chips in front of him): Natural talent.

Mei [Who has far more chips than Matthew]: I could let you win if you like.

Asuka: Of course you would.

Shirow: That's not the idea, Mei. You're meant to do your best.

Mei: But, I keep beating you at this game... [Shows puppy dog eyes.]

Rei [Dealing, apparently oblivious to what is going on.]: ante up.

[Everyone tosses their chips in. Rei deals out cards.]

Asuka: Wer behandelte diese Verwirrung?

Rei: i did.

[Everyone stares at Rei.]

Mei: Rei... sometimes you really scare me.

Rei: [no response]

Asuka: I dunno, she freaks me out even more at this game.

Kiyone: Agreed, no way am I staring her down again.

Matthew : Exactly what are we playing anyway? This doesn't look like five-card stud.

Rei: this is three card brag. that means that three threes is the highest, then three aces and then running down accordingly; then it's a running flush, a run, a flush, then a pair: an open man can't see a blind man, and it will cost you twice the ante to see your opponent.

All: I fold.

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