The first thing Jason felt when he entered the condo was the press of a warm body into his back and a pair of strong arms wrapping about his waist. However, rather then twisting out of the grip and shoving a gun into the person's belly, he instead ran his hands over the pair on his waist and whispered back. "Evening Sandra."

"Good evening Drake," she purred in return, kissing at Jason's neck and giving it a good nibble as well.

Jason moaned softly before a thought popped into his mind. "Where's Moira?"

"In her room," Sandra purred, giving his ear a firm nip of her teeth. He hissed and turned around in her arms, suddenly becoming aware of just how little she was wearing. A slink black two piece bikini was all she wore and, seeing his interest, Sandra took a step back and did a slow, lazy spin, showing off the thong back it had.

"You like?" she asked, stepping back into his arms and pulling them down about her hips.

"I think the question is how can't I like?" he smiled and pulled her into warm hug. "You want to do something tonight?"

"Tool... I get all dressed up and he asks if I want to do something." She chuckled and pressed her lips to his in a deep, intense kiss. Her lips parted almost immediately and she darted her tongue into his mouth, running it along his teeth and tongue even as his hands explored her naked back and further down, caressing the well muscled rear and the flimsy material of her bikini. She tangled her hands in his hair, holding him to the kiss for a long minute before releasing him and leaning in to bite at his neck.

He murmured her name in-between moans and gave her cause to moan in turn as his hands roamed over her rear and lower back, giving it firm squeezes of his hand.

Smiling a little, Sandra tensed her rear beneath his hands, savoring the soft for a few moments before hooking her fingers in his jacket and pulling him towards the bathroom. Once they were inside, she had the door closed and locked and was yanking his clothes off with abandon.

"Hey, aren't you going to wait for me to take my clothes off?" he said half jokingly.

Sandra yanked his shirt apart, a few buttons popping off in the process, and kissed and nipped at his naked skin. "No way, you don't have half so much to take off as I do," she replied, looking up at him with hooded eyes. Her mouth found and clamped onto one of his nipples, sucking hard.

Shivering at the contact, Jason began to pull his own clothes off, throwing them onto the floor. Dimly, he was aware that Sandra was slowly backing him towards the hot tub, and then he wasn't thinking too much as she cupped his groin through his pants and gave it a firm squeeze.

Working hard, the both of them got all of his clothes off and she had trapped him against the hot tub, rubbing her body against his even as she locked her lips with his in another intense kiss. She broke off and gave his manhood another firm squeeze. "Get in the hot tub," she breath.

Without taking the time to reply, he all but jumped into the tub and waited for Sandra, which wasn't long at all. But before she could do anything, Jason had his arms wrapped about her and was squeezing her breasts firmly through the bikini and kissing the back of her neck enthusiastically through the thick mane of her black hair. Moaning aloud, Sandra wriggled in his lap as the hot, bubbling water splashed them.

Then she felt his teeth on her bikini, pulling on the string that held the top on. It came loose and he gave her breasts a tender caress, his fingers circling the already hard and erect nipples before rubbing them fully. Coming around to face her, Jason winked at her and gripped the bikini in his teeth again, pulling it up and off her. She raised her arms up and jutted her chest forward, and Jason quickly dropped the bikini into the water as soon as it was free of her.

She kissed him as he came back down, but it only lasted a few seconds as he continued on, trailing kisses over her naked, wet skin. Pushing him into the side of the hot tub, Sandra straddled his lap and gave a long, slow grind of her hips into his manhood, feeling him shiver beneath her. When his lips found one of her nipples and began to suckle it, she sucked in a breath of air, and cried out aloud when his hand came close to cupping her other breast, the palm rubbing firmly against the nipple.

Throwing her hair back, she began to bounce up and down slowly, grinding herself even more into him. His moans were muffled as he sucked harder on her nipple, tingles of pleasure running up and down his body. Sandra's moans became louder as his attention to her breasts grew more stronger, and she plunged her hands underwater, taking a hold of his erect manhood in her hands and pumping it slowly.

He paused in his suckling and gasped aloud, tilting his head up in time to receive another kiss from Sandra. He returned the enthusiasm she gave him, his tongue darting into her mouth this time to play with hers, and in turn, she pumped his manhood just a little faster.

Ending the kiss and panting for breath, Jason slipped out from beneath Sandra reluctantly. His hands ran over her body slowly, and she gave him a look of confusion, one that disappeared when he raised her rear out of the water and attacked the last piece of her bikini. Giving the skin a couple of quick nibbles, he gripped the string of the bottom piece and pulled, undoing the bow knot it was done in, then repeated it on the other side and yanking the garment off.

Looking back at him, Sandra wiggled her rear invitingly and cried out as he accept the invitation and began nibbling and biting gently on her rear. Bracing her hands on the side of the hot tub, she raised herself a bit further above the water. He ducked in underneath her spread legs, soaking his hair, and gave her sex a long, slow lick. She cried out at the touch, and rocked back and forth slowly as he pressed his lips to her sex and began suckling softly on the warm, sensitive flesh.

"I love it when you do this," she whispered fiercely. A muffled moan was all she got in reply as Jason slid his tongue slowly over the folds of her sex and the small nub of flesh. He caught it gently between his teeth, eliciting another cry from the street samurai, and sucked firmly on it before moving back down. He thrust his tongue into her, moving slowly at first and curling it upwards to stroke as much of her as he could.

All the while, Sandra rocked gently against him, feeling his hands come up to sliding over her rear to grip it firmly and hold her against him. For long minutes he continued to thrust his tongue inside of her, moving slow so as to keep her from finishing too soon. Sandra whimpered occasionally as her need for a release grew stronger by the minute, and finally she could stand it no longer and pulled away from him.

With gentle encouragement, she brought him up against the side of the hot tub and kissed him to silence anything he might say. Slowly, she lowered herself, using one hand to guide his manhood into her. With a cry from the both of them, he entered her fully, and she locked her legs about him, holding him tightly. He came away form the side of the hot tub and began to thrust himself into her, the jolt of his hips against hers making her breasts bounce up and down. She wrapped her arms about him and held him close, her breasts pressing into his chest. She kissed him fiercely and he followed suit, thrusting harder and faster into her.

Ending the kiss, the two's heavy breathing became pants for air as they neared their release, the water moving in waves from the hard and fast motions of their body. She grinded herself into him as much as she could, each impact of their hips eliciting another cry of pleasure from the both of them.

Moving back against the opposite side of the tub, Sandra braced her arms along it's lip and Jason began thrusting harder and faster into her. Their cries steadily became louder as they neared their climax, a slow intense heat that built up faster and faster within them. All too long it seemed to take for them to near the end, and then suddenly, it was on them far too fast.

With a final series of thrusts, Jason gasped as his body tensed, the white hot heat of his climax breaking out over him even as Sandra's came over her. The heat of the pleasure flowed through their bodies like white hot lightning, and they yelled aloud as their bodies locked together as one. For long seconds they stayed as they were, minds lost in the intense pleasure flooding their bodies, and then, all too soon, it was leaving them, a strong euphoria left in it's place.

The two sagged in place, Jason's head coming to rest on Sandra's shoulder as they panted heavily for breath. "Hmm... wish... I could say something..." he started. The drag of sleep was growing strong on him even as it was growing on Sandra.

She chuckled softly and wrapped her arms about him. "Naw... just don't... hmm... fall asleep... might drown..."

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