[The Scene: Sandra in the SynTech booth at a toy fair, several action figures are on the display in front of her. Marta walks up to the booth, and eyes the action figures.]

Marta: Um, pardon me, but... what the hell are these?

Sandra: These? These are the prototypes for the forthcoming line of Kazei 5 PBEM action figures.

Marta: You're kidding, right?

Sandra: No. That's me over there [She points to a figure], that's you and that's Raven, for example.

Marta: And what's the one lying flat on it's face?

Sandra: That? It's the Ling Ling figure. It keeps on falling over forwards.

Marta: Too top heavy, right?

Sandra: Yeah. It's one of the few female figures to have it's own chest mold.

Marta: Huh?

Sandra: Well, to save on production costs, most of the female figures use the same basic mold for the chest, based on my own beautiful proportions. There are a few exceptions, though.

Marta: Like Ling Ling?

Sandra: Yes. She uses the "buxom" mold, along with Mei and a few others. Also, Karin Nys uses the "flat" mold.

Marta: I see... And I suppose a lot of other basic parts are duplicated?

Sandra: A few. Well, a lot.

Marta: Just a lot?

Sandra: Well, the only entirely original part on the Gem figure is the hair.

Marta: That seems to be a bit cheap.

Sandra: On the upside they do have ten points of poseability per figure.

Marta: Right... And I suppose people do obscene things with them?

Sandra: Heck no! [Quickly hides spare Marta and Snakeye figures which were left in a "compromising" position]

Marta: So why are you being so cheap with the production of these figures?

Sandra: Well, last year's assortment had a few slow selling dogs.

Marta: A few?

Sandra: Let's see... I can do you a great deal on a Joe Tolonga, Riffraff or Thorn?

Marta: How about a Nightingale figure. I could think of a few things to do with one of those.

Sandra: Actually, it sells surprisingly well.

Marta: Is there anything special about it?

Sandra: Apart form the blindingly bad color scheme, it's one of the few ones to use the "buxom" mold.

Marta: I see... So who sells the best of all the figures? Probably my sister, right?

Sandra: Nope.

Marta: Of, of course, it's me, right?

Sandra: Nope.

Marta [Surprised]: Then who?

Sandra: It's Raven?

Marta: Raven?!

Sandra: Well, her and all her variations.

Marta: Variations?

Sandra: There's "combat" Raven, "evening wear" Raven, "formal dress" Raven and "Megatokyo Hotel Room" Raven. That last ones' the most highly sought after in the whole range, even more than "Naga Cosplay Ling Ling."

Marta: Any reason?

Sandra: It's in a two pack with Temple.

Marta: ... How much?

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