Hello everyone!

Straight from the newly christened marketing branch, K5 Plushies! Yes, plushies of your favorite K5 characters that can now also talk! For example, check out the Gem Plushie!

*Pulls the Chord.*

<Gem Plushie> Die corpie! DIE DIE DIE!!!

*Pulls the Chord again.*

<Gem Plushie> *singing* This is the way we kill corpies, kill corpies, kill corpies... all through the Zone!

Also, we have the Falcon Plushie! Complete with toy replica of her motorcycle!

*Pulls the Chord.*

<Falcon Plushie> You look at the bike wrong, I kill you. You scratch it, you die. You think of stealing it, you die.

We also have one of the more infamous characters of K5 now as an adorable cuddly plushie! Marta Nys! ^^

*Pulls the Chord.*

<Marta Plushie> Want to eat out? Yes? Yes! Now strip and hop on the bed!

And Shion Nys, as well!

*Pulls the Chord.*

*The Shion Plushie doesn't say anything and instead blasts random objects with Psychokinetic blasts.*

Not to mention both Karin Nys AND Korey Winters Plushies!

*Pulls the Chords of both plushies.*

<Karin Plushie> Dammit, me and Raven aren't LIKE that!!!

<Korey Plushie> I'mnotKarinNysreally!!!

And of course, what Plushie collection can be complete without that wonderful street samurai, Sandra Blackmore!

*Pulls the Chord.*

<Sandra Plushie> You mattress munching tool fairy!!!

*Pulls the Chord.*

<Sandra Plushie> If I don't get something more then some dumbass tsteful morning after scene, someone's going to die.

Just added: The Lilith Plushie! It's an exclusive because the line was cancelled... before production got started!

And here's what it says!





"I am not a doll"

And coming soon, Limited Crusher and Dr. Snakeye plushies!

Enjoy! And order soon! Plushies are limited!

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