At 93U...

Gem: [Disgusted] Cute? Cute?
Kami: Yeah, cute. In the right outfit, you could pass for a schoolgirl.
Gem: Don't go there.
Kami: I've got a sailor suit at home.
Gem: I told you not to go there.


Kami: This is my office. [Swings open door to the change rooms]
Gem: Do you usually have that many naked girls in your office?
Kami: Whoops...

And the morning after...

April: Morning, I'm April. Would you like some coffee?
Gem: I'm, um, looking for the bathroom. [Slinks back to the bedroom very slowly]
April: You dropped you panties!
Kami: Didn't she just!
[Gem dies of shame]

Out on the street...

[Gem draws a bead on Terry]
Kami: Wait, don't shoot him! [Blam! Blam!]
Gem: I thought you said not to shoot him.
Kami: I meant I wanted to shoot him.

Finally, at the clinic...

Kami: Gimme a kiss.
Gem: Sure.
[Smooch, thud]
Gem: You realized you just dropped the puma.
Kami: Oopsies!

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