Rob sat at typing at his computer, his feet were resting comfortable comfortably on his printer stand. his beer was gone, and his coffee wasn't cool enough to drink yet. Rob liked coffee, he was in the process of adding a link to Cafe du Monde to his website, which he hadn't updated in almost a year. Then the doorbell to his apartment rang.

"Who could that be, it's almost 11:30, and nobody I know ever visits anyway." Rob sighed, and the doorbell rang again. He would have yelled coming, but his bedroom was on the third story of townhome, so nobody could hear anyway.

Rob ran down the flight of stairs to the living room. As he crossed his living room he was really happy it was clean, as he had an aversion to breaking his toes on speakers, or bruising his shins on the coffee table.

Then down the next flight of stairs to the front door. He was more cautious now, wondering again who could possibly calling on him at this time of night.

Stumbling over his shoes at the bottom of the stairwell, he peered through the window in the door. His apartment was weird that way, most apartments only had little peepholes in the door, but his actually had a small window.

His jaw nearly hit the ground, standing there was a short girl with long platinum blonde hair, amber eyes, and alabaster smooth skin. She was wearing a black trenchcoat, even though is was summer in Texas. She was casually leaning against the door frame and impatiently drumming her fingernails.

Rob at first wasn't' sure whether to open the door or not, but he was a sucker for a cute girl. His hesitance didn't last long.

After fumbling with the deadbolts, he opened the door. "Hello?"

"Hello" she replied. "You probably don't believe what you're seeing right now, but I'm Kami."

Rob carefully looked her over, noting the hint of a sword underneath the coat, and the lithe figure underneath the coat. "Uhhhh, okay." He hesitated, "I can see that, would you like to come in?"

"I was beginning to think you'd never ask."

Kami walked through open doorway. She was very polite and took her shoes, or in this case combat boots off, and left then on the landing with Robs.

"Come on up."

Kami followed Rob up the stairs.

"Please have a seat." Rob motioned to the black futon in the living room. It wasn't very comfortable, but there were some large green pillows, and those made a huge difference.

"Wow, a bachelor with matching decor." Kami noted the black entertainment center, bookshelves, and screen in the corner.

"Thanks. Would you like a drink?"

"Sure, Asbach please." She smiled.

"Simple, I like Asbach, even though they get it only rarely at the 92U. And since you are writing me, I guess you would have either it, or a bottle of Macallan sitting around."

"Ahhh," Rob replied as he poured some brandy into a snifter.

"Here you go." Rob handed her her drink.

"Thank you" Kami said, her voice was more than a little seductive. She inhaled the aroma of the brandy and took a sip. "Very good she nodded."

"Anyway since I'm obviously not going to answer how I got here, you're probably still wondering why I'm here." she said with a smile.

"Well, that did cross my mind."

"To put it politely, nookie."

"Err, what!?"

"You heard me, I said nookie." she then looked Rob dead in the eye, "And don't even bother getting any ideas either, you know you're not my type."

Rob took a deep breath. "What about Miki and April?"

Kami looked at Rob, "Listen, we all know what goes on behind closed doors, but I want something graphic."

"erf" was all Rob could say.

Kami downed her drink, "mmmmm". Stood up and walked over to Rob, who was standing by the island separating his kitchen from the living room. "Listen, you know you aren't gonna get anything from me." She looked up at him and put her hands on his collar, "If you give me my fun, I can be very grateful, and Keiko would do just about anything to get in my pants, you get the idea?"

"Ummm yeah." Rob gulped, "But I have a difficult enough time writing descriptions as it it, much less writing smut."

"Just remember," She stood right next to him, and looked up into his eyes, "I'm very good to my friends." With that she grabbed rob bye his belt and easily lifted him onto the island with one hand. "I'm a real bitch when people screw with me."

With that she handed Rob the snifter, turned and walked down the stairs.

"I gotta change my drinking habits." Rob then attempted to drain the last few drop from the glass.

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