Quotes from Kazei 5 Characters

"Yes, I was aiming at him, but I've never hit anything with a rocket launcher before, so I didn't think it mattered."
--Karin Nys/Korey Winters

"If you have enough ammo, it doesn't matter how badly you aim."
--Karin Nys/Korey Winters

"I didn't want to shoot him."
"Well... maybe I did want to shoot him, but I didn't mean to kill him."
"OK. Maybe I did mean to kill him... but he deserved it."
--Karin Nys/Korey Winters

"...and grenades are also useful for digging foxholes, removing unwanted shrubbery, unclogging drains..."
--Karin Nys/Korey Winters

"Everything here has been blown up, burned down, or broken; my work is done."
--Shion Nys

"Relax. This city has been here for over a hundred years. How much damage can a few criminals do in only eight hours? Here, have another donut."
--ADP Officer—MegaTokyo

"Sometimes I question the wisdom of my actions, but more often I seem to be acknowledging the stupidity of them."
--Sandra Blackmore

"In retrospect, that was a terrible decision. Fortunately, everyone else who knows that is dead now."
--Sandra Blackmore

"One of these bullets has your name on it, you little tool fairy, and I'm going to keep firing until I find it!!"
--Sandra Blackmore

"Actually, all my bullets have someone's name on them. To save time, I simply label each one "spaz."
--Sandra Blackmore

"This device has survived two weeks in Asuka's hands. I think that qualifies it for anything."
--Sandy Jorden, Senior Technician at Mitsumi

Excerpt from the Journal of Matthew Shirow --
"Is Asuka tough? Yes. Talented? Yes. Brave? Oh, certainly. She is also erratic, irresponsible, accident-prone, and a constant threat to corporate safety. The trick is to keep her pointed in the right direction."

"I tried to disable him. You know, a short chop to his forearm and he's out of the fight? But his neck got in the way."
--Asuka Puma

Sanato's motto for life --
"A person who smiles in the face of adversity... probably has a scapegoat. "

"It's never a good idea to increase your surface area to volume ratio."
--Dr. Snakeye

"Would you like to donate the blood you have left? It doesn't seem to be doing you any good."
--Dr. Snakeye

"Now let me get this straight—you parried one blow with your gun, one with your forearm, and the other with your head?"
--Dr. Snakeye

"Well, I realize it must be uncomfortable, but think how much worse it would be if the round had detonated."
(Think about it...)
--Dr. Snakeye

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