The girls were walking back to the wall. Miki had wrapped herself around Kami and felt like she was walking on air. Her visit to the zone was had been something to be remembered. She met some gangers, met yakuza hooker at the 92 Underground, and finally wild night at Kami's place. If he father knew about it he wold kill both of them.

"Oi pretty pretties."

Miki looked up from nibbling Kami's ear, it was the slasher thug from yesterday, hadn't he learned his lesson?

"Time to pay the toll, with interest." He chuckled.

Miki suddenly saw the world spin as she was hurled unceremoniously to the ground. The next thing she was aware of were defining gunshots. Even with Miki's upgraded reflexes they were too rapid for her to count.

The shots stopped as suddenly as they began. 'This was it,' Mike thought. 'Kami, no Eve was dead, and she was going to be raped, and either killed or left for dead.' She began sobbing.

After what seemed like an eternity somebody reached down and touched her shoulder. "Its okay." It was Kami's voice. "I said I was good." Kami smiled. "Now don't look." With that Kami picked up her friend and carried her past the bodies.

Miki readily complied and buried her eyes in collar of Kami's coat. As they continued Miki couldn't resist sneaking a peak

There were half a dozen bodies on the sidewalk. They didn't just have a few bullet wholes in then either, Kami's magnums blew large pieces of flesh and bone out of them. The parts, barely recognizable as human, were lying in slowly expanding, blackening pool of bloody ichor. In that pile she saw face, or the remains of the face of the slasher who originally confronted them, the right half, including eye and ear, had been blasted away, and his remaining left eye was still open.

"You really did kill all of them!" Miki was shocked, she never imagined her friend shooting her way out of a fight like that.

"That's why I didn't want you to come here."

Miki simply buried her face in Kami's collar.


The two girls arrived at the wall.

"Ready to go back home?" Kami said.

Miki looked at Kami and shook her head.

"Wha? Why not?" it was Kami's turn to be surprised.

"I don't want to leave you." With that Miki latched her arms around Kami's neck.

Kami simply held Miki. "I understand." She then took at deep breath, "But you have to go back to your family."

"Come with me." Miki replied, "You can stay with me, my parents will understand."

Kami pulled back and looked at her friend in surprise.

"Remember they used to let you stay there whenever your father would get angry or drunk?"

"Miki! They caught me screwing you!" Kami exclaimed. "They called my parents and sent you to boarding school."

"Eve, a lot's happened since then, I understand what happened. My parents sent me away because of my lack of discretion, and my dad has regretted calling your father ever since."

Kami was shocked. She thought her father was a bastard, but she never thought about what anybody else might think about him.

"He wont send you back." Miki was very confident.

"Thanks but my dad will try to take me back." Kami replied. "And see those guards at the border check, if I try to go through there, I'll be arrested as a runaway."


"But hey, when I turn 18, there's nothing they can do, and I'll be able to come and go as I please." She smiled.

"Allright" She then looked over at the checkpoint. "I don't want to go."

Kami realized Miki just witnessed her killing half a dozen men only minutes ago. Miki couldn't be alone right now, not could she stay in the Zone. That left only one options. "Miki, call your parents."

"What!?" Miki was shocked that Eve would even suggest such a thing.

"You said that your father would be understanding, and let me move in." Kami took a deep breath. "Do it."

Miki was finally getting what she wanted. She smiled as turned on her phone and dialed.

Less than an hour later an couple of VTs arrived, one a limo, another a APC. Both girls immediately what they were.

Six heavily armed men jumped out of the APC, a corporate extraction team. The checked out the area for a few minutes, staying well clear of the girls.

Then the limo landed. A displeased man in an Armani suit stepped from the limo.

The girls both knew exactly who he was.

Miki held back though, she had to get Eve and her father to talk, it only for a few minutes.

Miki's father walked over to the two girls, seemingly unconcerned that this could be a trap. He didn't call out, he didn't run. Yet his calm, but unhappy demeanor struck fear in both the girls.

Miki knew she was going to be in real trouble when they got home, but her father would never say anything negative there, not even to Eve. In her most courageous voice, "See, I've found Eve!"

After he was within soft speaking distance.

He smiled, "Michelle, I'm glad your safe."

She ran over to him and hugged him.

Then he looked over at Kami "I'm glad you're safe too."

She swallowed, "Hello, Mr. Ashton." She was as red as she was when he sent her home 2 years ago.

"I understand that you're going to come back with us." He really wasn't happy about it, but he was certainly more accepting of the idea than Eve's own father.


"What!" Miki exclaimed.

"I had her call you because there was no other way I could get her to go home."

"Noo." Miki sobbed. "Please make her come with up."

He looked at the young girl. "Please come back with us."

Kami could see that it pained him to say that. He was being coerced into letting his daughter's lesbian girlfriend move in with him. A girl he also knew to be a troublemaker.

She shook her head. "I can't, not right now."

Mr. Ashton could smell the gunpowder on his daughter, and realized that she wasn't just looking at some teenager, he was also looking at a seasoned street samurai. "I don't understand, would you please explain."

Kami replied, "Sorry, I can't, not right now."

Miki cried, "You will come or I'll come back to the zone and get you!"

"You know how dangerous this place can be."

"I don't care, I'm going to come back for you!"

"Miki, I almost didn't survive my first day in the zone. If it wasn't for some fluke of luck, I would have never made it."

"I'll come anyway."

"I'll tell you what. If you go back home and stay you will see me again." Kami was serious, "Otherwise this is good bye."

Miki knew it was pointless to argue further. "Okay."

With that Miki and her father walked back to the limo. They simply waved bye bye to Eve.

Once inside the limo Michelle broke down crying. She didn't even get to kiss Eve or Kami or whatever she wanted to be called goodbye. She took no heed of the red haired security officer sitting across from her.

"Clear out." She said into the mike.

Then turning to Michelle, "I don't believe we've been introduced, I'm Angel"

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