[Scene: Sandra sitting on a chair, reading a magazine. Raven storms in.]

Raven: Hey! I want a word with you!

Sandra: What is it?

Raven: It's about you snagging the most eligible bachelor in the whole PBEM.

Sandra: Hey, don't blame me for that. He started it.

Raven: Grrrr...

Sandra: Well, it's true.

Raven: All I want is a boyfriend. Is that too much to ask?

Sandra: I'd have thought that a girlfriend was more your style.

Raven: Hey! That's not fair! I'm really after a boyfriend. So why do I keep getting women trying to hit onto me?

Sandra: Well, there was all that "are they, aren't they" tension between you and Karin...

Raven: Well, that was more Karin then me.

Sandra: And your label as being "sexually confused."

Raven: No one ever asked me out before!

Sandra: ...and that Lynx you boinked in that hotel.

Raven [Blushes]: Well, there is that.

Sandra: My case is proven.

Raven: Well... that was different. It was meant to be a delicate scene about me confronting the questions of my sexuality.

Sandra: It read more like your author getting his jollies of writing a gratuitous two-girl sex scene.

Raven: Hey! That's not fair! But now that I think about it...

Sandra: See?

Raven: You gotta help me than. How do I convince everyone that I'm not, well, you know...

Sandra: A mattress muncher?

Raven: A what?

Sandra: Lesbian.

Raven: Oh. Yeah. That.

Sandra: Well the best way that I can think of is to get him to write a gratuitous sex scene between you and Adam. In fact, have him write several.

Raven: Thanks! That's a good idea!

Sandra: And while your at it, tell him to give up on slipping all those suggestive comments into your thoughts.

Raven: I guess that would help too. Thanks very much!

Sandra: No problem.

[Raven walks off. Sandra puts down her magazine.]

Sandra: when do I get my gratuitous sex scene with Drake?

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