Michelle knew without Eve saying a word when they arrived at their destination, The 92 Underground loomed like a fortress in front of her. The club's legendary reputation proceeded itself, she and some of her other friends had discussed sneaking out to come here, but nobody ever came up with a satisfactory idea of how to pull it off.

Michelle looked at Eve in astonishment, "Ummm Eve, you come here often?"

"That's Kami, and it seems like I spend way too much time here." She was thoroughly unimpressed.

At the head of the stairs Michelle stopped short, the bouncer at the door was something she had only seen in vids. both his arms were obviously cybered, yet he was wearing a dress shirt and tie.

"That's Duke." Kami answered the unspoken question. "He's the head bouncer."

The girls walked through the open doorway and past Duke. Neither of them came up past his shoulders.

Duke shook is head after they past him muttering something about "why does she get all the action."

"Damn." Michelle said under her breath, when the stopped at the weapons check and Kami was casually handing over the usual arsenal.

"This is pretty standard for someone in my line of work." Kami replied.

"No I mean the bouncer." Michelle's attention was still focused on Duke. Finally turning to Kami and noticing the pile of guns and swords, "Think you have enough firepower there?"

Kami simply rolled her eyes as she took Michelle by the waist, "Lets go."

At the girls entered the club Michelle had to ask, "Isn't anybody gonna ID us or something?"

Kami snickered, "Miki, this is the zone. Not only does nobody care, but most people here don't have IDs."

"I see." As a cute synthetic with multiple tails walked by with her date.

"Even better yet, most of the dancers are underage."


"Besides, its better than prostitution."

"Never thought about that."

"And the dancers here don't turn tricks either, as least not when they're working, this isn't a whore house."

"Excuse me." An large man pushed past the two girls standing in the doorway.

Kami began dragging Miki, who was still enamored with the fact that she was in the 92 U. "Lets find a table."

"Ahh here we go." Kami found a table with two large chairs in the lounge area.

Almost before the girls were seated they were approached by their waitress, a beautiful escort synthetic. "Hi Kami, may I take your order?"

"Hi Sylvie, this is Miki, an old friend of mine, Miki this is Sylvie"

"Nice to meet you Sylvie."

Kami looked over at Miki, "I'll have A blue monday, Miki?"

"I'll have the same."

"Okay, I'll have those drinks right out to you." Sylvie headed off to put in the drink orders.

Miki looked deeply into Kami's deep amber eyes loosing herself. She wanted this girl, sure she had had other girlfriends, and experimented with a couple of guys, but none of them compared to Eve, or Kami as she now called herself.

"Lets dance."

Kami's words snapped Miki from her daze. "Umm okay."

The dance was far more than just a dance. The silver haired girl spent almost two years dancing, occasionally with other girls. This was something more like sex than anything else.

Sylvie brought the two girls their drinks. She was certain that while the entwined dancers paired her no attention, Kami most certainly noticed.

The two girls' dancing did not go noticed. Keiko watched the two girls dance from her quite vantage point. She wanted to know what the young sam was like, she had the body of and angel, but she was also lethal. The combination excited her.

"Does the little rezzu excite you?" Standing next to her was Tomoyasu-sama, another one of Inoue-sama's lieutenants. However unlike Jiro who reached his position through his skill at business and negations, Tomoyasu reached his position by being both ruthless and violent. Tomoyasu was considered an honorless bastard even among Yakuza, but he had his uses.

Keiko swallowed, she was afraid of the bastard standing next to her, but Inoue-sama wanted them together tonight, her one consolation was that he probably wouldn't want to actually leave any scars, or injuries that would prevent her from working tomorrow. That is if she didn't actually make him mad and get herself killed. She responded, "Hai."

"Good, I wouldn't want you to lie to me or anything." Tomoyasu-sama chuckled to himself. "That will make this evening even sweeter."

It was times like this she really wished Inoue-sama didn't take such pleasure in displaying her abilities to please women as well as men. She was a lesbian at heart, and it seemed like all the Yakuza knew it, yet she was also Inoue-sama's geisha, and he was free to do with her as he pleased, which frequently included loaning her to his men as a reward for a job well done. She also mystified as to why his men took such and interest in a girl they knew liked girls, and even more mystified as to why Tomoyasu would want to screw here when there were plenty of other girls who were just as kawaii as she was, and they actually liked guys.

"Well, you have work to do, go over and talk to her." Tomoyasu proceeded to nudge Keiko towards the couple.

Keiko smiled, not because of the girls, but because she was happy to get away from Tomoyasu, at least for a little while.

Miki couldn't help but to take note of the Japanese girl walking straight to her and her lover. She had short blond hair and was wearing a white stretch minidress. She pointed her out to Kami, who seemed to be more interested in biting her earlobe than the new visitor.

"I know." Kami replied, "She's been watching us for awhile."

With that Kami sighed, "Miki, this is Keiko, Keiko Miki."

"Nice to meet you Keiko". Miki swooned a bit.

"Nice to meet you too." Keiko replied. It was Miki was very interested, even with the likes of Kami wrapped around her.

Kami was a bit nervous, she had warned Miki about her girlfriends earlier, but she wasn't sure it it really sank in and she didn't want Miki to get jealous or upset.

"Let's go have a seat" Kami smiled at Keiko. With that the girls went back to their couch.

As they were seated, Kami pulled Miki intimately close to her. To which Miki responded with a quite "eeep!".

"So, I'll let's get right to the point, what do you want?" Kami's stated not particularly happy at having a some Yakuza's girlfriend interrupt her evening.

Keiko was a bit taken aback by Kami's attitude, and hesitated staring into Kami's amber eyes which she found frightening, yet alluring as well. "I'd like to thank you for helping Natsumi and Jiro out the other night." Her voice trembled a little.

"You're welcome," Kami replied. She neglected to state that she would have done that for anyone in the 92U, and that she had a vested interest making sure that nobody got killed or raped there.

"Well..." Keiko continued, "Inoue-sama believes that Natsumi both owe you for saving them." She took a breath, "And until that debt is paired, Inoue-sama is also in your debt."

"Okay" Kami smirked, she never really thought about that, it was weird having the Yakuza come to you and say they owed you a favor. Normally if they owed you a favor, it was up to you to collect, not always a good thing.

"I was told that I could pay you back for one or both of them, if you were interested." Keiko blushed a little.

"Ohhh" Miki moaned in Kami's ear. Normally Miki kept her tendencies discrete, one of the conditions of her being allowed back home. But this wasn't home, she was in the zone.

"Keiko, can we arrange to meet later to discuss this." Kami replies, "I'm a bit busy at the moment." as she blatantly caressed Miki.

"If you wish, can meet at the restaurant and make plans." she smiled, "Please bring Miki along if you'd like."

"Mmmmmm" Miki moaned.

"Perhaps." Kami smiled. "But I'm a bit busy this evening, how about tomorrow?"

"I see." Keiko was a bit disappointed to be left out of the evening's fun, and even more unhappy about the fun that Tomoyasu was going to be having tonight. "I guess I'll see you tomorrow." She quietly excused herself from the table.

After Keiko was out of earshot, Miki asked a questing, "I know we were going to make this a special night, but she was just so cute, did you want to keep her for yourself?"

"Yakuza." Kami stated.

"Really!" Miki replied, "I thought Yakuza were supposed to have tattoos and stuff.

"She's only a prostitute. Probably an indentured servant as well, she doesn't rate that kind of respect."

"Indentured servant, I didn't know there was still slavery?"

Kami sighed, "Miki, this is the zone. See that girl on the stage?" Kami gestured at April, who was in the process of removing her G-string.

"Umm, cute." Miki smiled.

"That's April, she just turned 16."

Miki glared in shock at her friend.

"That's probably one of the safest jobs here in the zone. She's making good money, real cash, not barter, and has nothing to fear at least here."

"Ahhhh, I think I get it." Miki seemed to understand.

"Besides, what else is she gonna do, prostitution? Be a waitress at a Mob run restaurant?"

Miki swallowed, she was beginning to realize there really wasn't much of a future for most people here in the zone. "But you're doing really well aren't you?"

"Miki, I kill people." She looked her friend dead in the eye, "And when I do so, I don't feel guilt, or remorse, or excitement, or anything else except satisfaction that I've done my job."

Miki was beginning to tremble, "Eve, you're scaring me."

Kami was taken aback for a moment, remembering what she and Mike once were. "I'm sorry, I think that its exactly those qualities that let me always take the blame whenever we got into trouble." She smiled, "If its any consolation, I only kill the bad guys." She stuck her tongue slightly out.

"He he he, as long as you just kill the bad guys its okay," Miki giggled.

"Let's get out of here, and have some serious fun."

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