Kyle stared at the red street light attempting to use his willpower to force it to change. He adjusts his seat on his bike, the engine humming along its merry way. The light changes and Kyle flips down his visor, crouching on the bike he jets off down the street.

He dodges between cars putting the accelerator all the way down he picks up even more speed. He weaves through traffic and slows as he approaches the research compound of Biogen Technologies. Pulling up to the gatehouse he flips up his visor and smiles at the attractive female guard.

"Your ID please." She says in a cold tone.

"Yeah sure, how long you been working here?" Kyle asks handing her his ID.

She doesn't reply and hands him the card back. As the bar lifts Kyle winks at her and pulls into the parking lot in front of a squat gray building. He pulls off his helmet and stuffs it into a wire mesh bag on the side of his bike. The courier walks into the building and slips up to the front desk.

The man behind the desk looked at Kyle and went back to reading his magazine.

Kyle slapped the desk and said. "I got a package for Dr. Smith."

The man looks at Kyle and waves him down the hall. "Last door on the left."

Kyle trotted off down the hall and knocked on the slightly open door. He pushed open the door and stepped into the cluttered office. Kyle glanced at the empty room shrugged and put the small box on the doctors desk. He walked down the hall and into the lot. Hopped on his bike and revved the engine.

He drove out of the compound and thought Ah another day in the life of Kyle Corporate Courier. Now to take care of this other job.

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