The night was rather dark. A white limousine was parked in a discreet zone, with four guards lurking by. From the top of one building Ishimori could see that it was a corporate meeting, as the limo belonged to one Mr. Kousaki, of Kousaki Industries Inc. Just how legal this meeting was or the nature of it, was yet to determine...

Alas, this was not the nature of Ishimori's coming here to this particular place. She was here for a more personal level. To get a job... A contract she knew was open and in the interest of this particular potential employer.

The guards would be easy to fool. A small distraction would probably do the trick. She waited, concealed from sight until a man stepped out of the limousine. A rather old man, although Ishimori did not recognize his face.

She picked up a small pebble and threw it away to hit a couple of trash cans. The sound made the few guards come alert. Three went to check it out, as one was left behind to guard the limousine. Ishimori jumped from the building, silently rappelling down to the ground. She took a couple of change from her pocket and threw it to her left side.

The last guard was distracted and as he turned, Ishimori hit him hard in the head, knocking him out. She then calmly entered the parked car.

"Who..." the man started to say. "Shut up and listen!" she demanded as she pointed a gun at his face "I am here to offer my skills... For a price."

Seeing he was angry at having someone pointing a gun at him she continued. "Please don't feel restrained as to the gun. It's nothing personal, really, I just don't trust others... Now, as for business, I realize you are interested about these reports regarding a ghostly white cyborg, very fast, very strong. I hear it is being field tested... I also hear you require someone to get the info on his whereabouts, as you want to hunt him afterwards but alas, need to know his exact retire location before that. The technology he carries is indeed fascinating... You need someone who would pinpoint his location as well as hunt him in the Zone afterwards. Well, this is your chance..."

"And why should I trust you to the job?" the man inquired her.

"Because, I always keep my end of the bargain. You know who I am, I am sure... The price is 100 000 credits. Take it or leave it..." she replied.

As she looked to her gun she added "I would advise you to accept my offer, if you will." she grinned.

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